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  1. Gink

    Mop Bucket Challenge --- LW4ARB8H

    Thank you for the review. The music starts after you get 19. I initially thought about some sort of locator, but figured that would make them too easy to find. I get what you're suggesting about a trigger, I think a giant cylinder that will sound off as you're in range of a bucket, and getting that bucket will remove the trigger. Great suggestion. Each key is near a color that matches the key color, so go find some red and you will find the red card. Good idea with respawning weapons, I will definitely make that happen next time. Again thank you for the review, very good pointers, and I appreciate your time. G
  2. Gink


    Cool... Good to hear. Hit me up when you're done. G
  3. Gink


    No it should not apply to waves. Get in the habit of triggering every bad guy, or make more linear maps where dead monsters open doors.
  4. Gink


    My guess is you've hit the "12 active (visible) monster limit" ... Make sure they're invisible until a nearby door or trigger makes them visible. Depending on your map layout, or which path the player takes, can make some creatures not spawn if others are already Active. You can also set triggers that make demons invisible, for instance the player activates them then backtracks toward another area. It's a pain to set up, but think of it as helping the cpu.
  5. Gink

    Mop Bucket Challenge --- LW4ARB8H

    113 views on this thread ... Zero plays. Thanks anyway. G
  6. Gink

    Mop Bucket Challenge --- LW4ARB8H

    Hey guys, I'm about to start another map, but I was really looking forward to a little feedback on my Mop Bucket. Do I need to post screen shots before someone will try it? It's no work of art, but I think you'll enjoy it. Please give it a look-see ... LW4ARB8H Thanks again. Gink
  7. Hello Doomers, I'm proud to announce the release of my latest creation, Mop Bucket Challenge. Your goal is to survive while locating the 20 mop buckets placed throughout the map. I utilized integers, integer compares, sequencer and a few other advanced logic techniques. This will be the first of a series of challenge maps... I'm hoping to get some feedback so I can improve my map making. Please try it out and let me know what you think, thank you. LW4ARB8H
  8. Gink

    (2) New SnapMaps - Check 'em out

    Thanks Freak for the reply. I agree completely, creativity is key for that age, and this module is really a great tool. Lots of ppl are bitching about SnapMap's limitations but I think it's a great start for customization. I envision a SnapMap "Pro" eventually coming out where you can create your own modules, custom models, texture / sound import, etc. Doom 5 ??! I'm working on a snapmap myself, I'm very close to completion, I will let you know when it's uploaded. Thanks again for writing back. -G
  9. Gink


    Sounds like you need to spawn "fresh" demons when you come back around. If the player is leaving an area with bad guys still alive, lock the door until they're all dead, then a trigger right before he finishes the loop to spawn some new ones. Believe me, I want a room with 30 targets on screen, but the limit is there for a reason, prolly frame rate. -G
  10. I've been a gamer since I was about 13. Now my 13-year-old is snap mapping, proud poppa moment. I told him it doesn't matter how many Thumbs Up you get, you make maps for the joy of creating. Snap Map aint perfect, but it does let you get ideas out pretty quickly. Please check these out and provide any feedback. X4T9ZP35 : What Would You Rather? AHL53WDH : Boba Fett's Palace Thanks, guys. -G
  11. Gink

    Number variable help.

    I'm guessing you're not connecting to the HUD when your variable increases. From the On-Changed or ( + ), connect to the HUD node.
  12. Gink


    When I heard that Doom 4 had a level editor, I was pretty psyched. I wanted to take my favorite maps from various games and rebuild them in Doom (Mission from MW3, Morpheus from UT99, Perplex from Adv warefare, etc). Since SnapMap is modular, you don't get that kind of vertex freedom. But they did take a lot of the hard work out of map designing, all the behind-the-scenes stuff is handled and you can get right to the meat of it. Once I got tinkering with integers is when I started "getting it" and Yes, the 12-monster rule bit me on the a**, but the work-around is simple and actually a better way to design... When placing monsters set the visibility off (not True), do this for every one of them. I trigger every monster to be visible by the player. Either a trigger, a door, a weapon pickup, or when an integer compare hit's the right number. If you leave your monster's visibility to True, then the map has to "check in" with him even if you're on the other side of the map, which is not even noticeable, but the less processing you have going on, the better. Accept it for what it is, it's pretty darn cool if you ask me. -Gink