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  1. venom1984

    Strange Horror Snapmap, The beyond, M73D8DFX

    Gameplay Video:
  2. venom1984

    Strange Horror Snapmap, The beyond, M73D8DFX

    Yes, a little bit :)
  3. "The beyond" is a Horrormap, with strange happenings and some fights. It starts relatively normal, the more so as one progresses, the more weird it becomes. In the end, the boundaries between reality and the beyond then merge. Be ready for a very strange trip :) Middle-hard difficult, a little bit story, 3 lifes and secrets
  4. Thank you all, for playing my maps and give such high ratings :)
  5. The Maps offer a unique experience, but it is not possible to display it in pictures. And all maps have many positiv feedback, too :) You can try ;)
  6. Hello This is my complete Snapmap campaign with the Name "Three worlds". It starts in a dark room, somewhere, and something evil is there, too. On your way, you have to enter three complete different worlds to stop the evil. The worlds are very bizarre and a good mix with action and horror elements. Each world is something completely own and its not hell (There are hell levels already enough in Doom Snapmap :) ). With life system and secrets. M1: Three worlds (Prequel) - Z7FPYRZZ M2: Poison Paradise, 7TTRGEJC M3: Nowhere, Q4XZB2QR M4: The abyss, FUGR5JMW
  7. Part 4 of a 4 part single player campaign. "The abyss" is the last one of the three worlds of my campaign. it's a dark world of hell with a few weird things in there. 3 lifes and you can find 4 secret items. M4: The abyss, FUGR5JMW
  8. Here is a video: youtube.com/watch?v=C0B3tVTuYns&t=14s
  9. Part 3 of a 4 part single player campaign. "Nowhere" is the second world and you are somehow nowhere. This world is crazy and has no logical way. On your way you will be involved in fights, walk by bloody areas and also experience horror. 3 lifes and you can find 4 secret items. M3: Nowhere, Q4XZB2QR https://www1.minpic.de/bild_anzeigen_thumb.php?img=254077.jpg https://www1.minpic.de/bild_anzeigen_thumb.php?img=254078.jpg https://www1.minpic.de/bild_anzeigen_thumb.php?img=254079.jpg
  10. Someone made a video of my map: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnHHEU_36Vc
  11. Someone made a video of my map: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9YNUwV_A5c&t=4s
  12. Some picture: http://www1.minpic.de/bild_anzeigen_thumb.php?img=253285.jpg http://www1.minpic.de/bild_anzeigen_thumb.php?img=253287.jpg http://www1.minpic.de/bild_anzeigen_thumb.php?img=253286.jpg
  13. Some pictures: http://www1.minpic.de/bild_anzeigen_thumb.php?img=253284.jpg http://www1.minpic.de/bild_anzeigen_thumb.php?img=253283.jpg http://www1.minpic.de/bild_anzeigen_thumb.php?img=253282.jpg
  14. Part 2 of a 4 part single player campaign. Here you enter the first of three worlds, and as the name suggests, this world is very poisonous. You have to walk very carefully, Otherwise it will not be the monsters that will kill you. This time you have 3 lifes and you can find 4 secret items. Moreover, this world has a very special one look ;-) M2: Poison Paradise, 7TTRGEJC