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  1. TheArcadeStriker

    Doom 64 for Doom II

    I may try to do Map 08 (Final Outpost), if I'm allowed to do it or if I'm allowed in the project. Don't know if I may not do the map perfectly, but I will try my best to do so if it's possible.
  2. UPDATE: Changed link for a slight update (Thanks to walter confaloneri for feedback), changing some textures and adding some small details. Still must update the screenshots, though. Here is a map I made that is inspired and mostly based in the idea of E1M1 in a way, with some differences and original details (The map is not a copy of E1M1). This was made with vanilla Doom format, so it should work with the source port you use, and the WAD is intended for Doom 1/Ultimate Doom. Here are some screenshots: And here is the download link: https://mega.nz/#!6hBXkKST!M3Ihjn1KyZrSMx2EkPSDbbtPKiHcYFKElsMOAyQCWxE And here is the bonus of a deathmatch map I made that is for Doom 2. I may later do a thread that will have updated versions of the WAD since I may add more maps to it. https://mega.nz/#!OkwWVJgL!VxGL_pQCtvx_9XiwCHjZmothlK1muIwsvhMYF3eLFKA As usual feedback is welcome, tell me in case of bugs and glitches and thanks for playing.
  3. Just tried the first map of this WAD, and I'm impressed how well it looks even considering there is a texture limit. Sign me in! I want number 14!
  4. TheArcadeStriker

    Small map

    If you changed the link, it still doesn't work for me, keeps being blocked. Try uploading it in another place that isn't tinyupload. Or if someone can do the favor, can someone PM me the WAD?
  5. TheArcadeStriker

    Innocence X - v1.2 Now on Idgames

    All I needed to say.
  6. TheArcadeStriker

    Small map

    Would like to try it, but ESET says the link is a virus, so I can't download the WAD.
  7. TheArcadeStriker

    (UPDATE V2) The Complex Of Doom [Single Map WAD for Doom 2]

    Merely a coincidence. Even in the readme I stated that it should not be confused with it.
  8. TheArcadeStriker

    (UPDATE V2) The Complex Of Doom [Single Map WAD for Doom 2]

    Well, I intended that as a battle you couldn't escape, with the door opening when you killed the Hell Knight, but I think I should change that. EDIT: NVM, just actually noticed that you meant that the door to enter wouldn't open again if you tried to open it from the outside another time. That will be fixed. And I will see if I get to change most events with stuff to SectorAction (Ones like BFG triggers Cyberdemon won't be changed), and I will change the Chainsaw for a box of shells, with it not triggering anything anymore. This will basically be the version 2.5 (or Bugfix)... I think I will also maybe get to later add another map to the wad and room changes to the existing map for V3 (If I make one, otherwise the new map will be in another wad).
  9. TheArcadeStriker

    (UPDATE V2) The Complex Of Doom [Single Map WAD for Doom 2]

    For one, yes, I know that most events work using stuff like grabbing weapons/ammo/etc (IDDQD can block key dependant actions, but again why cheat), but I already mentioned that it's my second map (And I don't know how to do those kind of events without making the player grab something, except for monster death events). I didn't notice anything wrong with Sidedef 233, since it's just a wall, not a door or something needed for progression.
  10. TheArcadeStriker

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Oh, hello again Albertoni! Ahem, back in topic, I am doing my take (or something like a inspired map by original E1M1) in E1M1, for most parts getting to do something similar to stuff in E1M1 (Not a copy, though), with some "original" parts thrown in (Or more like alternate interpretations of some parts in the level). I will possibly release it tomorrow. I may also later take screenshots (Or finish and publish the WAD) of a Deathmatch map I'm creating.
  11. TheArcadeStriker

    (UPDATE V2) The Complex Of Doom [Single Map WAD for Doom 2]

    Thanks for the feedback. Things that I can say are: -The 90s style seems to be from the fact that I'm not a uber-expert at making overdetailed maps (And that it was my 2nd map), but overdetailed doesn't seem really necessary for me, and still looked good for me. -I done the lower unpegged thing for most doors, but I think I forgot to do that with ALL of them. Speaking of doors, the thing of thick doors was something that the DB made it snap like that. With now more experience with DB (Merge geometry disable would solve the problem I apparently had to make doors thin) and knowing that door sides need to be lower unpegged, I plan in fixing those things. -Hell barons and Hell knights seemed like a kind of palette swap with seemingly not much differences. But I can admit they fell quickly. Gonna replace them with Hell Knights. -The cyberdemon room was something of wanting to do a boss fight and didn't think much of a concept, only a battle with the Cyberdemon in a wide room (And that was mostly because of also trying that in my first WAD, but the room was smaller and no BFG). Don't know if height differences may be fitting (or good idea when you are) in a Cyberdemon fight, but maybe try it to see results (The room polishment is a sure yes). EDIT: Complex of Doom V2 screenshot
  12. Hello everybody! This is the second map I ever have made in Doom (The first one I done can be downloaded in the video of this WAD) and I hope you like it. If there are glitches, don't be afraid to tell me. This WAD is for use in Doom 2, and includes shareware Doom 1 WAD inside the PK3 due to using some textures from Doom 1 (I noticed I used up Doom 1 textures by accident in Doom Builder some time later I finished the map). It's a UDMF WAD and uses ACS scripting, so it may require ZDoom/Skulltag/Zandronum. UPDATE: Version 2 is here, and the differences are that: -Some rooms/walls are glitch-removed. -Modified Cyberdemon boss fight room. -Added a 4th secret and Secret Exit. -Hidden wall > 4th secret > (Find what goes here yourself) > Secret Exit -Added another text file. Download link for the map: V1:https://mega.nz/#!LtxHlB5J!c3LMQhCb4vOL0APyXrFLYwNoALC_95hJGHZqYdHICpg V2:https://mega.nz/#!OgQUBYDS!tn83N-6gppat-kxVxF4kc9zUEHr88CyoQoomhbz817o Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9U4Kb7-fPQ If you want to know the music used in the WAD, you can check the video description. Also, I may release later two maps soon (One is a Deathmatch map, and another is like a kind of my take at E1M1, and that means it's for Doom 1, with some inspiration from the original).