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  1. Thank you very much Blastfrog for your long and detailed answer. English is not my mother tongue, but I think I've understood most of it. I'll keep practicing, anyway !
  2. Hello, Here are the new sounds I made with the good size (I hope). What do you think ?
  3. Thank you very much for the information, I'll remake them as you said. Have a nice day !
  4. Hello, I've tried to make new groans for the Trilobite, Pain Bringer, Technospider, Summoner, Icon of sin and Flame Bringer : What do you think ? I'm ready to improve them if needed because I'd really love to hear at least one of them in the game. Valerio
  5. Hello, I tried to draw some walls and doors, what do you think of them ?
  6. Thank you for your answer and for mentioning shaw's nightmare, but I like freedoom better.
  7. Hello, There's a music I like very much, and I think maybe it would be fine for freedoom, specially for level 28 : "In the hall of the mountain king", by Grieg. There's a midi file available here : What do you think about it ? Valerio
  8. Hello, I like the old music of Map 11, 12, 15, 22, 23, 25, 26 and 27. I suggest the future soundtrack of phase 2 as following : Map01 (Mogul) Map02 (old music of map 15) Map03 (Picklehammer) Map04 (Mogul) Map05 (old music of map 25) Map06 (Picklehammer) Map07 (Picklehammer) Map08 (Blueworrior) Map09 (halluc by Woolie) Map10 (Picklehammer) Map11 (old music) Map12 (old music) Map13 (Mogul) Map14 (Themistercat) Map15 (themistercat) Map16 (reflexion scrag by scragadelic) Map17 (Blueworrior) Map18 (Mogul) Map19 (usual music) Map20 (wastelandscavangers by sodaholic) Map21 (Mogul) Map22 (old music) Map23 (old music) Map24 (andrewb) Map25 (Musicfreedoom 11 by Mogul) Map26 (old music) Map27 (old music) Map28 (blueworrior) Map29 (Picklehammer) Map30 (Picklehammer) Map31/ending (wastedjamacan) Map32 (mellow)
  9. Thanks to all of you for your answers and advice. I've downloaded, and I'll try again to make sprites, more realistic and less "cartony" (although I love cartoons...). See you soon !
  10. Thank you ! Have you ever made sprites for Doom ?
  11. Hello, My name is Valerio, I'm french, I'm 15 years old and I've got ASD (I'm autistic). Freedoom is the first video game I've played, and I love it. I've tried to draw some sprites of a new monster called "deadmask" on Paint, are they any good ? I don't really know what size they should be, actually...