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  1. mars873

    Worst Doom music track

    When I hear D_RUNNIN I want to kill myself.
  2. mars873

    Did Doomworld grow recently?

    Welcome to our friendly community.
  3. mars873

    If Doom 2 was released as a PWAD

    TBH, I don't find Doom II maps that good, as the first Doom's. It would be a generic mod with few weapons and monsters for me, and I would just forget about it, probably.
  4. mars873

    Things about Doom you just found out

    The backpack on Doom 2 MAP03
  5. Well you can read data from WADs with JS, and convert it to PNG format but someone would need to download the file anyways, the server or the user
  6. mars873

    Doom II MAP30 Boss Voice Question

    Mirroring the order of sound waves I guess
  7. mars873

    Doom Touch in game settings.

    Paid, but previous owners get a promocode.
  8. mars873

    Modified Doom engine vs modern game engines

    Maybe you need to change their height, so they spawn above 3D floor.
  9. mars873

    Wondering Why Id Monsters Double Each Walk Frame

    @Kappes Buur Don't think that's what he meant
  10. mars873

    The hell is this Doom port?

    @Walter confetti Yep it does.
  11. mars873

    The hell is this Doom port?

    Well, I just tried it and it really what it says, there is stuff like 3D floors and 3D slopes etc. But why have it seemed like a joke for me?
  12. mars873

    The hell is this Doom port?

    https://sourceforge.net/projects/cdoom207/ What is going on with description and why is it still unknown having 5k downloads this week.
  13. mars873

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I keep replaying like first 2 maps for a few years every day, and I am not even sure if I ever completed the game. Like I know all the maps, but did I have a normal playthrough? Not that like I don't want to complete it, but I just can't.
  14. Sorry, I am bad at composing sentences
  15. Who thinks it sounds like PSX/N64 Doom theme