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  1. symmetron

    No More Ideas

    Late response, sorry. Quick rundown on high jumps: Basically cover all floors in jump pads, no destination, and set a CUSTOM FILTER on all of those jump pads. The custom filter object is a bit unintuitive so look at my map to see how it works. They got a little carried away with the whole "visual scripting" design on that node. Any way, you use a boolean filter to keep track of whether the player wants to do a high jump. So the jump pads are always active, they just don't affect the player until the filter turns "true", based on player input. This might sound like gibberish to you depending on how experienced with Snapmap you are, but you'll get there. Player base speed is way easier as tweaking that is an intended feature unlike jump height. Player proxy -> on spawn -> set modifier, speed, [your chosen value] %. 100% is how you move in Doom multiplayer. If you want that as a player input (sprinting or walking) then that's also in the Template. You should post in that thread if you want more specific info on something. As for intro camera stuff I haven't looked into that at all since the updates. I only do basic stuff with cameras. Hope someone else can help you with that.
  2. symmetron

    No More Ideas

    I have the issue that I come up with infinite ideas but can't be bothered to fully realize any of them. You lack ideas? Take mine. Check out the thread I made right before yours. It's an invitation for mappers to use elements presented for maps with custom movement mechanics like sprinting and jumping high, stealth etc. Next week I'm going to make a "Portal Template". There are some pretty cool possibilities with teleporters I'll demonstrate there. Good question. I strongly recommend thinking of something vague and random (b) and then drawing and writing it down on paper (c). I wouldn't come up with nearly as many ideas if I just sat in front of the editor all the time. When I'm editing I'm actually not particularly "creative" because editing maps is time intense so you try to work efficiently and that means compromising a lot. On paper you don't have that constraint, you can draw a complex room in 5 minutes that might take an hour to mold out of blocking volumes, and you can think of gameplay mechanics that kinda sorta should be possible basically instantly, whereas realizing them with logic in Snapmap might take hours or you find it's not possible at all. Away from the computer is where the creativity flows. BUT don't go too far in your paper plans. Plan loosely, vaguely, never get attached to finer details. Because Snapmap has countless limitations that change the way your design works as you create it. If you plan too much in advance you'll get frustrated.
  3. symmetron

    Video: CRYSIS TEMPLATE by symmetron

    ID: URH62TWV Useful as a reference / starting point for mappers who want to do any of the following: - Stamina / sprint system - Higher jumps - Weapon Mod / Upgrade or more generally RPG-like levelling systems - Stealth - Destruction (use hide and disable, not "delete") https://vimeo.com/207402819
  4. symmetron

    Snapmap loading times seem unreasonable?

    Well yeah, that's my point. Megatextures can't be used to remove tiling from precisely the cases that need it most. The best it can do is balloon up a standard FPS from the 20 GB it should fill up to 80, with little noticable benefit.
  5. symmetron

    Snapmap loading times seem unreasonable?

    You have a point on Rage but it's not useful in Doom at all. Metallic interior architecture has never suffered too badly from tiling issues. Meanwhile, Bethesda's open world games have horrific tiling issues, yet they won't use megatextures. The irony.
  6. symmetron

    Something that bothers me

    Honestly, I would be happy with that. Snapmap has "enough" features at this point. What's needed is loads and loads of polish. Shorter load times, fewer crashes etc.
  7. symmetron

    Snapmap loading times seem unreasonable?

    I would agree with you if we were talking about a 20 GB game but we're talking about the latest absurdly large game that keeps on growing. Most SSDs in consumer PCs right now are 128GB, 256GB at most. You'd be foolish to install Doom on one of those, there wouldn't be much space left for anything else. In fact with the 128GB scenario your SSD would probably be filled by just Windows and Doom at this point and when they push the next update you run out of space and have to relocate your game files to a regular HDD after all. This also gives me a chuckle every time someone says "megatextures are fixed now". Only the streaming has improved. The space and loading time problem is still there. It's still a laughably inefficient way to store textures. Nobody is going to remember Doom 2016 for its particularly great textures. The textures are nothing special. What everyone is going to remember are endless load times or worse, running out of space on SSDs and older HDDs. I personally do this and it doesn't help much. It saves me a button press or two, automatically loading the correct mode. But that's what should be happening to begin with. You shouldn't have to fix this, there is no plausible excuse for the lack of a basic selection screen where you pick what mode you want before loading anything. Why load singleplayer unprompted only to reboot the whole engine when the user selects something else? This all goes back to the terrible mistake that was outsourcing the multiplayer and using a different engine. It's funny how you remind people that times have changed since the 90s - some mindsets apparently haven't. Users don't want this kind of inconvenience and developers who still refuse to learn this lesson will see their product suffer. Couple endless loading screens with frequent crashes and you're conditioning players to avoid Snapmap at all costs. As a map maker even I don't bother playing other people's creations! I just watch their youtube videos and go "ah, neat idea". The prospect of twiddling my thumbs for 5 minutes until Snapmap has loaded, only to then watch it crash when loading some map? Yeah, right. That would mean I'd have to do nothing for another 5 minutes before I could get working on my own stuff. I already have to restart it once or twice a day when it crashes during play-testing (always during playtesting). We all love the "world" inside Snapmap, the levels you can create, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who loathes absolutely everything else about Snapmap. The menus, the loading screens, the clunky tools, the sluggish console UI, everything. It's all slow, unreliable, plays annoying sounds for no reason (hover cursor over a pinky lately?) etc. Trying to spin this as a user problem (somehow we're not computer-savvy or pain-tolerant enough) equates to digging Snapmap's grave. Snapmap's value is entirely derived from its ability to capture users' attention. If nobody is going to put up with this terrible program to play my maps then why should I keep making maps? No players, no creators, game over.
  8. symmetron

    Something that bothers me

    Wrong. I checked out the "White Collar" (labs) modules today. There's at least one White Collar connector (?) type module that references "White Collar arena" modules, yet there are none. Check the "arena" category, no White Collar module in there at all. So at the very least there should be several more modules in the White Collar theme. The link you're providing doesn't promise future updates directly but indirectly it strongly contradicts you: >"we’ve delivered several free updates to SnapMap – but we’re not done yet" >"our final SnapMap update of 2016" >"Our last update for 2016 delivered almost everything needed for creating a full DOOM single-player campaign" I for one have modest but specific expectations of id moving forward: * A few more (vertical, tall!) White Collar modules * Improved loading times (the wait from desktop to Snapmap editing mode takes literally 5+ minutes for me now) * "Consistency", as in having the same options on all objects of the same type (example: color wheel on all color selections, it's missing on decals of all things) * General bug fixes for things like decal placement (messes up when the cursor meets a light source), and common freezes/crashes These additions and fixes are not urgent, they just need to happen before id abandons the project.
  9. After adapting them to the new possibilities given by patch 2 I hereby officially release my two parter campaign made up of action-packed maps GOING DOWN 1.1 ID: 5ZWXCNP9 http://imgur.com/a/FsirC and GOING DOWN 2: Maximum Security ID: ACTTFELB http://imgur.com/a/9rHLU Combined these two missions should take a first time player anywhere between 40 minutes and way, way longer. Part 1 has been refined based on user feedback and part 2 is from the ground up built around that feedback. Most prominently both maps are crawling with way more enemies and there's more armor for the player. Shoutout to everyone who gave me feedback, you helped a lot, and I'm looking forward to more in this thread. Additional notes: USE OPENGL!!! Vulkan will almost certainly crash with the first map, not sure about the second. There's nothing I can do about this. Please just use OpenGL, it works.
  10. symmetron

    The Demon Within - HL1/campaign-inspired snapmap

    Fun map, as far as I got. When I picked up the blue skull (big module with a skybox above it) I got locked in but no demons spawned. I had killed every demon on the way (to my knowledge) so it's not even that. So yeah, action music was playing and I was locked in a big module (both doors would open but have the lockdown effect in them) with nobody to fight, couldn't find a button or anything like that either. EDIT: Just re-read some posts here. This might be what the other guy was talking about.
  11. symmetron

    New SnapMap Updated f***d up Pickups

    Have you tested it in combat? Maybe they can shoot at you while going to their spot or something.
  12. symmetron

    New SnapMap Updated f***d up Pickups

    Maybe it's so you can have AI patrolling or roaming around a larger area but once fighting ensues they all take predetermined tacticool positions. Like, put the point behind something that can serve as cover and you could make it look like when the player enters all the AI scrambles to take cover, then there's a firefight that plays out in a similar manner every time because the AI start off in the same location(s) every time. This could make balancing/testing easier.
  13. symmetron

    Hello, old friend

    ONLY in terms of graphics. That's it. In terms of gameplay you can make a map that is better than any of the official maps simply by virtue of not including loadouts/two weapon limit and not drowning it in one-shot kill superweapons. I expected to be able to do this at launch so I was disappointed initially. But I was patient, honed my skills with the available features, and now the GAMEPLAY-RELEVANT features that were missing have been added. So what if these maps are all blocking objects and the lighting looks bad? The only big remaining limitation is that we can't move objects (only player and AI). If they added a simple animator node that let you slide a blocking volume or a hypothetical door object left-right or up-down we could build doors and elevators. Who knows, maybe they are working on that. And if not, just use transparent blockers as "force fields", Star Wars style instead of doors, and jump pads instead of elevators. Works well enough.
  14. symmetron

    New SnapMap Updated f***d up Pickups

    I used three, all of which failed to do anything: Teleporter->on arrived Module->on entered Counter->Count reached All three of these scenarios work perfectly fine now that I'm using CUSTOM group encounters.