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  1. Dr.Luurve

    My snapmaps

    Had to re upload armed and dangerous due to map corruption...:( Anyways, its new map id is: FG7hqrm7 I've taken a break from snapmap building to play other people's work and give feedback as well as catch up on a bunch of games. Rest assured, I have some more maps gestating!
  2. Dr.Luurve

    Candyland - Feedback / Testing appreciated

    The update 'broke' empty containers (a fix is coming BTW) but since Candyland utilizes containers so prominently in the form of bottles, it screws up the map flow, enemy confrontations, progression and pacing. Hopefully the fix comes soon - I wanted to go give Candyland 2 and 3 a go!
  3. Dr.Luurve

    New SnapMap Updated f***d up Pickups

    Noted With the group encounters not spawning, what trigger are you using to activate them? Be as specific as you can please. Thanks.
  4. Dr.Luurve

    New SnapMap Updated f***d up Pickups

    Yes, there is a dev on the snapmap reddit I was conversing with the other day on the thread in question.
  5. Dr.Luurve

    New SnapMap Updated f***d up Pickups

    It is now on the list. Out of curiosity, what hardware are you using, PC, PS4, Xbox? I will double check this issue when I get home.
  6. Dr.Luurve

    Since when could you change Module's Environment?

    This feature came in last Friday with the hell modules.
  7. Dr.Luurve

    Good sp maps?

    Feel free to check out my maps if you haven't already: https://www.doomworld.com/vb/snapmap/89838-my-snapmaps/ As of writing, 7 maps at about 5 minutes run time each.
  8. Dr.Luurve

    My snapmaps

    With the release of hell modules, I've made a new map: Belly of the beast - 3V7Y37HE Enjoy!
  9. Dr.Luurve

    New SnapMap Updated f***d up Pickups

    I've compiled a list of bugs on r/snapmaps - it includes the ones mentioned here in this thread. The dev team have seen at it and are working on fixes.
  10. Dr.Luurve

    For You Hell Lovers - A SnapMap (ID : P5NFD82A )

    Nice map dude! In the Charon's Keep module, you forgot to check respawn player in lockdown module. I died in this module, respawned at beginning and never went back in that room. I called it a tactical retreat. The hell 90 module secret room attached to the stygian cript module, isn't acting as a true secret - use on door open or box trigger entered - gameplay - map - reveal secret so it counts as a legit secret. Also, that door in question is not unlocked by anything. In the Stygian crypts module, it is entirely possible and more efficient to not even bother killing the C. Mancubi. What you could do is, for each C.Mancubi, on killed - add to counter - counter reaches 4 - unlock door (perhaps the secret door?) Just my two cents.
  11. Dr.Luurve

    My snapmaps

    I got bored waiting for hell maps, so I made another: hostage crisis 44gr8cx7 Enjoy!
  12. Dr.Luurve

    My snapmaps

    I've made several completed snapmaps, but instead of clogging up webspace I've compiled them in one thread. They are listed in order of creation although can be played in any order as the mission story as it were is self contained; ~5 minutes of gametime, solo missions, medium difficulty, balanced for 1 life but also have checkpoints (reloading a map sucks). These maps are complete and ready to be played. In any case, enjoy: Martian penal colony - BYJXB6DV Outpost Omega - Wzusc4yn (this one is also co-op) Dissodium overload - AVUSVXX3 Damaged Goods - Uzbh6qrc Armed and Dangerous - FG7hqrm7 Hostage Crisis - 44gr8cx7 Belly of the beast - 3V7Y37HE