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  1. We posting JOM map screenshots? Sure. In-Game Shots:
  2. I feel like you could mask it pretty nicely by spawning splash actors at various intervals round the edges of the pillars - it should give the impression that the nukage is actually hitting it.
  3. Just had a play around with this (made a quick convenience script which fills in a pk3 with a ZScript & MapInfo lump, since I always end up doing that manually), very cool stuff! Just curious though, what am I supposed to do if I want to save a script permanently? I don't see an option in the script manager to do this.
  4. Sounds really cool, but when I try to open Tools->Script Manager, SLADE immediately crashes: :/
  5. Baked lighting means that the lighting is in the texture, rather than applied in-editor.
  6. Finished layout-ing this thing, I think. Now to begin the fun process of thing placement D: Some in-game shots:
  7. I've changed the topic title here to serve as the place for any future shaders I make - on that note, two new shaders added to the OP :D. And, also, I've updated the Drunk shader to be compatible with the Underwater shader, since there would have been some name conflict otherwise, if you'd like to use the two together, you should re-download KDiTB.
  8. Yeah, my aim here was basically to just do a recreation of Bioshock's Drunk mechanics into the new QZDoom shader system, and it turned into something releasable as a small jokewad. It doesn't effect aiming technically, but the drunk effect alone may fuck up your aim in some way anyway :P
  9. Requires QZDoom 2.0.0, the hardware renderer, and an OpenGL 3.3 compatible video card. Knee-Deep in the Booze Universal Underwater Shader DooD Shader Note: Feel free to use code from any of these in your own projects, so long as I get credited for it! I'd be happy to see any of these get used in a proper project :D
  10. Only 24 hours to go, woo!
  11. Welcome ;) Cool changes all around. The costumes are great.
  12. Ah, come on Jimmy - your forgot the most important change to the mod - The Plasma Rifle now runs on the Power Source of Blueberry Sauce.
  13. Had a quick go at creating a springboard flat to accompany my code, I'm not a texture-maker by any means but this is what I ended up making: Obviously based off the Aerial Faith Plates from Portal 2, which look like this: There's multiple improvements that could be made, I imagine (art style isn't very Doom-y, mostly), but it's in the modified ABAHB palette, and doesn't look half bad in action, I've updated my demo map to reflect this:
  14. And a new demo map for my library, along with the new release - a few things have changed, I'll give a quick rundown. Pressure Plates now require an anchor sector - this fixes a game breaking bug with the Pressure Plates, which previously used RaiseBy and LowerBy for animating - this could be abused by rapidly entering and exiting the sector, causing the pressure plate to go under the ground. This has been fixed by converting to an anchor based system, where plate movement is calculated as a fixed point based on the current floor height of an "anchor sector", using MoveTo. This also opens up possibilities for elevators controlled by pressure plates. Speaking of elevators, the pressure plate will no longer activate while the plate is moving, fixing a few bugs that would have otherwise occured during testing. This also means that the pressure plate cannot be activated during it's animation. Also, if either script argument supplied by the user is 0, that particular script won't be called, allowing for activate/deactivate-only pressure plates. Now, onto your new map, Jimmy. I really, really liked it. It looks great, plays great, and has plenty of interesting setups to show what the mod is about and how it works. I really, really liked the placement of the RescueSphere - you can either use it for a quick bit of convenience after Violet goes down the Yellow Key elevator, or you can be a bit more patient and use it to get Violet out of the Mancubus' way, making the fight a lot easier. I also do think that autosaves should be present in most maps in this mod - while obviously there is no way to stop user-saving, I feel for a puzzle mod, the mapper-controlled saves lend themselves to the genre far better. On the technical side (relating to my scripts, heh), I noticed two little oddities that could stand to be fixed. First of all, the pressure plates in the Rescuesphere area are meant to be usable by both the player and Violet, yet are using the script "S_Pressure". If the pressure plate should be usable by both actors, you should use the script "S_Pressure_PB", which has extra checks to make sure there is no actor on the plate, not just the activating actor. Also, the jump pad is set up a bit weirdly - there is noticeably a Block Players linedef preventing the player from picking up the Red Key themselves - I have to ask, why is this? One of the flags for the "Actor Hits Floor" thing is FRIENDLY, which sets the thing to be not activatable by players. Setting that flag instead of using Block Players lines would avoid a lot of potential confusion on why the player can't travel over a gap that the barrel clearly can. I'm pretty sure there are textures inside the wad that would signal to the player which bouncepads/pressure plates are usable by which actors. I really should produce some documentation on this, huh. Either way, two little minor oddities don't detract from how good the map is at all, really. I know I'll be trying to make my map feel as interesting, and look as good as this one does, and I'd hope the mappers besides me doing stuff for this also do.