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  1. Monfriez

    Insert Touch Pun Here

    I wish they had brought someone in to design the menu. It's just disappointing. From what I've seen in with the Wolfenstein 3D updates the menu design is not going to get any better. A lot of people are complaining about the "floating" controls. There is an option to turn that off (Center sticks: OFF), but the poor design make it hard to figure that out.
  2. Monfriez

    Insert Touch Pun Here

    Has anyone else noticed that with Doom Classic the sleep button does not pause the game? The screen goes black but the game remains active and my guy ends up being killed by a monster.
  3. Monfriez

    iDoom iNfo

    Wonderful news. More than anything else I wanted support for user wads. It would be fun if General Mills chose to reinvest in Chex Quest. There is something I would like to suggest. I would like to see more creativity put into the Menu. Maybe call in an extra graphic designer. The Wolfenstine 3D Menu screen was very efficient but I felt that your games deserve something more lively to match the trendy nature of the iPhone. I think Edge is a good example of a cool and efficient menu http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzqcTSk9Adk and in-game Edge has a drop down menu which I think is a very smart feature.
  4. Monfriez

    Looking for help identifying DOS games

    Awesome. Thanks to everyone for the help.
  5. Monfriez

    Looking for help identifying DOS games

    #1 is ShadowCaster. Thanks. I can't find any information on Undersea Aquarium; the name is too generic. Thanks anyway. I would love to find out what #3 was; it had some cool artwork.
  6. I'm trying to find the name of three DOS games I once played. I was hopping someone could help me or recommended a forum where I could ask for help identifying these game. 1) The first game was a SPF set in a fantasy world where you could transform in to various monsters. The game engine was similar to Rise of the Triad or Wolfenstein; the floors were flat and the walls were at 90 degree angles. 2) The second game was an educational title; a 3D underwater museum with sprites of photo-realistic sea creatures that talked to you. (this one may of ran in windows 3.1) 3) The third was a word puzzle game with a sci-fi twist. You would create an alien as your avatar and compete in an interglacial game show. All three were VGA. Do any of these sound familiar? Thanks.
  7. Monfriez

    Doom < doom 1.2

    I remember one of the manuals or strategy guides justifying the limit. It said something like: if you were at 200% there would be two of you.
  8. Monfriez

    Stealth Wads?

    Are there any wads that require sneaking past monster, hiding from monsters, quick-and-silent kills, or other stealth tactics?
  9. I bet with allot of work the skybox could also be used to create a large city for example: I have had this idea to put all of Doom's first episode maps into one map and being able to see one level from anotehr while creating an illusion of a large distance between each level via skybox and ZDoom's other features also can someone post a link to "helm's deep"? I'd love to see it
  10. I haven't see any WADs that do anything with the skybox out side of what was done in the ZDoom demo wad, there's nothing wrong with that but has anyone done anything creative or beautiful with the skybox?
  11. Monfriez

    New Skys?

    Source ports have gives us so much freedom but I haven't seen improvement with new skies. Has anyone tried to improve the original Doom skies? larger, more ealistic Perhaps taken advantage of Zdoom's Sky box or made a superior dm2 sky model? I've been thinking about it and trying to find software like this planetside.co.uk/terragen/ however I don't have a 3d-card so it's kind of hard
  12. Monfriez

    Doom 1.666

    I didn't load a pwad, if your asking that I loaded the doom.wad as an iwad I didn't do that either, I just removed the doom2.wad and the doom2.exe uses the doom.wad in it's place and the demos do make sense (but eventually crash)
  13. Monfriez

    Doom 1.666

    The demos crash with Doom v1.9 but if I use Doom2 v1.666 and the Doom iwad I make it half way through the demo before it crashes
  14. Monfriez

    Doom 1.666

    I'm trying to play some old Doom movies, made for doom 1.666 I think, but I have is Doom 1.9 I would realy need to see these movies, can anyone help?
  15. Monfriez

    DOOM books

    [quote] I have that book, it describes not mote than how to go through the levels. Its a strategies and hint book, not more. No great story is told here.[quote] The book dose have it's own spin on the Doom story and includes short stories for some of the levels ex: for Halls of Injustice (E1M6) the book gives the history of how the prisoners held there were slaughtered by the UAC www.doomworld.com/pageofdoom/wadpack/lostdoom.html