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  1. LexiMax

    Odamex 10.5.0

    Latest version: 10.5.0 (May 5, 2024) Release Post Website: https://odamex.net/ Download: Github Discord: https://discord.gg/aMUzcZE Odamex is a portable source port with a focus on client/server multiplayer of classic Doom, Boom, MBF and early ZDoom content. Odamex's interface resembles its old-school ZDoom roots, but the port is close enough to Vanilla to run many (but not all) Doom 1.9 demos, including the demo reel. At the same time, the port supports many modern amenities like a truecolor software renderer, uncapped framerates, on-the-fly WAD loading, slopes and other ZDoom mapping features, and of course online client/server multiplayer with up to 255 simultaneous players. You can find more information about the latest version of Odamex (10.5.0) in the release post linked above. What follows in the spoiler is the original post containing the patch notes for Odamex 0.9.0.
  2. LexiMax

    Odamex 10.5.0

    Odamex 10.5.0 has been released. Download it from Github or Sourceforge! This is a minor release with mostly quality of life fixes. The client has seen a number of useful updates. One of the more notable additions in 10.5.0, @loopfz improved the in-game wad downloader so that it can now download files with mixed case file names. That means server admins no longer have to host wads that are either all upper case or lower case. This will be incredibly useful for server admins looking to host servers with many wads. @ceski has improved controller support by improving analog stick deadzones, as well as flushing unused game controller events. @chewi has improved our general codebase by correcting some aliasing errors in multiple areas of the code, along with other general code fixes. @matoro has also helped update our CMake configuration. Also, a shout out to @bcahue for improving our demo testing suite, which helps us continue to strive toward full vanilla Doom compatibility. For a full list of changes and contributors, check out the list below: Added When a player becomes a spectator, display the number of kills & deaths they had in a message. Added Freedoom 0.13.0 support to the IWAD Loader. Thanks @GeorgePieVG! Added par times for Chex Quest. Thanks @Acts19quiz! Changed g_coopthingfilter is now g_thingfilter. This variable can be used to: 1) remove weapons flagged for cooperative; 2) remove all things flagged for cooperative; or 3) remove all things that can be picked up. Thanks @loopfz! Improvement to game controller support, via improved deadzones and flushing unused game controller events. Thanks @ceski-1! Updated the network connection error graphic to include text indicating there is a network issue. Improvements to SIMD flags in our CMake configuration. Thanks @matoro! Fixed The in-game wad downloader can now locate wad files with mixed case file names. Thanks @loopfz! MBF21 instakill sector no longer kills players in IDDQD mode. Thanks @Sbzro12345! Corrected aliasing errors in multiple areas of the code, along with other general code improvements. Thanks @chewi! Improved vanilla demo testing and accuracy over last release. Backed out changes to conveyor handling introduced in 10.4.0. These changes fixed thing behavior on conveyors, but caused some monsters to no longer spawn in-game. Fixed compiling on Mac OSX where internal system libraries for LIBPNG and ZLIB were being called. Fixed a crash when changing wads with different HORDEDEFs. Thanks @LexiMax!
  3. LexiMax

    Emulator future

    From the reporting I've seen, the authors of Yuzu flew WAY too close to the sun. If the lawsuit had proceeded, the discovery process would have allowed Nintendo to peek behind the curtain at all of their private conversations. I suspect the Yuzu authors figured that such a process would have painted them in an incredibly poor light and would have broken any illusion about not supporting or financially benefiting from piracy, so they took the prudent way out. That said, there is evidence that Nintendo wants to open the door to being able to put emulators out of business. One critical and sometimes-overlooked part of the settlement is thus (source): Even if this wish isn't granted, I think it's pretty clear that Nintendo is specifically seeking out court precedent that any piece of software that relies on DRM circumvention by their users is inherently illegal. This precedent would kill Switch emulation dead by opening any Switch emulator developer to liability - not only now, but in the foreseeable future, since there would be technically no legal way to dump the keys from your Switch to make an emulator work in the first place.
  4. LexiMax

    Whats your favourite video game music?

    Not from the actual game, but this Rhythm Heaven remix of Girl Hell 1999 is a bop
  5. Samus Aran. Easily.
  6. LexiMax

    Do you care about unrealistic/inaccurate guns?

    A game gets bonus points from me if it uses the term "clip" instead of "magazine."
  7. LexiMax

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doom_Eternal I think you vastly underestimate the number of gamers who do not own PC's and whose only engagement with MyHouse was to watch a YouTuber play through the level.
  8. LexiMax

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    This is what classic Doom is for anybody who doesn't have an account on Doomworld. https://www.nintendo.com/us/store/products/doom-1993-switch/ https://www.xbox.com/en-US/games/store/doom-1993/9PLZPHBNHTMF https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP1003-CUSA15594_00-DOOM199300000000 https://store.steampowered.com/app/2280/DOOM_1993/ For this crowd, Doom mods are the sorts of things you can easily download and play on these ports. Think Sigil and BTSX, not Brutal Doom.
  9. LexiMax

    Do not install Windows 10 KB5034441 Update!

    I could not function on Windows 7. It's not a supported configuration from at least one of the NDA'ed SDK's I use. Visual Studio 2022, the first native 64-bit version of Visual Studio, has dropped support for Windows 7. I think Visual Studio 2019 still works, but you can't use Address Sanitizer on Windows 7, which I consider critical to my development workflow. Firefox is either going to drop support or has already dropped support. Modern versions of Python don't run on Windows 7, and you can pry the improved typing support in later versions from my cold, dead hands. Windows Terminal, a tool I consider indispensable as a heavy command prompt user, requires Windows 10. Not only that, but it can replace the default Conhost systemwide on Windows 11 without any nasty form of DLL injection. Windows Subsystem for Linux, by far the easiest way to run Linux on Windows, requires Windows 10. Upgrading to Windows 11 gets you native GUI support too.
  10. LexiMax

    thoughts on The Doom Awards™

    This is kind of funny, but in a sad way. If you're going to write your own awards - it helps if you actually WRITE your own awards.
  11. LexiMax

    GTA VI Trailer

    GTA 5's writing had been going on for literal decades in other forms of media. Irony and cynicism were very common in the zeitgeist at the time, and still are today. The problem with leaning too hard into that style of writing like GTA5 did is that it doesn't really have anything to say. It just satirizes and deconstructs things into oblivion, and then shrugs in the wreckage of its destruction, as if it was some inevitable part of the human condition. David Foster Wallace called that style of writing corrosive to the soul, and I agree with him. Why does everything have to suck all the time? What's wrong with a teachable moment or a light at the end of the tunnel or a real human emotion every so often?
  12. LexiMax

    GTA VI Trailer

    As was CJ from GTA: San Andreas. And the playable cast of both Red Dead games. I don't remember Tommy Vercetti or the voiceless protagonist from GTA3 having enough character depth to register either positively or negatively - they felt like player self-inserts. GTA5 on the other hand had by far the most unlikable protagonists in a Rockstar game I can remember, and the entire game was full of such poisonous, nihilistic irony that it was tough to find anybody to root for.
  13. LexiMax

    How is your control (keys+mouse) setup?

    WASD for moving around, E for use. Number keys 1-5 are weapons, Q and R are the Plasma and BFG. Left mouse is fire, right mouse is strafe on.
  14. LexiMax

    Talking to people you don't like

    I've heard it put another way - it's really difficult to reason someone out of something they didn't reason themselves into in the first place. People don't become Nazis because there's any basis to the ideology. They do it because they're sociopaths, opportunists, or at the very least have unjustified grievances towards others. You don't fight that with reasoned debate, you fight it by upending the source of their underlying grievances or just straight up ostracism.
  15. I always thought that the frontpage was a good feature. Besides /newstuff, it was nice to be able to follow major releases and breakthroughs in speed-running all in one spot.
  16. LexiMax

    What's your favorite armor system in games?

    I actually really liked the armor and shield system in Overwatch. Instead of having a separate bar for each, they're all a part of the same health bar, and the makeup of the bar is unique to the character. If you get hit by something, it will eat away at the bar from right to left following these rules: White bars are HP and act like normal hit points Yellow bars are armor, and applies damage reduction to incoming damage before taking the hit. Each attack it absorbs is reduced by 5HP, or half, whichever is lower. This is more effective against multi-hit attacks, and weak against single-target burst damage. Blue bars are shield, and will regenerate at 20 HP per second if you avoid damage for 3 seconds. There are a lot of interesting ramifications to this system, and it accomplishes this without introducing damage types.
  17. Note that SLADE has a few bugs when it comes to extracting some ROTT resources - some formats are guessed incorrectly, some are correctly read, but flipped the wrong way around. Let me know if there's something you want but can't find, and I'll try to figure something out for you. Also, DARKWAR.WAD in Ludicrous Edition is a 100% reproduction of the 1.3 Site License version. LE adds new assets, which are located in RottEX.kpf, and can be extracted with anything that can read a ZIP file.
  18. LexiMax

    Alex Jones has a video game.

    All of those people that you listed above were desperately trying to be taken seriously. Levity and humor at their expense is intended to rob their message of power, though doing so at least still runs the risk of glossing over the very real atrocities these people committed. Alex Jones is the opposite. He knows he is perceived as a buffoon and deliberately plays into it in order to attract people to his platform, hoping that at least some portion of the people he attracts to point and laugh start to agree with him.
  19. LexiMax

    Alex Jones has a video game.

    It was not an isolated joke that stepped over the line. Each one of women and children existed, and Alex Jones claimed otherwise not as a joke, but for political expediency. Knowing the depths of depravity that he was capable of, I would have a difficult time stomaching looking at the man, let alone laughing at one of his absurdist rants. But again, maybe there's a subtlety to his humor that I'm not getting. So can you please explain to me how Alex Jones is funny?
  20. LexiMax

    Alex Jones has a video game.

    Can you explain to me the humor in having a base that harasses grieving parents of murdered kids because of the words he spouts? I'm not sure what's funny about that.
  21. LexiMax

    Source Ports personal deal breakers

    SDL_Mixer has two ways of playing MIDI on Windows - either by using Windows MIDI directly via WinMM, or by using a software synthesizer that it has built-in called Timidity. Windows MIDI sounds like how you remember it, but it has largely sat untouched since the 90's, has had broken volume control since Vista, and only works on Windows. Software synthesis will sound exactly the same across all supported platforms - it's in the name, a synthesizer implemented in software - but requires the use of a soundfont and people tend to complain when their MIDI's don't sound like how they remember it playing on Windows XP.
  22. LexiMax

    Source Ports personal deal breakers

    One "mistake" that used to be quite common in ports is using the default SDL_Mixer implementation of playing MIDI music. SDL_Mixer's MIDI music player has been broken on Windows for quite some time. Using it prevents a user from being able to set the MIDI music volume separately from sound effects on anything newer than Windows Vista, which was released over 15 years ago. Most modern source ports have a workaround of one flavor or another, but you can't simply throw a MIDI file at SDL_Mixer and expect music to work properly. EDIT: If you're curious, it seems like ceski's winmusic is the least-intrusive way of accomplishing this. It looks a little gnarly because it's essentially injecting and rewriting volume events into the MIDI stream, but it's a fair bit less intrusive than bringing in a library. Other alternatives include. ZMusic is a very capable alternative that allows you to have the music-playing feature-set of GZDoom. Odamex uses PortMidi to help with the MIDI rewriting, and to ease playing with external MIDI synthesizers, but it's a bit overkill for all the work you will have to do just to do what ceski's code does out of the box. Standalone FluidSynth exists, but from what I understand it can be tricky to integrate into a project from scratch, and it won't sound quite like Windows MIDI. ZMusic includes it in-tree. Playing MIDI in an external process was something that was done previously by many Chocolate forks and Eternity engine, but the setup turned out to be a bit brittle and as far as I'm aware no port that is actively in development uses it anymore.
  23. LexiMax

    So, GZDoom has replaced its sector light options...

    I don't think this is an unpopular opinion so far as it is probably a pain in the neck to implement. Counter-strike 2 actually does it like this, with a special "graphics settings" level that renders to the side: I don't think GZDoom has the ability to render multiple levels at once like Source 2, so I wonder if it could simply render the current viewport off to the side.
  24. Aphex Twin has a song on his Windowlicker EP called...*ahem*....
  25. LexiMax

    So, GZDoom has replaced its sector light options...

    This is a most welcome change. If we're bikeshedding over names, how does this sound? Original Doom Modern (or "New") GZDoom Old GZDoom