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  1. GaussMaster987

    "Ultra-Violence is the real way to play Doom"

    For Classic Doom, I have to agree with this. Only UV and Nightmare have the maximum number of enemies. Classic Doom's HMP feels incomplete with the reduced number of enemies. Doom 2016's "double damage" UV doesn't bother me either, but the reduced value health and armor pickups are a dealbreaker for me.
  2. GaussMaster987

    Baron - How Many Precision Bolt Headshots To Kill?

    Thanks for pointing that out Viscra. We also need to know the crit multiplier, and if the crit multiplier is different between campaign and snapmap. According to the only source available on gun stats for campaign/arcade, the Precision Bolt inflicts 1200 base damage fully charged. Chubz, you can compare the snapmap body shot damage, to find the crit multiplier. On another note, I actually recently watched a multiplayer video (or maybe it was a snapmap video, idk), and I think, some shots, I saw the damage highlighted in yellow, and some shots the damage was highlighted in red. What does that mean?
  3. We know the Knight can be killed with a fully charged Precision Bolt headshot. But the Knight is still a "medium" enemy. The "heavy" enemies are the Mancubus, Baron, and Cyber Mancubus. I know that the Manubus needs two fully charged Precision Bolt critical hits, and the Cyber Mancubus can survive two consecutive fully charged Precision Bolt headshots, so I toss a Cluster Strike in between, to ensure I get that Volatile Discharge. But, the Baron, is difficult for me to land clear headshots, because I play with controller. So, can anyone confirm whether the Baron can be killed with two consecutive fully charged Precision Bolt headshots or not?
  4. GaussMaster987

    Rate My Playthrough?

    And finally, the entire playthrough is uploaded.
  5. GaussMaster987

    Rate My Playthrough?

    Missions 08-11 uploaded.
  6. GaussMaster987

    Favorite glory kills?

    That is awesome. I also saw a neck snapping one for the Soldier, but I could never do it myself.
  7. GaussMaster987

    What do you think of nightmare mode?

    Lol. In my recording, I forgot about him, and he followed me through the yellow door. So, I had to stun him, and make my way back out, so I would have enough space to dodge his attacks xD . A similar story with me, I was in Kadingir Sanctum, on Nightmare Mode working through the enemies in the Baron's arena, and I got to the part with the circle of Lost Souls. I almost shit myself when TWO of them charged me at once. I took a blind shot with the Shotgun grenade, and accidentally set off a chain reaction which killed the entire circle at once xD .
  8. GaussMaster987

    What do you think of nightmare mode?

    Had you at least gotten the secret rocket launcher, and the lock-on burst mod? Those might have made the Hell Knights easier. Ironically, the Imps are actually the bigger threat in the early levels of Nightmare mode. And, the lobbed fireball does 15 base damage, so on Nightmare, it is 45. The charged fireball does 25 base damage, so 75 on Nightmare. Another tip: If you ever replay the game, do NOT get the yellow keycard until after you destroy the first two gore nests (rear of starting area and below central area). Picking up the yellow card, unlocks all the Hell Knights in the central area. Iirc, there is one that jumps up from the railing before you enter the yellow door, the second one spawns on the bridge at the beginning of the central area after destroying the third gore nest, and has a chance to rush in when you approach the fourth gore nest, and the last one before the final battle, comes through the first yellow door, after destroying the final gore nest. Should be a useful tip, for anyone who prefers to scavenge for collectibles and secrets AFTER completing all the fights. Of course, this luxury is lost after Mission 04.
  9. GaussMaster987

    Rate My Playthrough?

    Uploaded Mission 07. Starting from this mission, I primarily use Shotgun and Gauss Cannon.
  10. GaussMaster987

    Preferred/most balanced difficulty setting.

    Personally, the permadeath does not scare me too much, but the lack of checkpoints is a dealbreaker for me, because I abuse specific checkpoints for rune and weapon mastery challenge farming.
  11. GaussMaster987

    What do you think of nightmare mode?

    You forgot to mention that Imps have fucking x-ray vision. I had two instances, one in Mission 04, where an Imp lobbed a fireball where I was standing, without having a line of sight on me, and the second at the end of Mission 08, where an Imp tried to lead me while I was on high ground, and again, had no line of sight on me. Also, if you watch closely on DraQu's UN speedrun, while he is scaling the tower, the asshole Imps he left alive are capable of nailing the player from literally any distance/elevation. That Imp did not nail him, but it was a close call.
  12. GaussMaster987

    Rate My Playthrough?

    Uploaded Mission 06. I used Rockets here as my heavy gun, mainly because this map is littered with them, and Ammo Boost is truly one of the best runes in the game. I had a couple of close calls in this mission, but, I manage to complete the final battle with no damage.
  13. GaussMaster987

    Rate My Playthrough?

    Ok, finally uploaded Mission 05. This is where I improve my aiming, and start piling on the Cluster Strikes.
  14. GaussMaster987

    Infighting... real deal or scripted?

    I'm starting to think there is a higher probability of unscripted infighting, on "I'm Too Young To Die".
  15. GaussMaster987

    Combat shotgun explosive shot = unbalanced?

    In my revised run on any difficulty, I use the Triple Shot exactly once: on the Spectre at the beginning of Necropolis, after stunning it. And the only reason I use it, is to prevent from killing the Unwilling, because I need to keep them alive to complete the barrel challenge.