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  1. enderandrew

    UltraHD Texture Pack - 2nd Tech Demo released!

    Does anyone want to test this with a sample map with some dynamic (and ideally moving) lights? It can be a single room or two. I'm not sure I'm seeing the effect of the specular, normal, height and bright maps.
  2. enderandrew

    UltraHD Texture Pack - 2nd Tech Demo released!

    I'm just using Photoshop. What I uploaded earlier wasn't working because my definition file wasn't correct. I'll fix it and upload a working version tonight if someone wants to test it.
  3. enderandrew

    PSX DOOM: Fall Of Triton (OUT NOW)

    Fixed here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gGCDF_No1-G0AexKknDqMijp7udYrStO
  4. enderandrew

    UltraHD Texture Pack - 2nd Tech Demo released!

    So you've created these truly amazing textures. And GZDoom recently added support for PBR and materials. This looks like a great opportunity to really show off how amazing your textures are. Your main texture package is several hundred textures, so I started with your Doom 1 override package. I optimized your PNG files, and then compressed them in DDS format (with pre-generated mipmaps). This should actually help performance as the DDS file can be loaded directly into your GPU without having to convert it, and mipmaps are pre-generated. Then I created normal maps for all of your textures. This I did in batch with a tool. I manually created bright maps and specular maps by hand for the 71 or so textures in this package. Then I created a definition file that tells GZDoom to use these textures. I've never created a Doom map before in my life. I'm going to just test this in existing Doom 1 maps and see if I can see any of these 71 textures in use, but someone could perhaps make a test map to showcase these specific textures. If these are working as intended and look good, I may do all the other hundreds of textures as well. The amazing thing is that your PK3 package was 280 MB to start. I added bright maps, normal maps and specular maps. It is more than 3 times the number of previous textures. But the new PK3 file is actually smaller at 256 MB. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_MYVBULSkJ4aakl8yCBdb4vtHYL8o5ih
  5. I love the concept and the use of GZDoom features to put out some really impressive looking maps.
  6. enderandrew

    PSX DOOM: Fall Of Triton (OUT NOW)

    Agreed. @NightFright can you upload it again?
  7. enderandrew

    Has PBR for Doom been a disappointment so far?

    Honestly, it surprises me a bit. I can't draw or model for shit personally, but Doom has a huge community and 25 years of contributions. I'd love to see 3D models that are faithful to the original designs of the Doom 1/2 monsters.
  8. enderandrew

    UltraHD Texture Pack - 2nd Tech Demo released!

    Glad to hear your health is improving! I love these textures! Some people really just like the classic look and don't enjoy when others try to improve the graphics. But I love giving a fresh coat of paint to old games. There are tons of new sprites, voxels of texture options for items and walls in the game. It gets me however that no one has made a faithful set of monster models or sprites. What I'm using currently I believe is ripped from Doom 3. It somewhat matches the quality of your textures, but it isn't faithful to the Doom 1/2 designs. The Doom community has done a lot over 25 years. And there are tons of modelers/artists out there who like working on fan games. So why has no one created faithful HD Doom 1/2 monsters as sprites or models (to my knowledge)?
  9. enderandrew

    Doom 3 Textures for Doom

    I'd love to see a community megawad using this texture pack.
  10. enderandrew

    Just now finally playing 1993 Doom in 2017

    I think that is a very fair observation.
  11. enderandrew

    Just now finally playing 1993 Doom in 2017

    Doom 2 map 9 was when I walked away so that particular aspect was fresh in my mind. You start off surrounded by unavoidable slime and it looks like you'll have to cross it repeatedly.
  12. enderandrew

    Just now finally playing 1993 Doom in 2017

    I welcome a different perspective. Though I think if you have to do a pistol start on each map individually on UV to create any challenge (and even then a novice can beat that) it does suggest the game doesn't have much challenge. If you play through the Episode select screen, then weapons carry over from level to level. It would seem this is the default/intended game mode. Even Pac-Man has rudimentary AI where each ghost behaves a bit differently. Good players learn those behaviors and can master the game, but there is a rewarding challenge. I do need to revisit and finish off Doom 2 and then move onto Final Doom, which I've heard is much more challenging. But one of the minor quips that did really irritate me about Doom 1 and 2 was areas where you were forced to take damage via the floor. I do greatly prefer the Quake/Half-Life approach where you can jump and avoid the damage with skill, or potentially take damage. Forcing damage that the player can't avoid seems cheap and unfair.
  13. enderandrew

    [Released] PSX Doom: The Lost Levels

    Thanks for putting in the time!
  14. enderandrew

    [v1.5] Doom 64: Retribution

    I didn't know if you included them when making your pack.