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  1. Warning: next bit could be gibberish. Tbh, I gues that 'Come get some' represents the most popular factor of 90s FPS better than 'Damn I'm Good' - not a feeling of exaltation after completing a hard challenge - but a sense of the highest echelon of masculinity - a virtual reigning over a level that you have cleaned out and beaten to perfection. The respawning mode, no matter how small, disrupts the 'masculine essence' of destruction, because on your own you are unable to defeat this challenge by yourself, but have to use explosive / destructive weapons (which may be in short supply) rather than a means of demonstrating your power over the enemies of the level, you must instead use these weapons in a fight for survival which counteracts the masculine/fascist urge for domination: you only get relief when killing enemies on the highest difficulty. Hence why the highest difficulty is less popular (especially considering the demographics of 90s FPS). (Going back to your title question,) why would a youtuber wish to break that urge for anyone who would watch their videos or subscribe to them??
  2. (Whilst enemy spawns can be changed in 'Damn I'm Good' (iirc), the map developers set a precedent not to do this, so for all intents and purposes Damn I'm Good is equal to Come Get Some in every way but the (pseudo-)respawns.) Given that all but one difficulty setting has non-respawning enemies, it makes sense that the default mode of Duke Nukem is to play without the respawning enemies, which do change the strategy at least somewhat (even though if gibbed they don't come back, if they were so easy to deal with why would they add the difficulty otherwise, unless it was a joke?). FWIW, I imagine that everybody who makes maps for Duke3D doesn't explicitly map for 'Damn I'm Good' in mind, like Doom mappers don't explicitly map for Nightmare in mind - because the vast majority of players play in a mode where they won't have to worry about gibbinh enemies to not have them come back. The change in the highest difficulty is so obtuse that I can't imagine anybody willing to design a setpiece in Duke around enemies that respawn "just 'cause" (do point me to such a case if I'm wrong, I haven't played many usermaps). So it can't be equivalent to UV, because UV is a difficulty you can plan/design for explicitly (because enemies stay dead), whereas Damn I'm Good is a toned down joke difficulty probably made as an reaction to the Nightmare! difficulty in Doom. Though given that a lot of usermaps I have played tend to give a sense of sense of space and place, I think it's obvious what Duke is suited towards compared to Doom. I don't know why I'm 'effortposting' on such a boring topic lol
  3. Respawning enemies changes the game enough to 'separate' the difficulties away in terms of strategy and general feel, especially for a game which uses more 'realistic' feeling levels. In the 90s a lot of FPS made the highest difficulty more of a completionist challenge than something to simple enjoy and appreciate (e.g. Doom's Nightmare! where the whole game was turned on its head, Blood's Extra Crispy(?) which was designed for Co-op and is basically torture to play singleplayer). Duke3D took this route, so the hardest difficulty "experience" is completely different from nostalgic experiences of such. I certainly wouldn't want to play Doom on -respawn all the time, even if i could make the enemies stay dead forever with some mod or patch. It just doesn't give the same feeling as the Doom that I played as a child. If people are doing walkthroughs or playthroughs of Duke3D, then they probably want to do it in a way where people can relate to the experience - very few people who played Duke3D would think that 'Damn I'm Good' is the true way to appreciate and play the game normally with the quirks of such a difficulty.
  4. Wahrnehmungskrieg

    Doom's 25th Birthday - What will you be doing?

    I'm doing a drunk playthrough of the original levels (keeping it at about 9 units as I go, I'm a somewhat responsible guy). It's enough that I'm dying at the start of Toxic Refinery, so It'll definitely get interesting when I get deep into Episode 2 lol! If I sober up whilst I'm still awake (which could happen, I drank earlier than normal to celebrate such an event), I'll probably try climbing the insurmountable wall of mapping again and make some progress on a Doom II episode I've been doing on and off since late June of this year (I want to release it by April, so I do want to keep chipping away at it). And maybe if I'm unsatisfied by that, I'll play some AVJ (a go-to) or Sunlust, or one of the other many WAds I've left on the backburner due to various commitments and what-not. Good thing I don't have imminent deadlines! Whatever I accomplish or do today it'll be a good celebration for Doom's 25th Birthday party! The Cacowards were great (and hard to judge, I imagine!!) this year, and seeing the 100 memorable Doom maps made me really appreciate how rich and wonderful a community we have behind the greatest game of all time. Let's celebrate for the many good years of Doom, and for the future to come!! 🥂🥂🥂
  5. Wahrnehmungskrieg


    Decided to open this up cos I'm bored, and wanted to see how this could take up a whole gig, and it's got ALL of the Master Levels? Just there? And No Rest for the Living? Surprised you didn't just include all the IWADs whilst you were at it lol
  6. Wahrnehmungskrieg

    who made these wads

    From what I saw, it appears they were all generated by OBLIGE.
  7. Wahrnehmungskrieg


    Played this for a bit, on UV with saves in Crispy. No FDA, sorry! Might as well give my barely relevant ramblings thoughts on each section: Overall, thought it was decent, though some setpieces were a bit wobbly (though those ones didn't take much time to beat) and the difficulty a bit wonky. Feel free to disregard everything I've said though, I could just be talking out my arse (and probably am).
  8. Wahrnehmungskrieg

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Yes, that's it. Never thought to search ModDB :P Thanks!
  9. Wahrnehmungskrieg

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    I've been trying to find this certain gimmick WAD for a while. Basically it revolved around you having your weapons pointed towards you - so when you fired them, you took damage and were knocked backwards by a significant amount. I remember the aim of each level was related to killing yourself, but i think you had to do it in a certain area to win? (that may be wrong, though i do remember there being prerequisites to the final 'suicide'). most of the levels revolved around dodging enemies and using the knockback from your weapons to cross gaps. there are three other things i remember: 1. the M_DOOM was very obviously a 2 second MS paint job 2. I think it used a separate DeHackEd patch to work 3. It was called something like 'Room' something? Nothing related seemed to come up when i searched 'room' in idgames however, so I could be wrong I think it was kind of a "known" wad at the time I played it (mid 2015), so maybe someone else will remember it
  10. Wahrnehmungskrieg

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    It's a bug; generalised W1/WR crusher actions will do nothing whatsoever in Boom, PrBoom+ etc. (but they'll work fine in ZDoom and co.).
  11. Wahrnehmungskrieg

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Is it Tranquility? Sounds kind of like what you're describing - https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=46650