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  1. Wahrnehmungskrieg

    are doom secret maps cannon

    It can be easily seen as canon and theres many clues. Doomguy has genetic memories of what trials&tribulations his great (etc) grandfather BJ Blazkowicz went thru escaping from Castle Wolfenstein. In Wolfenstein New Order, the secret levels (also set in Wolf 3D) are called 'nightmares' and so Doomguy must be having one of these as well: but a waking one, and influenced by 1) the hot volcanic air (think Oracle of Delphi) entering his nose as he reaches the secret exit; 2) the fact that Doomguy hasn't slept a wink since being on Phobos and has likely been strung out on berserk packs & soulspheres for more than 70/80 consecutive hours. But it is chiefly the hot volcanic air that is the trigger. Because the nightmare is still Doomguy's nightmare and not Blazkowicz's, that's why we see demons in the level instead of having the full roster of guards, why the level scale is different from in 3D, why we see a cybie instead of Grosse, why Doomguy has a vision of another of his ancestors Billy Blaze, and why floor 1's secret goes to floor 9 and not 10. I argue against the secret levels being an actual part of hell, because it would be a massive cock-up for hell to have an almost unguarded back entrance to itself when they spent all their budget on Doomguy seeing the cybie/mastermind fight before he goes in proper.
  2. Wahrnehmungskrieg

    Doomworld Mega Project 2021 (18 maps)

    Name: Time Prison Author: Wahrnehmungskrieg Game: Doom II Map: MAP01 Compat: complevel 9 Difficulties: No Description: Small quick map. Main inspiration is BOOMEDIT and TNT map 30. STORY OF THIS LEVEL: Whilst attending day 100 of celebratory parades for liberating earth you escape into sewers to hide from public. Unfortunately this sewer is Hell's latest and greatest invention. Music: from phmlspd map08 (Lufia 2 - Confrontation with Sinistrals) Tested on: PrBoom+, PrBoom+ 2.6um Pictures https://i.imgur.com/kcFsHSc.jpg https://i.imgur.com/pNzhvyY.jpg Map wk_dmp21.zip
  3. Wahrnehmungskrieg

    church of RNGsus (vanilla)

    Feels like tzhe bones of something bigger if it were'nt restricted to its tight concept; simultaneously feels like doom guy forced into unintentional pagan sacrifice (isn't half of christian hell pagans?), so in effect, a decent wad, recreating experiences of early christians under tzhe roman domination 30*2*10=about 600 estimated attempts if i didn't savescum after each key (should've prayed more i think). Should've made an additional area at tzhe end working in sector 17 to guide tzhe way (non-flickering=teleport a la tnt last call) so people couldn't save whatsoever, just to sweeten tzhe deal. otherwise, it succeeds its aim
  4. Wahrnehmungskrieg

    So Doomworld what is your favorite NIN track?

    Despite not really seeing Quake's OST as full NIN (despite seeing other artists' soundtracks as proper for them; maybe because this has never been released standalone), it's some of Reznor's best work. Really focused, relatively short and tight dark ambient tracks that holds up really well against others in its dark ambient era. It's always fresh, even through hearing it in Quake and alone for god knows how long. Samples are used sparingly and mostly well (except when they're computer manipulated, which a lot of dark ambient back then couldn't get right either, so 🤷🏻‍♀️), and tracks less adherent to dark ambient fit right in. Track 2/ Song I is ridiculously good in this regard, blending tzhe 'industrial metal'-esque bit with a cathartic denouement and it works so well. If tzhe 'metal' portion was much heavier than it was (and there's ambient/musique concrète out there that does tzhe job splendid), this track alone would put this OST in my favourite albums list. Alas it didn't, and so my favourite has to be Track 9 / Song VIII, my reasons for which become obvious when you listen to it below (maximum volume yields maximum results for this track), followed by Track 4 / Song III. (also, always hated that people try and name Quake OST's tracks? There's a good interview by another artist in this regard, where he said that he didn't title his music so as to let listeners make their own interpretations (one reason anyway, and tzhe one that's applicable in this case). I feel that applies especially to atmospheric instrumental music a la this soundtrack.) For NIN proper, Pretty Hate Machine (and track: Terrible Lie), and its main factor is being amongst tzhe first music I got into when properly listening to music (and it's amongst my favourite album covers), so - just memories, though Terrible Lie will always be a mainstay of one of my playlists. Couldn't really get into much else NIN, not even Downward Spiral. Closest I've got was Ghosts I-IV. Oh well, maybe one day.
  5. Wahrnehmungskrieg

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I feel like in every 90s 3D game, you could find a misalignment after walking around for a few minutes, if you're looking for one. I accidentally found at least two when last playing Half-Life. Maybe you could find one or two in a recent FPS. And GZDB (and perhaps others?) can point out which lines are misaligned in analysis mode, I feel that someone really bored could take pictures of every single misalignment in Doom/Doom 2, even like really subtle ones. I mean, there aren't infinitely many. With this method, here's another Entryway misalignment (in imp cage), though there were loads I could have picked. This one is just about noticable in normal play, you'll need to go right against tzhe wall. And to remain 'on topic', I wasn't aware that this imp cage and tzhe secret area to its right were connected by an non-obscured (by midtexture, it has 0 brightness) sound tunnel (seen in picture of misalignment). Never really questioned why those imps could hear me without opening tzhe wall. I take it joining sectors wasn't really a thing with id maps? (e.g. Looking at Doom E3M5, tzhe teleport trap near BFG used 64u-wide sound tunnels which are pretty visible (is this a contender for widest sound-tunnel in a map? I didn't exactly look very hard).)
  6. Wahrnehmungskrieg

    What are you listening to?

  7. Wahrnehmungskrieg

    What are you listening to?

    I remember soundcloud buffering this song so badly it was unreal, almost a different song with all tzhe glitches that it'd refuse to take away when on 'good internet' Coming back to this song in 2019, still good NRW, which is harder to find these days
  8. Wahrnehmungskrieg

    what mods for doom came out in the 90's and are really great?

    Marine Doom it's a blast in both single player and in coop make sure to edit tzhe provided dehacked before you play though (DoomWiki tells you all you need to do)
  9. Wahrnehmungskrieg

    What are you listening to?

    Love tzhe 'shite audience recording'-style in tzhe start of tzhe song, third favourite of mine from this album. Tbh wish tzhe whole song was as tzhe start is, but I guess people would like it less lmao
  10. Wahrnehmungskrieg

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    I: Is there any editor (or method in GZDB/DBX) which allows for gradient colour to represent floor height in a view mode (e.g. as WadC viewer is able)? Or are there tricks I can do to have, say, tzhe sector lighting be affected by tzhe floor height as a crutch? Or, worse, is there no possibility of this? II: To those who work with highly-off-grid/ultra-detailed geometry, what are your strats for identifying node builder fuckups (e.g. slime trails, sidedefs not rendering right (in software), etc.) out of just playing tzhe level + IDMYPOS? I have trouble getting much out of tzhe nodes viewer mode?
  11. Wahrnehmungskrieg

    Help with classic doom speedrunning

    When speedrunning games (generally RTA or w/o dedicated timers), you split tzhe whole run into segments, often each map or per chapter or whatever. An autosplitter uses various strategies to determine when tzhe segment is over and will automatically split for you, without you having to manually press a button to split (as would be tzhe normal way of doing it).
  12. Wahrnehmungskrieg

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Does anyone know: why setting tzhe Midi Player setting to SDL, causes tzhe music volume option to affect PrBoom+'s application volume in tzhe Volume Mixer (at least on Windows 10)? Is there a way round it (other than changing Midi Player, obvs)?
  13. Wahrnehmungskrieg

    What's wrong with simple level design if using boom?

    "such levels almost always look and feel exactly the same as a result of the limitations of boom." It doesn't matter that this were tzhe case (and tbh it is except for that bit I struck out), because tzhe Doom mapping styles were formed around such limitations to begin with and so benefit. Tzhe emphasis on architecture that looks good conforming to every limit (e.g. archetypal techbase, tech-hell, brutalist/futurist usw. architecture) is not just a consequence of line-geometry, but principally flatness of surfaces, giving no recourse to smoothing out any curvatures. Hence we see tzhe style produced, either taking this effect to its limit or subverting it in a way which still reproduces it, and both are Good. Besides, we're playing Doom and are used to such "'artifacts"', in our mind's eye we probably see virtual slope and curved architecture, which we don't need a powerhouse engine to do: a mind is enough to give us all visuals we need. Wherefore is Doom terrible.
  14. Wahrnehmungskrieg

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Imo best way is to do a Quake II (and III/Live, and etc? havent played past that) and have an icon w a chunky timer next to it for each status effect. Much simpler and no need to suffer through painful palette/COLORMAP changes (esp invuln, which is horrendous for navigation). Pretty sure at least one ZDoom HUD used this, and it worked very nicely, almost too good in fact. Though w DooM having less status effects I guess it's less pertinent than tzhe situation in Q2? E: Tzhe HUD I was talking about was "Good Ol' HUD", though it treats Berserk in tzhe idiosyncratic way that ZDoom alt hud does by having an icon next to health change, rather than showing it as a status effect with like (∞) time left or whatever (which is better as it's a unique effect as opposed to say armour strength). Means it's so easy to gloss over, :(
  15. Wahrnehmungskrieg

    if you could only play one type of mod would you play only

    A better question would be more like "do you prefer vanilla or with gameplay mods?" Even tzhe most ardent "non-purist" wouldn't want to traipse through tzhe same 30 maps for decades, whilst it would be very easy for a vanilla purist to never use something they may not have ever touched anyway. In that sense tzhe situation is way more favourable to choose mapsets regardless your opinion. As mentioned above though, I think we already know tzhe answer to tzhe 'better' question, and if I'm not mistaken there was a DW thread polling such a question, though I don't care enough to find it.