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  1. Sick Bow

    Earth is FLAT - A video by yours truly

    Check Facebook and YouTube. Dead serious idiots believe this shit.
  2. Sick Bow

    Earth is FLAT - A video by yours truly

    I get that this is satire, and I laughed my ass off, but an insane amount of people believe this sort of shit. I've been on an airplane, I own a telescope, I've been out to sea, snapped photos with a high-altitude model rocket, and met a real astronaut. Pretty much going to confirm for any doubters that the earth is mostly spherical, and that society creates drama because we've reached a peak where our lives are without much conflict or hardship.
  3. Sick Bow

    4:3 or 16:9? With or without the status bar?

    Play with the options in your Doom port itself. ZDoom allows all sorts of aspect ratio options.
  4. Sick Bow

    4:3 or 16:9? With or without the status bar?

    16:9, wide-screen. No status bar, so I can see more of my weapon and focus on the game.
  5. Sick Bow

    The story behind your custom avatar

    It's a Ghoul in Enclave Power Armor Advanced Power Armor, from the Fallout franchise. Something (a Ghoul utilizing the armor, as far as I remember) you never see in any of the games. Not a big fan of the two Bethesda titles, but it's still one of my favorite series that I've played. Picked this one in particular simply because I had a similar default avatar, so it's a natural evolution I guess.
  6. Sick Bow

    What are your YouTube preferences?

    Vinesauce is good, Tested with Adam Savage is great, 3kliksphillip is good, Super Best Friends play can be funny. I used to skateboard, so the Braille skateboarding channel is awesome. It takes a lot for me to enjoy a LPer, Mythbusters was the best show ever, and a lot of YouTube is either garbage or my standards are spoiled rotten by the sheer amount of content on the Internet.
  7. Last weekend we got together with an air cannon. It's pretty damned impressive, even if you've seen stuff like this before. Ignore the accents, most of us are from a small town in Texas, mine's slowly coming back after being in the military. I'm the one filming, you don't get to see my beautiful face. Remember, these barrels have a lot of weight to them, even when empty. Getting knocked down by a water bottle isn't something I would have expected, let alone a big dent! I was really surprised with the outcome, as I recorded this on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Active (minus some audio crackles - that was my bad not knowing where the microphones were on the phone). Some time in the near future when we do this again, I'll actually have my GoPro charged and maybe have some cooler targets to shoot at. One of my buddies suggested attaching it to the end of the cannon, which would be a really cool shot! Additionally, we're working on a smaller barrel, for marbles and golf balls. If I'm lucky, we'll have an old truck to shoot at next time. Anyways, hope you all enjoy! Mods: not sure if it's okay to post my own YouTube video here, but I did read the rules and it seemed okay (it's not monetized or anything, and I won't make a habit out of self promoting).
  8. Sick Bow

    Most Embarassing thing you've done online

    Met a girl from a gaming community. Thought it'd be amazing. Not to offend anyone, I was disappointed when I drove three states away only to get catfished by a 300+ pound land while. Just stuck to being friendos with everyone after that.
  9. Sick Bow

    Now: you are a biological or chemical weapon

    "Madagascar has closed its ports!"
  10. Sick Bow

    Vinesauce Mapping Contest

    Thanks again, Jobel, for the contest. I had a blast watching, and I hope to enter when and if you host another. As usual, I want to get off Mr. Bone's Wild Ride.
  11. Sick Bow

    Why are we here?

    Don't give in to pressure. My parents nag me all the time. You will know when you are ready to have kiddos, until then focus on improving yourself and your own life. You have nothing but time on your side. Legacy is so arbitrary, as every bit of knowledge, art, human history, science, and literature will inevitably be lost some day. Enjoy yourself, and there are enough kids in this world living in poverty or without love to show that having kids shouldn't be the end all be all for humans. Rise above instinct. I'm a little jaded, I had a stillborn baby when I was younger with my ex, so take my advice with a grain of salt.
  12. Sick Bow

    Terrible puns/jokes

    Because Imgur should only be used to host Reddit photos.
  13. Sick Bow

    Why are we here?

    You are my fucking hero. Life doesn't matter, we're all here by accident, come watch TV.
  14. Sick Bow

    Terrible puns/jokes

    Probably just cringe inducing, not simply terrible for the sake of it. Like dad jokes. How do locomotives know where they're going? Lots of training.
  15. Sick Bow

    So who thinks this will end badly?

    Comment of the year. Extremely underrated.
  16. Sick Bow

    Most recent movie you saw

    Jackie Brown. Honestly my favorite Quentin Tarantino movie since Resivior Dogs. Any fans out here?
  17. Sick Bow

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    Like to record the facing angle of a player, then when called upon rotate the player to face said angle, more or less?
  18. Sick Bow

    See Through Raising Door (Doom in Hexen Format)

    No expert but I'd recommend the "miscellaneous editing question thread". It gets more traffic, and saves space. I hope you get your answer!
  19. Sick Bow

    Vinesauce Mapping Contest

    I know most people don't care, but I haven't given feedback because my PC has been out of commission. I have, however, been enjoying the streams on my tablet. Haven't had a chance to see this one, but I'm so glad that this community has gotten a lot more exposure and variety through this contest. I hope the winners are deserving!
  20. Sick Bow

    Doom 1 or 2?

    Haven't seen that word used non ironically in quite some time. It's just his opinion, man.
  21. Sick Bow

    Doomworld Confessions

    I kinda tried this but it got got. Also I've lurked for a while, and it's like a stalker meeting his victim.
  22. Sick Bow

    Favorite spices, seasonings, or condiments?

    Fresh garlic on everything Lemon and Pepper seasoning salt Italian seasoning Pepper Salt
  23. Sick Bow

    Doom 1 or 2?

    I agree most Doom 2 maps are severely lacking in comparison. However, the new enemies and weapons are fantastic, and give the community so much more room to work with. I've always seen Doom 2 as more of a standalone expansion. For the mod/WAD community though, it's a tool that I couldn't see the DOOM community doing without.
  24. Sick Bow

    what are some good anime recommendations?

    King of The Hill
  25. I wonder why with the big push of online gaming map editors have fallen to the wayside. I know mod tools are still alive and kicking, but stuff like Tony Hawk's, Timesplitters, and the like would do so well released with consoles and shared online, much like SnapMap. He'll, Call of Duty or Battlefield could benefit from a basic map or game mode editor. Sorry for going so off subject. I believe all the Final Fantasy games are on Steam. Bioshock 1 is pretty performance light. Thief is another good series that will run just fine. Rocket league has tons of graphics options to lower the settings and run on low end PCs. Let us know what you decide on.