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  1. Well I know what to do now, but I don't know how to redraw each stair sector due to the fact that there are already sectors there.
  2. I would fix it, but I don't know how.
  3. I just checked using GZDoom Builder, but it's the same thing. it appears to be completely fine, but it isn't. I am using doom builder 2.
  4. nope. I did, however, edit the stairs, but that didn't do anything.
  5. yeah, there is probably a new version out.
  6. They appear to be textured in doom builder.
  7. I am having a problem with the stairs in doom builder. As you can see here, doom builder renders the top of the stairs perfectly fine: In the actual game, this isn't the case: I have provided the test map to help diagnose the problem. map_1.zip
  8. Ok, now I have another problem. The door to the left of the third room only opens from the back ONCE.
  9. Could I see your modified version of the WAD?
  10. I need help. In game, despite the fact that I made the doors the exact same way as I did the first door, they refuse to open from the back. I have resorted to using switches as a temporary fix. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with me using stairs, but here is a diagram: This is the side where it doesn't open | \/ ________________________ |_______________________| If that isn't enough, here is a screenshot and the test map: map1.zip
  11. I do have the latest driver, and I am aware that Vulkan isn't the same API.
  12. I will as soon as I have the money. Thanks for the info.
  13. I don't know if this is the right place to go for help on this game, but here it goes. whenever I try to enable the vulkan graphics API, the game crashes. The strange thing is that vulkan is supposed to be able to run on the intel HD graphics 4400 GPU that I have, but can't for some reason. I have to stick with the less efficient openGL 4.5. I have tried everything but nothing has worked.
  14. I got it to work.
  15. Because I have no clue how or where to mount it. I have the wad file in a place in documents called "Doom 0.2", but I can't seem to mount it.