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  1. LHSpanner

    How old are you ?

    Physically 34, closer to 60 in grumpiness and cynicism, and about 15 in sense of humour.
  2. LHSpanner

    What's your opinion on Reddit?

    The wrong kind of violence, no doubt - i.e. not the kind of violence that's cheered on by folk who claim to be on the "right side of history". (Incidentally, how do these Doctor Who wannabes know how history will pan out? A defining characteristic of history is the fact it's not been written yet.)
  3. LHSpanner

    Doomworld Musicians, serenade us with your beautiful music!

    My most recent album, Nurse With Wound-style dark ambient. The first track is based entirely on manipulated samples of the human voice. https://interfacialmusic.bandcamp.com/album/sacrament
  4. LHSpanner

    What's your opinion on Reddit?

    As an angry fat man once said: there are no bad tactics, only bad targets.
  5. LHSpanner

    What are you listening to?

    A classic cut from former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett. Given the tone of the music, the lyrics are surprisingly dark.
  6. LHSpanner

    Favourite huge maps ?

    Eternal Doom map30, "Excalibur". By modern standards it's not enormous in terms of surface area or linedef/sector count, but until you figure it out it's a big time sink. I really enjoyed beating it. Plus, it's beautifully built, and uses some vanilla hackery to utilise all 6 keys.
  7. LHSpanner

    WADs/levels with emotional MIDIs

    The ending of BTSX episode 1 - the music is "Undersea" by Esselfortium, not only beautiful and harmonically rich but it also loops seamlessly. Also, the music for map03 of EOB2S.WAD, by Jon Landis (don't know the title) is a contemplative and slightly melancholy piece, ironic considering the level in question is themed around deadly radiation. Can't find any clips of it (it was also the music for the text screens in STRAIN.)
  8. It forced me to be exceptionally imaginative, and make the maximum use of the minimum space, detail and thing usage. I loved it!
  9. Here's my contribution "Orthostack", so named because it's very tall and extremely right-angled. It's also short, nasty and 325 bytes shy of the limit. Should be compatible with vanilla Doom, but may cause visplane overflows (not tested as yet.) orthostack.zip
  10. Eye Of The Beholder by Jon Landis was one of the most inventive (and frustrating) PWADs released in the very early days of Doom. What makes it unusual is that the progression is not much like traditional Doom, being more like an Infocom text adventure in that the way forward is not always clear, and it's possible to screw yourself over beyond repair. I found it quite charming in a way, so I recorded a load of UV speed and UV max demos for it. I'm not a brilliant player by any means, and there's plenty of room for improvement - but notwithstanding its quirks, the WAD is fully playable, and it's mostly possible to get 100% kills and secrets without cheating. Because it was not widely distributed - the fact it contained a modified copy of DOOM.EXE meant it would have been deleted from ftp.cdrom.com and its successors - very few if any demos have been recorded for it, notwithstanding the ones recorded on previously released levels E2M1, E2M2 and E2M8. It can be downloaded at KMX E XII's blog here. My demos and commentary are attached. All demos were recorded with PrBoom Plus, version The stats are as follows: E2M1 - The Prison (previously released as !POIS!.WAD) UV Speedrun 01:31, 029/088/000 UV Maxkill 06:51, 100/100/100 E2M2 - The Sewers (previously released as !PIPE!.WAD) UV 'Speedrun' 10:45, 070/100/100 UV Maxkill 15:15, 100-100-100 E2M3 - Caves, Rocks and Cacos UV 'Speedrun' 07:19, 047/100/100 UV Maxkill 08:54, 100/100/100 E2M4 - Quick Rising Things UV 'Speedrun' 04:30, 078/033/028 UV Maxkill 05:40, 100-046-085 (100% secrets not achievable from a pistol start in single player) E2M5 Outside with the Monster UV Speedrun 01:12, 008/050/000 (normal exit) UV Maxkill 07:35, 100/100/100 (secret exit) E2M6 - Falls of Death UV Speedrun 01:40, 006/033/000 UV Maxkill 06:39, 100/083/100 E2M7 - The Gate UV Speedrun 00:47, 000/000/000 UV Maxkill 13:40, 100/050/100 E2M8 - Catacombs and Other Stuff (previously released as !WOW!.WAD) UV 'Speedrun' 08:07, 084/050/100 UV Maxkill 09:56, 092/050/100 (100% kills not reasonably achievable in single player) E2M9 - Circle Jerk UV Speedrun 01:35, 000/086/000 UV Maxkill 04:57, 100/086/100 eobuvlmp.zip
  11. @Not JabbaFor what it's worth, British politicians in recent times have used the term "Northern Powerhouse" to describe the latent economic potential of northern England and highlight the benefits of investing in its infrastructure, as it has multiple major cities and a lot of industry that have generally been neglected over the last 40-50 years. Although it has multiple cities, it also contains a lot of wild, generally inhospitable hills and near-mountains between the cities - a sheep standing on moorland, as seen in the titlepic, is a very common sight in the wilder rural parts of northern England.
  12. I like the levitating crate in the last screenshot.
  13. I normally get kebabs or pizzas from local takeaway. There's a Domino's, Subway and McDonald's in my town (small industrial town in northern England, population ca. 20,000) but they've got serious competition - you can get tastier fast food round here, and pay less for it, from multiple takeaways, whether they're chip shops, Indian, Pakistani, Chinese or Turkish. This is generally the case for towns in this part of the country. Plus the chain stuff is bit bland for my taste - I like spicier stuff.
  14. LHSpanner

    Do you still have your very first map?

    God no, my very first maps were absolute shite. I didn't even know how to close sectors properly, let alone texture anything. Even if they had somehow survived from 20+ years ago, I wouldn't keep them.
  15. LHSpanner

    Are there any hotel-related maps?

    Not Doom, but E3M9 (Hotel Hell) in Duke Nukem 3D is a pretty good hotel level.