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  1. thereaverofdarkness

    Arch-vile removes God Mode?

    As I recall it, the final boss fight is Sephiroth -> Kuja -> Garland -> Necron. Sephiroth goes down in one hit in this fight, but the others have some difficulty to them. edit: no wait now I'm getting it mixed up with FF9. I don't really remember how FF7 ended, just that in the Sephiroth fight the guy went down with one attack.
  2. thereaverofdarkness

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I find ants a lot more interesting, because they're actually intelligent.
  3. thereaverofdarkness

    Weirdest damaging floors

    That's not how coolant works.
  4. thereaverofdarkness

    Arch-vile removes God Mode?

    That reminds me of the first time I played FF7. I thought I was pretty stellar when I fought Sephiroth and used omnislash at the start of the fight. I'd previously read endless forum posts about how difficult the fight with Sephiroth was, but when I did it, he went down in one hit and didn't even make a single move. I later found out he only has 1 hit point and doesn't do anything, so the people on the forums were being goofy. -.-
  5. thereaverofdarkness

    Arch-vile removes God Mode?

    When I was younger, I often cheated because I was inept to play the game properly. These days I don't cheat anymore but I may still use the cheat codes for other purposes such as getting to a specific part of the game to investigate a thing or test how stuff works. I don't think it isn't an intended way to play the game, and I don't think your objection to cheating is warranted.
  6. thereaverofdarkness

    Arch-vile removes God Mode?

    As I said, it could be a false memory. Occam's Razor -- if we find enough lack of evidence in support of the event, even if we can't find any directly opposing it, it still can be false in spite of evidence in its defense. I just don't take very well to someone dismissing my experience without a second thought, and making the assumption that I was careless in forming the memory. But to all of you who have given in-depth answers, I am extremely grateful for helping me figure this out. I'm beginning to feel I am remembering it incorrectly, though it still seems bizarre for me to remember it so clearly if it didn't happen. It couldn't have been a mod increasing damage. The arch-vile attack was connecting while in God Mode and dealing the same damage (non-fatal) as it did without God Mode. There could have been a mod installed that I don't know about; it was my Dad's computer and his installation of the game. I really don't know everything he did with the game, but I always felt it was unmodded. I know he played with some community content, but it was all custom standalone wads AFAIK. He also used WADAuthor extensively though he was never very good at level design and I'm pretty sure he never took his modding beyond standard level design. So I'm wondering if anyone could create a doom version that has this effect? I think it would be great if the Arch-vile could remove God Mode. It makes the Arch-vile command more respect. Currently it's just that newbie-killer that dies to a couple rockets after you learn how not to get smacked around by them, but so is everything else amiright. Lastly: if you think my ideas are interesting, please take a look at the Propose a New HEXEN Class thread. I put a lot of work into my suggestion and it hasn't got any replies yet.
  7. thereaverofdarkness

    Strife demo 1.0, diffs from 1.1

    Great game and I'm glad you brought it up here as it's really one of my favorite Doom-engine games. But as for differences between 1.0 and 1.1 I really have no idea. I don't know if the first time I played the demo was version 1.0, but I don't recall any differences between that and my later playthrough of the full version on DOSBOX (probably 1.1 or latest version), except of course that it was the full version. Here's a site that has a changelog for 1.1 though: http://www.moddb.com/mods/strife-uncut/downloads/stife-uncut-11
  8. thereaverofdarkness

    Arch-vile removes God Mode?

    Bugs aren't from misbehaving code, they are from programmer error. Sometimes a bug is from a planned feature that was later scrapped. Perhaps someone accidentally or purposely copied the line of code to remove God Mode onto the Arch-Vile attack, and that bit was taken out in a later version. It is indeed possible that I have a false memory of the event, but that's a bit of a stretch considering I was in my late teen years and I demonstrated the effect a few times after discovering the source of the previously noticed pattern. Do I have false memories from my late teen years? Absolutely. Do they involve scientific investigation? Generally not.
  9. thereaverofdarkness

    Arch-vile removes God Mode?

    It's not a false memory. I was experiencing it happening multiple times but at first I wasn't sure why my God mode kept coming off. Sometimes I'd be taking damage and think "didn't I have God mode on?". It'd happen again, and I'd think "No, I'm sure I had it on." Then I started to see a pattern: the first damaging attack was an Arch-Vile. That's when I decided to test it. I put God Mode on and stood in front of an arch-vile, and sure enough it damaged me and removed God Mode. There's only one map in which I conclusively recall this happening, because I was spending a lot of time exploring that map in God Mode and it had multiple arch-viles, but it definitely happened multiple times. The map I first discovered it on was Plutonia E1M1 (Congo) I think. Actually now that I just played Congo to check, it only covers about half of my memories of this testing, so I think there's another Arch-vile level somewhere else in Plutonia in which I also experienced this. Or maybe I missed some secrets containing Arch-viles. I may or may not have been playing on Nightmare difficulty if that makes a difference.
  10. thereaverofdarkness

    Arch-vile removes God Mode?

    I'm only certain of one map in which it happened, but I think it was happening in others. Actually, now that I think about it, it was Final Doom, probably Plutonia. It was definitely not a hurt/exit floor or monster spawner, just the regular arch-vile attack. It was no source port. I played the game on windows-DOS using Doom95 on a computer running Windows ME Home Edition. This was back around 2002-2003.
  11. thereaverofdarkness

    Arch-vile removes God Mode?

    I used to have a version of Doom 2 which had a rather curious bug: if you were in God Mode and an arch-vile attacked you, the hit would still deal damage and subsequently remove the God Mode. I assumed it was an intended feature and I rather liked it, however now I can't find any version that actually has the bug. Does anyone else know about this bug or how to replicate it? Anyone know what version it's from or where I can get my hands on that?
  12. thereaverofdarkness

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I read both of the original Doom novels front to back, and I haven't read more than a couple dozen novels in my whole life. I also heard Two Part Invention number 13 for the first time when I was a young child, it was a pipe organ music track on a Doom custom wad and I've been looking for the damn thing ever since. Please, if anyone has seen/played this wad, tell me!!
  13. thereaverofdarkness

    Propose a new Hexen class

    I would change and fix the mage. Amulet weapon: higher damage but after a few shots it must recharge. This is to make it less crap without making it too OP. Frost shards: lower mana cost. Since it already does low damage, it's basically just a waste of mana and I always just use the amulet until I get the lightning. Maybe I'd make frost shards slow enemies and have a chance to temporarily freeze them, rather than permanently freezing them on death. While frozen they would take more damage but would not just shatter when you hit them. I might even lower its damage so I can give it super low mana cost and make it more of an auxiliary weapon to be combined with other spells. Lightning: I'd make it last a while more reliably, maybe lower its DPS but increase its duration so you have more time to take advantage of... ...I'd make it so two enemies electrocuted next to each other generate a lightning bolt between them that causes extra damage to them plus some damage to anything between them. Bloodscourge: the weapon is very powerful but boring. I'd make it sometimes convert enemies to fight for you instead of killing them. Same chance to work on any enemy, even bosses. When their hit points reach zero, there's a die roll to see if they are converted; if they are, it refreshes their hit points and makes them target anything that is hostile to the player. They retain their normal AI so some bosses with more complex AI patterns may not be entirely friendly... @Pegg: I really like your shield warrior idea! I have a few tweaks: Starter "weapon": a spiked shield which when idle causes all melee attackers to take some reflected damage. When active (blocking), it offers extra protection from attacks coming from in front of you and reflects extra damage back to enemies attacking from in front of you. Blue mana: a smooth shield which has superior defense including a very significant armor bonus at all times, and when active sometimes reflects missiles back to the attacker. If you have blue mana, the shield can spend mana to absorb hits that aren't reflected and charge itself. The higher charge level it has, the higher chance it has of discharging on an attacker. If it discharges, it deals a lot of damage to the attacker plus some around them, and reduces its charge level. If you have no blue mana, it still can sometimes deflect melee attacks but only reflects missile attacks. Green mana: a small shield which offers no passive bonus but is extremely adept at reflecting damage if you block at the right time. If you have green mana, successful deflects will spend a bit of mana to add a flat amount of damage to the reflected hit, and also spread the added damage around the target. If you have no green mana, it still offers excellent protection provided you time your blocks well and face your attackers, but it never causes damage without mana. Artifact shield: a totem shield with a complex and attractive appearance, it adds some armor at all times with the amount of armor added based on how much mana you have. This shield blocks some attacks automatically but only if you have both kinds of mana, and it costs a bit of each to block. Each successful block charges the shield. Activating the shield does not block but instead expends its charge gradually to heal you while also generating a potent damage field in a small radius around you. While in this healing state, any ranged attackers that hit you will be struck with a potent lightning bolt. Due to the rate of charge expenditure, you can't maintain the healing/damage state for long periods of time and most of the time you'll be charging it and waiting for the right moment to use it. Fletchette: places fletchette on ground and it activates immediately, producing a blue aura around it. Any units inside the blue aura cannot receive or deal damage, but other effects can still happen such as using fletchettes or other items, teleporting, expending mana, healing, or charging/discharging shields. Icon of the Defender: doesn't directly reduce incoming damage at all, instead it makes all of your shields block perfectly automatically and causes your action command to use the shield as a weapon rather than blocking. When used with the Artifact shield, you perform the same channeling effect based on shield charge level, but also fire a damaging beam of energy directly forward. Mystic Ambit Incant: Fully charges your active shield. If you are using the small shield or spiked shield, they become electrified. An electrified spiked shield deals extra reflected damage and reduces its charge level each time it adds damage. An electrified small shield allows you to block earlier and still count (easier to time the block), and it adds extra damage which decreases shield charge level when used. If used with smooth shield or artifact shield, it both charges the shield and for a short time makes the shield gain a higher amount of charge when it charges naturally.
  14. thereaverofdarkness

    Is Doom 64 true 3D? (In terms of 3D structures)

    There's no such thing as true 3D in a game, but most people agree that Quake makes a good reference point for comparison. 3D games almost always use the same basic perspective lines that Quake used, and this is also used by CGI to create 3D images. But many games before Quake experimented with a variety of styles which had their advantages and disadvantages. Doom 64 appears to use the Dark Forces trick: it has the perspective lines pioneered by Doom, but allows sectors to be on top of other sectors in order to make platforms possible. In both Doom 64 and Dark Forces, these platform objects are uncommon, probably because they are CPU-intensive and may require extra bug-testing on each one just because it's easy to make a mistake and allow a situation in which the computer can't tell which sector the player is supposed to be in. Someone above said that Doom 64 never allows you to stand on these platforms. Dark Forces did allow these areas to be traversed both above and below, but they usually did it with lifts or spiral staircases which probably allowed them to control the entrance points to either sector and keep them separated. Doom 64's platform sectors seem more open, perhaps that is why they are kept out of reach.