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    Doom Comic

    Irish662, are you still looking to unload a copy of the comic? I'm very interested!!
  2. Hello, I apologize if this is a newbie type question but I have searched the forums and have been trying on my own for quite some time. Can anyone assist me in getting either "condoom.wad" or "consoledoom.wad" or "lostepis.wad" to work with Crispy Doom so that I can play the PSX exclusive levels? Other PWADS work fine via the command line but these will not work for some reason using either the -merge switch or the -file switch. What is going on? Has anyone successfully done this? I am looking for an experience as close to Doom 95 as possible that will allow me to play the console doom levels. I would strongly prefer to not switch to GZDoom if possible since there are so many modifications...