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  1. Malice Rancor

    The Harries Flashlight Technique

    http://www.thegunzone.com/people/michael.html But in the future, mankind realizes that his flashlight technique is futile and forbid the archaic 20th century practice. Sorry if this has been posted before, I ran across it and the first thing that popped into my mind was DooM 3. There is also the The Roger-Surefire and The Chapman technique. http://www.allaboutguns.com/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=3112
  2. Malice Rancor

    Doom 3 Hell On Earth Baron Of Hell!

    That model is badass. I was hoping for the baron in Doom3 to look more like what you've made. I don't like the stuff in the back though. The horns are definitely cool, but I'd probably go with horns that aren't so cyberdemonish. Great Job!
  3. Malice Rancor

    Official Doom 3 easter egg thread

    I've been using the bright yellow pentagram that you see in the game for my wallpaper for awhile now, and I just barely noticed that it has the UAC logo on it along with what looks like the doom guys face. This is the texture Im talking about: textures/hell/pentastic1.tga It's in the pak004.pk4 file or the base file if you've uncompressed them.
  4. The psx doom music is by far my favorite doom music. I even made a psx doom cd to fall asleep too. Mt. Erebus is my favorite.
  5. Malice Rancor

    Will it run nicely on YOUR system?

    Ok I just installed the game. I am at school right now, so I didn't have much time to test it out. Im about 10 minutes into the game, with what I believe is the lowest settings. The game is a bit choppy so far. Might get worse. Computer running it: AMD Athlon 1GHz 384 RAM GeForce 3 (32 or 64 MB? first model out, top quality at the time) Windows XP SP1 Might work better after I restart my computer.
  6. Malice Rancor

    Where and when did you got Doom III?

    I got my pre-ordered copy a hour ago (10:30 am) at Babbage's in Layton, UT. I opened the box, hoping for a pewter figure... but all I found was anger.
  7. Malice Rancor

    What happened to the old look?

    Sorry, but hellknight. And what exactly was exaggerated about what I said, and where are the cliches?
  8. Malice Rancor

    What happened to the old look?

    If demons with horns and hooves is a cliche, then demons looking scary is also a cliche. Goblins being green is a cliche. Angels with dove wings is also a cliche. And clowns with red noses is a cliche. The creature that really disappointed me was the new baron of hell. If he is demonic, then so are ogres. When it comes to looking evil, I think diablo and aliens did a great job. Usually hell is depicted as being an inferno (diablo/red/rage) or very dark (aliens/black/spite). The baron of hell is a dull grey and looks like a monster from an experiment like Resident Evil, not something from Hell. He kinda does look like the aliens from Aliens (the smooth look), but not as evil or scary. I think something that looked like Diablo would be cool, but darker red. The shade of red from the devil guy in Legend was pretty cool.
  9. Malice Rancor

    Classic Feeling Lost

    i'll miss that face too. it was always funny how the medic kits fixed his hair and the demons would always mess it up again. especially the cyberdemon, it's hard to fix your hair if you don't have a head. i used to call them hair kits because of that. i guess that would make the armor really good hair spray.
  10. Malice Rancor

    Ranting and Raving

    My room is cold and my dog died 8 years ago. FUCK!
  11. Malice Rancor

    Vampires and Satansits and Murderers, oh my!

    J/K = Just Kidding.
  12. Malice Rancor

    The Flat Earth Society

    Bah Zaldron, you only believe that because you were brought up in a society of demonic apeman hybrids. If you were raised by wolves you would think your keyboard was made from doggy bone chew treats and would be chewing on it right now instead of typing that blasphemous post.
  13. Malice Rancor

    The Flat Earth Society

    Yeah Lament is right. Maybe the sun isn't a ball either, maybe it is just a disc that is always facing us. Maybe if you dug a hole far enough into the ground, you would fall into outerspace. Maybe people that travel the friendly skies with Delta airlines aren't seeing a curved Earth, maybe the air in the airplane is contaminated with some sort of hallucinogen. And maybe the stars are little pin pricks in a dark cloak that someone put over our Universe, which is really a science experiment that belongs to some giant alien. Open your eyes everyone, the Moon probably is made of cheese.
  14. Malice Rancor

    The Flat Earth Society

    I wouldn't be surprised if it was a joke, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was real either. They're a lot of mentally ill, gullible and irrational people out there. Remember that mass suicide? Where everyone thought they would be teleported up to a space ship that was hiding behind a meteor or something like that. Personally though, I think those people, if they are serious, need to be put away. Anyone that stupid should be considered dangerous.
  15. Malice Rancor

    New Doom source Port

    Hey whats up. Not much time really goes by before I stop and check out the forums (except a few times), I just don't have much to say anymore since I don't really have anymore questions about doom stuff.