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  1. I was just playing this for an hour... I -LOVE- it!!! I wouldn't even say it was along the lines of what I was looking for per say - It's better! Great suggestion and THANK YOU!
  2. Downloaded and slotted to play... I'll leave a review! Thank You!! Thank you for all of the suggestions! Hard doesn't bother me... Harder than U Doom wouldn't scare me off per say... Just a gradual increase in difficulty is more welcomed than the "Here's the first map with cacodemons and chaingunners surrounding you from the start and the second map has 3 cyberdemons, 50 revenants, and 10 archviles in one room" difficulty! I downloaded that a couple days ago because of crawling through the cacowards trying to find something along the lines of what I'm looking for here! Thanks!
  3. Monster counts aren't particularly a concern so long as they don't mimic the amount/feel of a slaughter map ha... It's more or less about the simple level design coupled with the difficulty progression and weapon balance. I feel Doom II was ammo/weapon heavy in comparison to Ultimate Doom, so it was more challenging on a level beyond "kill before you're killed" level... Not every shot had to count, but most had to - Especially with TFC. I will check BTSX out and see what it's all about. Thanks for the suggestion! Haven't... But I will! Just trying to avoid the slaughtermap suggestions altogether as I've asked other resources in the past this same question and I ended up with Hell Revealed II... Which I surprisingly actually enjoyed playing until I got bored of it in the middle.
  4. loading it up now! Thanks for the link!!
  5. This is something I've been trying to find for a while, so I'm not sure it even really exists. Basically, after recently playing Ultimate Doom a few times through, paying close attention to the level design/progression/balance that many claimed to be far superior than that in Doom II (a claim I always vehemently denied because Doom II was the first PC game I ever played as a kid), I am looking for a megawad for Doom II that mimics those variables (level design/progression/balance) that isn't based solely on slaughtermaps. The closest thing I could find was Doom II: The Way ID Did, but wasn't sure if there were more and/or even better suited megawads. I've searched the Cacowards, this forum, and other resources to no avail... So any help would be greatly appreciated - Even if it's to tell me that such a megawad does not really exist! Thanks!!!
  6. Jer Del

    Favorite level in Doom/Doom 2/Final Doom?

    Doom - E1M7 Computer Station; E3M2 Slough of Despair Doom II - Either Map16: Suburbs; Map 27: Monster Condo; or Map 29: The Living End I've played both Evilution and Plutonia through only a couple of times over the years, but not extensively enough to have a particular favorite.
  7. Jer Del

    Why are you still playing classic Doom?

    The graphics (depending on port) and ease of multiplayer support/access/community are the only things that haven't aged well VS. newer FPS... but that's it. The game, in terms of balance, environment, complexity, level design, difficulty, and continued wad/mod development is truly second to none. I am not someone who has consistently been on the up and up with newer games, nor am I the best classic doom player in terms of speed/efficiency... But I continually return to classic Doom on a yearly basis for months at a time for the reasons listed above while never really returning to the newer FPS. I love finding new mods/ports (vanilla preferred) and megawads when returning to the game after a length of time that offer a fresh set of levels. And now I'm branching out into the Doomworld community for the first time! See? Something new that's classic doom-related after all these years!