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  1. Awesome64

    First map in 5 years

    Should be fixed now
  2. Awesome64

    First map in 5 years

    Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the level! I'll get to fixing that softlock as soon as possible.
  3. Awesome64

    First map in 5 years

    Yeah sure.
  4. Hello. 5-6 years ago I posted some atrocious wads that are pretty embarrassing looking back on. Recently I've been working on a map and although nowhere near perfect it is a million times better than what I've posted here previously. Map Count: 1 Freelook: No Jumping: No Crouching: No Map Format: UDMF Source Port Tested: GZDoom Music Used: Opening.Mid, un14.Mid Please if you find any issues within this map or would like to give feedback; do so. Thank you. RUINS (V1.1).zip
  5. Awesome64

    Super Mario 64 DooM V2.1

    Contact me at: (Realawesome64@gmail.com) if you would like to contribute anything to this project.
  6. Just a quick revision before I start working on anything important. DooM2 Jump/Crouch/Freelook: yes GZDOOM SM64D(V2.1).zip
  7. That is a great idea! Ill definitely have to try it.
  8. I do intend to add 3d floors in a later version and I have no experience in using 3d models in doom.
  9. Lets not get too ahead of ourselves, I have no experience in writing scripts for doom.
  10. Yeah, but I want this WAD to be as accurate as it can be.
  11. its going to be along time until this WAD becomes anything acceptable.
  12. I am considering changing the format of this wad to Hexen (for the slopes and 3d floors) Do you think this would be a good idea?
  13. I will attempt to recreate every sm64 level in doom (Keyword being "attempt")
  14. Yes, but they dont use the level designs from Super Mario 64