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  1. Greetings, Just finished the DOOM 2016 and while playing it, I got this idea (i'm pretty sure others have had it too) for a sequel. Most of you will surely remember the Doom Slayer predecessors they showed at least a couple of times through the game (they had this sort of medieval templar-ish armor) and a mention of the original Doom Slayer who battled and defeated the Titan. So, my idea for a sequel is to make it about the first Doom Slayer set in a medieval setting culminating in the defeat of the Titan and possible imprisonment of the DS. Possible weapons could include things like: blackpowder bomb (essentially a grenade, with a shrapnel upgrade) a blunderbuss (very short range, but powerful cone spread = shotgun replacement) a musket (powerful 1-shot and reload rifle) Battle Axe / Claymore for powerful melee swings (maybe as a chainsaw replacement variant) Dual Bastard Swords for faster chopping and/or Sword and Shield for blocking projectiles (upgrade could reflect projectiles back at the enemy?) So there, just a little something of the top of my head. Feel free to add anything of your own if you come up with something and just general talking about a possible sequel.