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  1. Okay.
  2. Actually I figured out how.
  3. After adding the markers, it worked although it was sunken into the ground. How do I change its offsets?
  4. Didn't help, but here's the entire WAD so far, which is an unfinished remake of a Doom-themed Wolfenstein 3D mod that somebody else made (which is called "Doom: Legions of Hell" in case you want to check it out): legions.7z
  5. DECORATE code: actor Toilet 10000 { Height 27 Radius 24 +SOLID States { Spawn: TOIL A 1 loop } } I have a sprite with lump name TOILA0, and when I place a thing with editor number 10000 in GZDoom Builder, the class name shows up, but in-game I just get a sign with an exclamation mark. What's wrong?
  6. Yes.
  7. A WAD that improves blood. Specifically, it: Makes the Cacodemon's blood blue. Makes the Baron of Hell's and Hell Knight's blood green. Makes the Lost Soul have no blood. Makes the Spectre's blood be fuzzy. blood.7z
  8. Fixed now.
  9. Whoops! My brother is on the computer right now so itll take a bit.
  10. A PWAD for Freedoom. It's just a maze which you walk through. Tested on GZDoom. Use "map maze" to get to it. I would like if somebody could explain how to get the skybox+music working. I got both of those working. maze.7z