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  1. Hillish Facility

    Some parts are rather empty -- if you don't visit any buildings or the big secret, the only enemies you'll encounter are 2-4 zombiemen, 2 shotgun guys, and an imp.
  2. Hillish Facility

    Hillish -- it's a pun.
  3. Hillish Facility

    Did that.
  4. Hillish Facility

    A short level with a big secret, and even a secret exit. IWAD: Doom 2 Engine: ZDoom Contains various custom assets from Realm667. Skybox generated by Oblige. Music from Doom: Legions of Hell. (the Wolfenstein 3D mod) hillish.7z
  5. Map Definitions

    Map definitions are what tell the level editor what the various tiles mean.
  6. Map Definitions

    So, there is a Doom-themed Wolfenstein 3D mod called Doom: Legions of Hell. (ModDB: www.moddb.com/mods/doom-legions-of-hell-sdl-version) I'm remaking it in the Doom engine. The problem is, I can't find the map definitions. On the linked ModDB page, it says the map definitions (and source code) have been released, but I can't find them. ("Them" meaning the map definitions, not the source code.) Does anyone know how to get them? (Same meaning of "them" as the last paragraph.) This might belong in a Wolfenstein 3D forum better, IDK.
  7. DECORATE isn't working

  8. DECORATE isn't working

    Actually I figured out how.
  9. DECORATE isn't working

    After adding the markers, it worked although it was sunken into the ground. How do I change its offsets?
  10. DECORATE isn't working

    Didn't help, but here's the entire WAD so far, which is an unfinished remake of a Doom-themed Wolfenstein 3D mod that somebody else made (which is called "Doom: Legions of Hell" in case you want to check it out): legions.7z
  11. DECORATE isn't working

    DECORATE code: actor Toilet 10000 { Height 27 Radius 24 +SOLID States { Spawn: TOIL A 1 loop } } I have a sprite with lump name TOILA0, and when I place a thing with editor number 10000 in GZDoom Builder, the class name shows up, but in-game I just get a sign with an exclamation mark. What's wrong?
  12. Blood Improvement

  13. Blood Improvement

    A WAD that improves blood. Specifically, it: Makes the Cacodemon's blood blue. Makes the Baron of Hell's and Hell Knight's blood green. Makes the Lost Soul have no blood. Makes the Spectre's blood be fuzzy. blood.7z
  14. A Maze

    Fixed now.
  15. A Maze

    Whoops! My brother is on the computer right now so itll take a bit.