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  1. Black Hand

    The Rock as Doomguy

    The demons probably will. Since you’re taking the plot so seriously.
  2. Black Hand

    Mushroom Cloud Over Korea

    The natural fall of communism seems to involve a hellova lot of terrorists getting their hands on some pretty potent weapons. I don't really mind if we have to give the North Koreans a push in the right direction, at least before they turn south Korea into an island...
  3. Black Hand

    The Rock as Doomguy

    He looks like a total sisswad, why don't they just get Jackie Chan to be the doom guy.
  4. Black Hand

    Favorite Character

    Campbell. Evil Dead kicks ass.
  5. Black Hand

    UN secretary Annan says Iraq War was illegal

    Iraqi: help!! help!! the Americans are abusing our prisoners defiling our woman and destroying our sacred cities! UN: ...OK……we’ve decided… that you... aren’t orcs…
  6. Black Hand

    Doom is educational.

    There actually is one bathroom in doom 2, you just can't enter it.
  7. Black Hand

    Baby of steel

    You must be living in the 1940s, try millions.
  8. Black Hand

    Baby of steel

    Looks like the protective chair did its job, to bad the airbag couldn’t keep up.
  9. Black Hand

    Most annoying monster?

    "step here to recieve 25 damage" Replay Value
  10. "Still making one million dollar bottle rockets!"
  11. Black Hand

    Doom is educational.

    “That rod up his ass has a rod up its ass”
  12. Black Hand

    Doom is educational.

    Doom taught me how to operate firearms with professional efficiency; I then used my skills acquired by this archaic game to kill a classroom full of people. But remember! “Don’t sue me, sue I.D.”
  13. Black Hand

    Mushroom Cloud Over Korea

    What was the last incident in North Korea were they claimed that there was a train wreck but satellites showed a five mile wide crater.
  14. Black Hand

    Favorite Classic RPGs (Snes, Genesis)

    Oh that’s right I forgot about that, heh, Well the game is designed in a classical way.