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  1. jliadon


    Thank you all for your insights; I was pretty sure the problem was my weak-sauce computer, and now that is confirmed. -J
  2. jliadon


    Whats up, y’all? I’m having a hell of a time getting MyHouse to run. I’m using the pk3 file in the Google drive, and GZDoom 4.10.0. GZDoom runs other doom wads perfectly fine, including Doom II. System specs: AMD E2-7110 APU with AMD Radeon R2 Graphics 1.80 GHz 4 GB ram 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor I’d sure appreciate any assistance! I want to jump on the MyHouse train! -J
  3. jliadon

    Doom Explorer Issues

    What's up yall, I am trying to get a few friends into the online Doom community, but Doom Explorer is setting off antivirus! I even tried to email it to some folks off my computer, but Google will not allow most of the files, which it sees as security risks. Has anyone else encountered this issue? Any idea what needs to be done? As always, thank you for any and all help! -J
  4. jliadon

    Weapons in COOP

    Thanks for the suggestion! The idea of seeing which levels contain X weapon is what led me to this issue; for example, playing a level like tricks and traps, or courtyard, or any number of levels later in the game is difficult is you have not played map02 or map07 first. Know what I mean? Thanks again!
  5. jliadon

    Weapons in COOP

    Whats up yall, Im back with what I'm sure is a noob question. Say I wish to play a COOP game over a couple of sessions, starting on the map I left off on previously. Well, how do I also start with all the weapons I should have by that level? Im starting to get into the meaty parts of Doom II, and pistol starts are painful. I see options on TSPG regarding shotgun starts, but not start with all weapons, or enable iddqd cheat. Any advice? Thanks, yall! Happy fathers day to all fathers out there! -J
  6. Hey, I'm back again, with another noob question. Recently, I hosted a deathmatch for my friends and I on TSPG, but the map contained tons of enemies! I tried looking into it, but was unable to shake anything loose. Any suggestions on how to turn the monsters off? -J
  7. jliadon

    Drifting DoomGuy

    Thanks, yall!
  8. jliadon

    Drifting DoomGuy

    Hey everyone, I've got a controls question dealing with Zandronum. Doomguy seems to drift after I let go of a directional button, making tight movement very difficult and making levels like the Chasm and similar ones *really* difficult to complete. Is there a way to adjust the controls so that doomguy will stop on a dime? Thanks for any help! -J
  9. jliadon

    Doom Sheet Music

  10. jliadon

    Doom Sheet Music

    Ok, ok, so its already bleeped. My b. We all know what it means, tho. Muahaha. So, I did find a ton of midis online, but they didnt seem to translate well in my Sibelius. I havent tried Finale yet. Has anyone else tried this, and what is your level of luck with it? Mine was bad: incorrect rhythms, bad transpositions; it would take just as long to just transcribe by ear than to fix all the errors. But, if some of us do this now, the next generation wont have to. Who is WITH ME????
  11. jliadon

    Doom Sheet Music

    So, in other words, we need to create a resource of doom theme sheet music here? I was looking for a copy of "Kicking Ass and Taking Names" to include in a retro game arrangement for my students. I'll probably bleep out the word "ass." I am happy to spearhead the creation of such a resource, if anyone wants to jump on board. Lemme know.
  12. I am trying Zandronum, and I will check out the Sentinel's Playground. Thanks for the suggestion!
  13. I will submit a screenshot of my ports in a little bit, as well as a shot of my server configuration
  14. Hey again, I think I forwarded my ports correctly (10666 - 10700), but alas, still no luck. Any other thoughts?
  15. Thanks again, Doomkid! I will let you know how it goes.