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  1. Apparent bug in Gravis-Ultrasound sound card in Doom and Doom II

    Found it! http://flaterco.com/kb/DOOM/DMXGUS/
  2. Icon Of Sin Explosions are 'lopsided'.Why?

    Thx dude, spent about 2 hours before issuing it. But why they keep it for compatibility? It looks like 35% of the boss are rendered undamaged :) Okay scifista42,understood. CASE CLOSED.
  3. Ever wonder how Doomguy opens doors?

    Very funny! :) Actually, The Doom Source Code explain how this happen..... When a player location is at least 10 map unit (if i was not mistaken) from any sectors,the Doom Engine will checks if the location of the player had any doors,switches,etc next to him, (a) and the player is facing any doors (b) and the doors status are open,wait,close or repeatable (c). If a non-repeatable doors has already make any operations (d), Doom does not allow this operations, the same thing if the door is locked. So, if (a), (b) (c) conditions are met, Doom Engine will allow the next operations. MYSTERY SOLVED. Anways Agent 6, the Doom Engine also do the same thing, only different in sectors, executing,etc. scifista42 statments maybe true, but the statement 'a door can detect touch anywhere' is argueable. Doom Engine for me, is really full of bugs and quirks. Any sectors can be activated without regarding Z's position but with one conditions: The position of the player must be at least 10 map units. For example, E2M2 on Doom are the easiest map for speedrunners. This is because the switch which is responsible to raise the platform that makes a way to exit can be activated without the keys.( See COMPET-N Recordings for this.) A bullet can activate any doors IF the sector has a flag allowing the activation of a door. Before Doom v1.4, any sectors can be activated by projectiles (Note that bullets are hitscan attack, and does not registered as projectiles).After the fixes, the secret door in E1M2 which lead to the area with chainsaw inaccessible.So id Software add a flag to these sectors to make it accessible. This is call spechits.
  4. Icon Of Sin Explosions are 'lopsided'.Why?

    I have a question, Why Icon of Sin explosions are lopsided to the right? This also happens in Final Doom MAP30 and any other wads with MAP30.. At first glance, i thought it was an error in the Doom Source Code.So install multiple source ports. But It was not. ZDoom,GZDoom,PrBoom,MBF, QZDOOM,Crsipy Doom,Chocolate Doom and DOSDoom show the same instances. Execpt for EDGE. Any Explanations?