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  1. had a question about a secret in Map25. I found out in the meantime but I'll make this a quick bug report instead. apologies if this was already mentioned. I'm using DSDA-Doom
  2. I've spent way too much time trying to find out how to get that plasma rifle secret in map11 any help? Edit* never mind, just found the solution. I feel like I've checked there before, whatever..
  3. greenslimeriver

    So how do you make MIDI music?

    I have a bunch of vintage synths and an imac with ableton live which is more than enough to compose music. I’ve never created a midi track, though. What instruments/ patches does one use for that? If I use my own instruments, then obviously those sounds can’t be reproduced on other people’s machines. how does this work?
  4. playing for the second time and I'm still loving the shit out of this! Map20 Question: I'm basically ready for the final fight but still have no BFG. Checked Doomwiki for some hints and realized that I already checked the secret that should have it (cave entrance behind the terminal). Was it removed or moved to another secret for the final version? PS: I just realized that you already released a portion of Pt2.. holy shit..
  5. greenslimeriver

    [Megawad] Tarnsman's Projectile Hell - Now on idgames

    Wad is very fun to play! However, I find the humping sound very loud and kinda distracting (even though it makes me laugh).
  6. greenslimeriver

    Heartland - final version available on idgames

    reposting this because it got crickets over at Special Interest.. is this a stupid question? I'm just old and slow, man..
  7. greenslimeriver

    Quick Turn Speed

    Is there a way to adjust the Quick Turn speed in Eternity Engine? I'm coming from GZDoom and my brain is too slow for this. The way the perspective switches almost instantly constantly messes with my orientation..
  8. greenslimeriver

    Sunder - Map20 Appears, finally.

  9. greenslimeriver

    Avactor last update is out

    Almost through with this, currently at map 10 and I'm really enjoying it. I got stuck a few times in places looking for secrets and had to idclip my way out. Can't really recall the exact times so I guess this is useless information to you.. I also fell into the above mentioned monster closet in map 09. I was able to get to sr40 to the north-easterm part of the map early (the part with the platforming that is scattered with health bonuses to the right of the bridge) which resulted in more not yet activated monster pits that one could fall into. It was pretty clear that I was not supposed to be there at that point though.. There are instances of monsters only spawning in after you pick up certain items like a green armour for example. Those are very easy to miss kills, especially in huge maps like these where you might not need said item and therefore ignore it. This could lead to very frustrating moster hunting for people who want 100% kills.. On a related note, I'd like to second the motion that the secrets should be more rewarding by having them provide rarer or more useful items. I think your maps have some really cool secrets and clever ways to hide them but I'm always a bit disappointed when I discover a hidden area but the things I find there are basically items that occur in abundance throughout the map anyway. Nevertheless, this is abolutely outstanding work and I'm already looking forward to the sequel!
  10. greenslimeriver

    Doomworld search not working?

    same problem here. search always returns zero results.
  11. greenslimeriver

    Paradise [v2.1 multiplayer release || 10/11/2020]

    Just finished the bonus maps and I really enjoyed them. Most of them really didn't feel far from complete to me. Quite a few of them seemed cool as they are even. Often I felt like a secret or two was all it'd take to make them more whole. You have really good ideas and your maps feel original and fresh. This is a lovely package and I'll definitely check out some of your other work.
  12. greenslimeriver

    Paradise [v2.1 multiplayer release || 10/11/2020]

    Played this right after "Alienated" because Lorenz0 recommended it for the Cacowards. I was initially thrown off by the custom monsters/weapons but I quickly adapted and it was great fun after that. There are some pretty chewy fights and I really enjoyed the blend of familiar gameplay and just the right amount of new. By the time I finished the episode I found that I really wanted more so the bonus maps are a nice touch.
  13. greenslimeriver

    [IDGAMES RELEASE] Alienated - 10 levels for GZDoom

    This was awesome! Right up my alley and exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot!
  14. greenslimeriver

    Annoying Hotkey Problem in GZDoom

    That makes more sense than mysterious hotkeys no one knows about. Even though I never spilled anything on it.. I guess the Notebook has had a couple of lives and I'll chalk it up to regular wear. thank you for your reply.
  15. greenslimeriver

    Annoying Hotkey Problem in GZDoom

    Hi. This might or might not be GZDoom related. Well, at least some of it isn't.. I'm on a HP Envy notebook using Windows 8.1 and I keep triggering hotkeys while playing which is messing heavily with my gameplay. I was able to solve some of this via the customize control options but some other stuff I don't know how to get rid of. Also I've broken some keys which has forced me to reassign controls a couple of times which then in turn brought along new hotkey triggering. So I'm experiencing very weird behaviour when I combine certain keys. For example my weapon kept changing to handgun on many occasions in the middle of playing until I realized that pressing x+5+4 (5+4 on the num block) triggers a "2". I was able to solve this one by reassigning the weapon slot but still my keyboard is producing a "2" if I'm using the above mentioned combination: x5222222 Also, x+5+6 will turn key LEDs on/off.. Now of course this doesn't have anything to do with GZDoom but I guess I'm hoping anyone here can shed some light on this.. Another thing that happens though, is that when I press ctrl+x+5+6 (num block again) while playing it will bring up the "display options" screen specifically which is something I can't seem to be able to change via GZDoom because there is no such option. But it is clearly related to the above combinations and therefore not a direct sourceport problem. I couldn't come up with useful google results so far, so I just figured I'd bring it up here, hoping someone could help.. thanks for reading anyways!