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    [Boom2UDMF] Convert vanilla maps to UDMF online (v1.2.0)

    I think, no Boom2UDMF has pre-defined list of vanilla/boom action bindings that uses for conversion But what prevents just copying all map objects from binary container to UDMF in map editor? (If I understand you correctly) Boom2UDMF mainly solves the problem with actions/tags binding, because map geometry and things can be copied without problems in the map editor
  2. Boom2UDMF tool allows you to convert Vanilla and Boom maps into GZDoom (UDMF) just in your browser. How to use it: 1. Go to the tool's website 2. Choose your vanilla/boom WAD file 3. Select the map you want to convert to UDMF 4. Press "Convert" 5. Download the WAD file with your converted UDMF map ;) Source code on GitHub Donate
  3. DRRP Menu -> Performance -> Enable materials: Off and press apply
  4. Few screenshots of DRRP v0.5.0 BREW Update:
  5. @Bauul For English-speaking (not Russian) people I would recommend to use latest LZDoom version. We won't found any crashes during testing and that version doesn't require any patches.
  6. [DRRP] Doom RPG Remake Project ## v0.5.0 - BREW Update! ## Innovations: Floor and ceiling textures from BREW version Reworked levels Rebalance Monster Vulnerabilities Reworked drop from monsters New Boss Fighting Arena New monster mechanics Animated textures Animated sprites Gibs on extra damage Blood splashes on screen Ability to erase symbols when typing a password Performance parameters in DRRP Menu Display of health and armor status by color on the HUD New computer textures Improved axe and fire extinguisher, as well as weapon response Improved graphics Many additional volumetric textures Visual and gameplay improvements to maps Updated LevelUp sound Different sounds for monsters of different levels Increased the number of ammo ITEMS level Improved monster colors Added interactivity of death of characters Other minor innovations Fixes: Fixed many critical bugs leading to crashes Fixed inability to close dialog on GZDoom 4.5.0 Fixed counting secrets Fixed garbage on automaps Pain Elemental should now better cope with maternal debt Fixed many bugs on the maps Fixed tons of textures offsets Fixed some translations Other minor fixes Attention! It is NOT recommended to play on GZDoom v4.5.0, as it has a lot of broken features. Also, to play on GZDoom v4.4.0 and higher, you will need a patch that fixes the brightmaps Known bugs: On GZDoom version v4.2.3 and v4.5.0, the game can crash when you open a notebook with 2+ entries On GZDoom version v4.5.0, the game can crashes when you open a statistics menu Learn more in the list of commits This release is considered to be a beta version of the DRRP project, so if you find bugs or omissions, let us know on GitHub, or on our Discord server! Download pk3 (Recommended GZDoom 4.0+, but supported by GZDoom 3.5.1+) Download GZDoom 4.4.0+ patch (Fixes brightmaps)

    Doom RPG Reverse Engineering Project

    Hey! We are working on Doom RPG Remake Project (DRRP) and we need some information to improve it before the BREW version is retrieved. Could you record the full fight with Kronos? And show the arena, so that we can recreate it. And also, what happens after the victory over Kronos. And also, if possible, a fight with Cyberdemon, if it differs from what is in the J2ME version. Thank you
  8. [DRRP] Doom RPG Remake Project ## v0.4.0 - GZDoom 4.x update ## Innovations: Support for GZDoom 4.0+ New SEC3 and SEC7 maps by @StormCatcher.77 Ability to assign items quick using keybindings Now monsters drop items Player statistics window (level, kills, secrets, experience, etc.) Many additional volumetric textures New music during the invasion in SEC2 Graphic and gameplay map improvements Rebalance weapons and monsters When killing all monsters and finding secrets, experience and credits are given The sound of crashing sinks and toilets Sounds of breaking crates Other minor innovations Fixes: Fixed double level increase Fixed invisible walls when shooting Fixed many bugs on maps Fixed revenant corpse in MonsterCast Fixed translation of cartridges Fixed some monster colors Fixed notepad errors Fixed lava sprite hanging in the air Fixed some translations Removed deprecated textures Other minor fixes Learn more in the list of commits This release is considered to be a beta version of the DRRP project, so if you find bugs or omissions, let us know on GitHub, or on our Discord server! Download pk3

    WIP: The Id's RPG series coming soon

    @Gerardo194, I wrote it for everyone who reads this thread

    WIP: The Id's RPG series coming soon

    We have released source codes of our Doom 2 RPG map converters! Now the main task is to create export maps in the UDMF format, so if you have ideas on how to implement this, we are waiting for your message!
  11. Our team is working on improving 3 and 7 sectors, so wait for the update soon :) Some screenshots

    WIP: The Id's RPG series coming soon

    (Out of date. We've already figured out the format) In that case, we need your help. We can not figure out the format of the maps of these games. We have the Doom RPG maps parser, but it cannot work with maps of other games.

    WIP: The Id's RPG series coming soon

    After the completion of DRRP, our team was going to start creating remakes for the Doom II RPG and Orcs & Elves 2 RPG games. Does this make sense, or is it worth waiting for your version?