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    [DRRP] DooM RPG Remake Project (v0.2.1EAB)

    DRRP: Patch 0.2.1 (Early Access Beta) Innovations: Added compass Added Russian localization of technical messages notebook Added Russian obituaries Fire extinguisher assigned to key 0 Changed the balance of weapons and monsters Improved the scene of the invasion in SEC2 Easter egg from PROPHESSOR were added to one of the sectors. Fixes: Fixed instant closing of the dialog window Fixed feed mechanism for shotguns Fixed Russian sector localization Fixed font bug in the console in the Russian version Fixed Russian localization of the item "New Game" Fixed jammed doors in SEC5 Fixed password-protected door in SEC5 Fixed passwords Fixed many bugs in all sectors Added missed monsters in MonsterCast Fixed bugs with fire (including burning monsters) Unpacked ammo boxes Fixed Russian localization in TITLEMAP Other minor fixes Learn more in the list of commits Discussion of the project, as well as a bug report on our Discord server DOWNLOAD PK3 HERE

    [DRRP] DooM RPG Remake Project (v0.2.1EAB)

    DRRP: Version 0.2.0 (Early Access Beta) After 2 months, we present you DRRP v0.2.0 (Early Access Beta)! Innovations: Now all maps are playable Now monsters see in all directions. Added volumetric textures using Parallax Occlusion Mapping shader Now all jammed doors open with an axe Added dialogs on all maps Added code locks on all maps Improved StatusBar Added player's maximum health upgrading in the store Improved texture quality Added Kronos Repainted character sprites replaced with original ones Other: many small innovations Fixes: Fixed line breaks in the English version Fixed the size and position of fire extinguisher hallons and other sprites Fixed spawn monsters in all sectors Fixed all found bugs with secrets in all sectors Fixed all found bugs in scripts Fixed duplicate tasks in notebook Fixed bug with getting stuck in the portal in XHUB Fixed bug with destroying inviders in SEC2 Other minor fixes Read more in the list of commits DOWNLOAD HERE
  3. We use TEXTURES lump to horizontally mirror the textures (for technical reasons). Is it possible to somehow keep its material? That it was not necessary to mirror each material map.

    [DRRP] DooM RPG Remake Project (v0.2.1EAB)

    There will be 2 versions: DRRP and DRRP Classic. DRRP is a remake of maps and mechanics on GZDoom, i.e. is a real-time game, but with dialogs, rpg system and improved maps. DRRP Classic will be released in the final version and will be the full port of the original game, including turn-based.

    [DRRP] DooM RPG Remake Project (v0.2.1EAB)

    30 hours to second beta version release!

    [DRRP] DooM RPG Remake Project (v0.2.1EAB)


    [DRRP] DooM RPG Remake Project (v0.2.1EAB)

    The project uses some voice samples from the Doom 3 game and they will be duplicated in two languages in the final version. As for the text dialogs, our team will provide the Russian and English versions, but all the strings used in the project are in the LANGUAGE file, so that any person can translate them into their native language and send us Pull Request ;)

    Doom RPG for PC

    Does anyone have a brew version of Doom RPG? We're working on the DRRP project and it'll greatly assist us in the development ;)

    [DRRP] DooM RPG Remake Project (v0.2.1EAB)

    ==================================================== The early access beta version (v0.1.0) of DRRP is available here ====================================================
  10. This project brings the Doom RPG game from a mobile platform to the GZDoom engine. The original atmosphere is beautifully intertwined with the latest features of the most modern Doom-ports. Detailed levels, RPG-leveling system, many dialogs in two languages - all of this in the DRRP project. Show screenshots: Download v0.2.1 EAB (Changelog) Previous versions Links: Official site (mirror) Page in ModDB GitHub Repository Topic on Doom Power (russian) Discord server (english, russian) Download LATEST (unstable) version We really need the BREW version of Doom RPG. If you have it - write to us!

    Converting Boom maps to UDMF

    Boom2UDMF tool can help you. http://i.iddqd.ru/viewtopic.php?t=1490 https://github.com/PROPHESSOR/Boom2UDMF

    ProjectBrutality or BrutalDoom?

    Brutal Doom (because PB is very complex-like)