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  1. ChrisVR

    Simple PBR Demo

    i made gldef file with #include to my other file materials.gl. In there I have the code. I keep my model textures together with MD3 file, so for example models/firstperson/model.md3 / model.png model_s.png
  2. ChrisVR

    Simple PBR Demo

    so I need to take the _S texture, and invert its colors to save it as _R? could it possibly matter if my PBR textures are sitting together in models folder?
  3. ChrisVR

    Simple PBR Demo

    here is my code // RPG FPP PBR material texture 2544_rpg_d { normal models/firstperson/2544_rpg_n.png specular models/firstperson/2544_rpg_s.png specularlevel 8 // default 0.7 glossiness 16 // default 8 } and it does not seem to have any effect on model in game i have even defined these model textures in textures.txt file, i even tried moving _d texture to folder textures - nothing worked
  4. ChrisVR

    Simple PBR Demo

    Looking forward to. I tried to do it the same way as wall textures but i see no effect applied
  5. ChrisVR

    Simple PBR Demo

    Okay, I've got my textures to work, they are glossy and do reflect light source. But they are completly flat. There is no parallax at all, only an illusion. Is this going to get enhanced in the future? Also, can you apply PBR to MD3 models? How?
  6. ChrisVR

    Simple PBR Demo

    Yes, i browsed through all options and none of them looked like with depth. Maybe a single screenshot is misleading, but in my game is just a flat scrolling wall. The skulls don't seem to have any depth. I'll post a screenshot later
  7. ChrisVR

    heXen Upstart Mapping Project (XUMP)

    Can't visit the link above from EU... Access from European IPs blocked due to the legal danger of GDPR... :( This might be an overreaction but I don't know enough about it and lack the time and capacity to read legal texts. Please see https://www.quaddicted.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=578 if you can help with *definitive*, *concrete* answers to GDPR compliance. Thanks! -Spirit
  8. ChrisVR

    Piracy: DukeMatch map

    Thank you! I think the map is pretty unique aesthetic and gameplay wise. You have to know how teleports works in order to gain advantage over your enemy. I'm thinking about redoing this map, but with the theme of redneck rampage/shadow warrior.
  9. ChrisVR

    Piracy: DukeMatch map

    Hi! Finally after all the questions I've been asking throughout the last few days, I feel like I am finally at the point where I can share something with you guys. It's a conversion of map "Piracy (L32)" from Duke Nukem 64, fully made for gzDoom engine. Piracy is a medium sized maps placed on a bright day. There is a castle full of guns and ship on the water. Doors and buttons can be bumped into, no need to press use. The gate will open for 7 seconds and then close automatically. Map was made for Duke Nukem 3D v6 mod (see ModDb page) but it should run with pretty much anything. It is a custom map using custom sprites, custom sounds, custom textures and custom music. Feel free to make any changes you want, but don't forget to link to your version we all can play it! MORE SCREENSHOTS MAPNAME - PIRACY DOWNLOADS ~ 2.5 mb Zipppyshare Google Drive 4shared Gameplay video (older version)
  10. ChrisVR

    Annoying bug in all of my doomgames

    Most likely problem with the mouse. Try to unbind mouse scroll and see if it keeps happening
  11. ChrisVR

    Simple PBR Demo

    I tried Duke HRP Polymer with PBR textures and it just works, 3D effect is really strong, however, all the sample PBR for Doom are just really flat. I'm running gz 3.5.0.
  12. ChrisVR

    Simple PBR Demo

    I'm on 388.71, release date 12/20/2017 There seems to be no PBR at all... GTX 680, Windows 7. Maybe that is the problem?
  13. ChrisVR

    Simple PBR Demo

    That explains everything. Apparently my GTX680 is not enough. :(
  14. ChrisVR

    Simple PBR Demo

    Which settings in options I need on to get it to work?
  15. ChrisVR

    Custom sprites do not work properly in-game

    I have fixed the loop in DECORATE. For those who really do not want to use sprites in WAD file, use SLADE. 1. Import PNG file into slide. 2. Apply sprite properties and choose your offset (I choose monster gz - as it places the sprite exactly on the bottom, right in the middle. 3. Save, export changed PNG file into your zip/pk3 4. Use DECORATE code