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  1. DOOMinator

    Falling Stairs

    I'm using it on standard DOOM 2 cuz I want it to be playable in all forms. Plus, I wanted to start basic. Anyway...how exactly can the dummy sectors help me in this situation? I'm just confused as to why the higher steps only seem to go about halfway down as opposed to all the way to the floor...
  2. DOOMinator

    I know who the first Vampire is!

    This is gonna get helled, right?
  3. DOOMinator

    I know who the first Vampire is!

    Hey hey, fucking goth chicks isn't just a goth thing! ;) But I would like to see vampire dinosaurs...being rode by Nazis. Wasn't the real first vampire...Vlad the Impaler?
  4. DOOMinator

    I know who the first Vampire is!

    Well I know Caine's from the Bible, but the discipline and blasting thing made me think of a video game with Caine in it. Smells like charcoal...
  5. DOOMinator

    Falling Stairs

    I have a set of stairs that are higher than the player can reach. I want to make it so when I activate the first step, all the steps fall to floor level and then rise again. I got the first step to lower to the floor, but all the others only lower slightly. How can I get it so they all meet the floor at the same time?
  6. DOOMinator

    Favorite programming language(s)

    C++ HTML JavaScript VB I'd like to learn it all but my head would explode. VB and HTML are where I'm a viking (but who isn't?).
  7. DOOMinator

    I know who the first Vampire is!

    I'll have to agree with the latter post...but I'm confused with what you are talking about. Reference to a video game I've never played?
  8. DOOMinator

    Perfect Circles

    That's what I've been doing...I thought there was a quicker way. Wasn't exactly sure if Curve LineDefs was a key player in that.
  9. DOOMinator

    Perfect Circles

    Anyone know the most effective way to make a perfect (or close to it) circle? I'm not very good with using the Curve LineDef tool, so I need some help with that (assuming you use Curve LineDef to make circles)
  10. DOOMinator

    Tookie Williams Put To Death

    baron is right about Tookie's original intentions. But anyone with that kind of power goes nuts, and he did, and now he paid for it. Bleeding-heart liberals need to die. Let's see how they feel then their relatives get brutally slaughtered by some street punk. Justice was served, although I think he's an intruiging character, it was served. We have little blood/crip wannabe's circling the area here on the outskirts of Boston. I'm in a "crip" (and I use the term loosely) fortified area, and although most of them are kind and respectable and keep their violence in gangland only, you do occasionally get the retard trigger-happy jackasses that jack old ladies for spare change. These are the reasons I'm glad he's gone.
  11. DOOMinator

    So... how about death?

    I'd like to believe that your soul goes to "hell" before it goes to "heaven." That you have to be absolved of sim in "purgatory" (since the keyword there is "purge") and then you can go. I also would like to believe that you don't know you're dead 'til after you complete the "absolution". I'd like to see the afterlife like Silent Hill. You die, but you don't know you're dead. And you wake up in random place, still thinking you're alive and don't find out you're dead 'til the end and then you can go to "heaven." Those who haven't figured it out yet still wander earth on an alternate plane and can sometimes interfere with our reality (hence "ghosts") and when it's revealed to you you're dead, you can go. Of course that's just a fun little theory I cooked up, since Syliva Brown said ghosts are people who don't know they're dead and need it revealed to them. Mixing that theory with "What if afterlife was like Silent Hill?" On the otherhand, on a more scientific scale, I'd like to think when you die, you're spirit is just energy. The energy that's in your body while alive is expelled and that can create the ghostly feelings of a supposed haunting and the random cold spots people talk about when they think some place is haunted. Plus, supposed ghost experts say ghosts eat up energy when they inhabit an area, so that's trying to put a more scientific spin on an otherwise fairytale-like situation. But I don't actually believe all this stuff, it's just something I think would be cool to see on the otherside. Personally I hope there is a heaven and you get to feel everything you ever wanted to feel all the time.
  12. DOOMinator

    Running A Server

    Anyone got any tips to running your own server? How to keep it mildly popular without it being a ghost town? I had no problem with people joining my servers when I was playing against my friends through ZDaemon, but when I intentionally put one up for people to use, nothing... Any suggestions? (I'd like to have a place where people can play my custom DM WADs via ZDaemon, so that's why I'm asking)
  13. DOOMinator


    Don't forget the BRIT WADs! Yeah, to a point that is the truth. There are some other decent maps on there but it's nothing outside the realms that standard DOOM 2 could support (with the exception of some embedded DEH's) I take it SkullTag or something else has better servers, eh?
  14. DOOMinator

    WTF is wrong with these enemies?

    Yeah...I ran into a problem like this. A proper wall should be a floor sector risen to meet the ceiling to create a wall. And a door should be a ceiling sector lowered to meet the floor. That's how I always get it to work.
  15. DOOMinator


    Ah ok. I was confused since I've never seen a map on there with anything like that.