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  1. doom master 16

    Favorite DOOM 3 monster?

    yeah man cacodemons are the best. i like to blast em with a shot gun shell to the face though but grenades have their charm...
  2. doom master 16

    New map by me: temple

    yeah that may be a good idea. i like everything else about the level except all the monsters are kinda on the easy side of the toughness scale.
  3. doom master 16

    Prince of Tennis DOOM

    a prince of tennis/doom combo might be interesting. i can just see the possbilites now. playing tennis with a lit stick of tnt insted of a ball.. by the way that anime is total crap
  4. I was wondering if any one would be interested in making a all pokemon version of doom(just a few levels). it would be along the same lines as doom but instead of demonic creatures you would go around killing a buch of mutant pokemon.
  5. doom master 16


    what the hell. rabbits come on now that's a little chidish is it not?
  6. thanks that was quite helpful. found everything i needed:)
  7. doom master 16


    i know this is a stupid question but i don't care. i was wondering when the next doom game is coming out. can some 1 plz let me know
  8. doom master 16

    Not another Episode 1 wad....

    based on what i saw in the pics it looks good.
  9. i was wondering if i could get any one to mak me a wad based on doom 2. if you r intrested e-mail me @ silverdragon80204@yahoo.com
  10. doom master 16

    games that totally kick ass

    yeah dude lemmings is the coolest!:)
  11. doom master 16

    games that totally kick ass

    Donkey kong jak and daxter mortal kombat deadly alliance all doom games command and conquer yuri's revenge medal of honor underground syphon filter 1 and 2 blood the sims and all related games
  12. doom master 16

    Need Feedback

    they are good but you could take the edge of of the squareish factor though.other than that good job
  13. doom master 16

    new doom wads!

    umm due to other more important projects that i will be starting i cant finish my wads untill some time in the next two months sorry:(
  14. doom master 16

    your fave anime

    trigun, inuyasha and princess mononoke(that was the greatest movie i saw i a while)
  15. doom master 16

    new doom wads!

    i will be done with my first wad in about three weeks so get ready to see some cool stuff