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  1. 3saster

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Just finished a playthrough of Resident Evil 4 again, but for the first time on PC. Playing it again, it's truly staggering how much stuff there is in the game, and all of it works well together. I think I can confidently say this is the most polished game I've ever played, and is one of the few games I think doesn't just deserve classic status, it deserves masterpiece status. Everyone who considers themselves a gamer should be required to play this game at some point.
  2. 3saster

    What makes a successful Megawad?

    The most extreme example of this I know is Hellcore 2.0. The maps are probably the best looking realistic maps I've ever played, but damn do they play awful. They are consistent in that sense though. If the gameplay were even barely decent, I think this would be talked about way more. Hellbound is a less extreme example, with very good looking levels but unenjoyable (but not unacceptable) gameplay. Anyway, I think a good megawad needs two major things: some sort of linking, and pacing. The first can be a large variety of stuff (similar map styles, thematic/difficulty progression, idea repeated, etc.), but it's what ultimately makes a megawad feel like a megawad rather than 32 random maps. Pacing is the other big one, to make sure that playing it feels smooth with respect to itself. The MAP25-28 stretch of Alien Vendetta is infamous because even though they are good maps on their own, the placing of them all feels like a slog in the mapset. Compare this to Hell Revealed, where between the hardest and longest levels MAP24 and MAP26, there is the short and easy MAP25, and similarily with the big and tough MAP18 followed by the quick and easy MAP19. Look also at something like Sunder; even though the maps are generally long, there is pacing; MAP01-MAP06 are relatively small, with MAP06 being extremely hard, then MAP07 being massive but quick, then MAP08 being big and fast-paced, then MAP09 being slower-paced, etc. That's what I mean by with respect to itself. Anyway, just my two cents.
  3. 3saster

    Whats your favorite Doom game and why?

    I personally think Doom II > Doom I. Does Doom I have better level design? Perhaps (although I think Doom II's maps are sometimes underrated). But in terms of gameplay, the super shotgun + new enemies just make Doom II so much more enjoyable to me. So if I was stuck with one, I'd pick Doom II for the much more exciting gameplay. Truthfully though, I'm not a fan of the original IWADs that much. Their style is often very exploratory, and progression can often be a little strange (looking at you TNT). I much prefer the more straigtforward, setpiece-driven mentality of more modern wads. Plutonia is probably my favorite because it is closest to that more modern style, but I'll take Plutonia 2 over it any day.
  4. 3saster

    Removing brutaldoom monsters Gore and fatalities

    The code of Brutal Doom is a hot mess, and very difficult to figure out what is going on, because everything is top level and organized very poorly. You may want to try looking at BDLite instead. It's basically a heavily cleaned up Brutal Doom that is much better organized and documented. It shouldn't be to hard to remove everything except the weapons with it.
  5. 3saster

    How you play DOOM

    GZDoom, 2560x1440, Vulkan renderer is how I play 99% of Doom mods (I mostly play vanilla/boom mapsets). I have a GTX 1070, and the Vulkan renderer allows me to play almost anything at 60+ frames, for the most part (even Sunder). I play with HQX 4x filtering on sprites/fonts to smooth out the edges, but leave everything else unfiltered. I also play with a custom HUD I wrote that splits the status bar down the middle, so I can keep the classic doom status bar (sort of) while getting the benefits of the fullscreen view. For music, I use fluidsynth with the default soundfont, I actually really like it. IMO, all this makes Doom look good without sacrificing the look too much. I use GLBoom+ mostly just for playing back demos, and for maps that don't work in GZDoom (currently, the only vanilla map I've found that won't work in GZDoom is CyberDreams). My biggest issue with PrBoom+/GLBoom+ is the mouse turning. I don't know what it is, but the mouse turning feels way smoother in GZDoom. On top of that, the sound engine sounds a lot better to me (more up-to-date sound engine?). The ability to write my own mini-mods for self-usage (mainly the custom HUD and an auto pistol-starter) is a nice bonus too.
  6. 3saster

    Sunder - Map17 is here!

    MAP13 (always had this problem afaik) uses a poor MIDI file. On SDL (in PrBoom+), when the track ends, there is silence for about 50 seconds and then the track loops again. On Fluidsynth (GZDoom and PrBoom+), the track doesn't loop at all. You should either use a different song, or have someone who knows MIDIs better fix the file. Preferably the second one, because the Blade Runner track is pretty cool :)
  7. 3saster

    DVII Second Edition underway. It's time!

    I think I was just trying to figure out what was meant by bloated, Doom map data takes very little data anyway. Even something massive like Sunder MAP15 only takes 3 MB (and a 20 MB reject table). As for the linedef limit, I just made that as a joke. I thought you might use a lot more detail in later episodes, and accidently hit the linedef limit like Insane_Gazebo. Speaking back on DVII, are you planning on releasing each episode as you finish them, or are you gonna wait until you're done and release it all at once?
  8. 3saster

    DVII Second Edition underway. It's time!

    I think he's saying that the file size will get bloated because each map is basically the content of 6 maps but only uses 1/6 of the each map. To put the example with Holy Hell (or the original Deus Vult for that matter), you have the map content of 5 maps, but the gameplay of only 2 maps (maps 1-4 + 5). Even with that bloat, it shouldn't be a big deal unless you get carried away and copy Sunder's level of detail a little too much... are you planning on hitting the linedef limi?t :P
  9. 3saster

    Sunder - Map17 is here!

    Yeah in 4.1.0 I think, two compatibility options were added in the Physics Behavior section for Compatibility. "No vertical thrust from explosions" does exactly what it sounds like, handy option to use anyway since flying monsters can be weird in GZDoom. "Use original Doom explosion behaviour" uses the original behaviour where all rocket impacts behave as if the rocket was fired horizontally at the monster, i.e. the angle you fire a rocket doesn't matter. The former should be on for Doom/Boom compatibility, the latter for their strict counterparts. Turn one of these on and it will remove a lot of the annoyance of killing flyers in GZDoom. The cost is you can't rocket jump anymore :P That only matters if you're using freelook though. Lirui is right though, if you plan on recording demos, GZDoom is not a good choice. Stick with PrBoom+.
  10. 3saster

    What are you playing now?

    dead.wire by Xaser. Very solid map. Looks cool, plays well, the new weapons are fun. I didn't realize the guns have alt-fires until after I finished it, heh. The transparency of the enemies can get a bit annoying though, but otherwise this is an incredibly good release. dead.air, also by Xaser. WOW. This map was good, like REALLY GOOD. This might be one of the finest maps I've ever played. I am completely amazed that Xaser was able to combine strong level design, interesting new enemies, exciting and challenging combat encounters, and strong, effective, creative weaponry. The most inventive I think is the fusion mortar, where you'll intentionally miss in order to maximize its effectiveness, and the encounter involved is perfectly designed for using it this way. There's a great progression of weaponry too, where every weapon gets a chance to shine. One of my favourite fights is when you fight a hundred or so faceless demons (pinkies that attack way faster) backed up by tons of birdmen with only a Flak Cannon Shrapnel Cannon. And the climax is awesome too, featuring a monster of a weapon that wouldn't be out of place in Russian Overkill. I genuinely can't find any faults with the map, it really is that good. As a funny side note, the reason I played these two because dead.air is actually featured on the zdoom.org homepage, under "Limitless Mod Potential". I thought the picture looked awesome, so I asked what it was, and so I found out what it was, and got to play it. Not disappointed. Plutonian Winds by darkreaver. A really enjoyable and challenging set of maps. Despite the name and the use of the Plutonia IWAD, it doesn't really resemble Plutonia's gameplay, but instead has its own distinctive style. darkreaver particularily likes using archviles in relatively open areas, so target prioritization and fast movement is very important. The traps are also very vicious with little downtime, giving you little time to rest. I'm also a big fan of how often the architecture keeps changing, with MAP13 having perhaps the most extreme example at the beginning. Also, the maps are relatively small, so dying doesn't said you far back, and encourages you to experiment with different strategies. My favourite map was probably MAP14, although MAP16 and MAP18 were highlights too. Highly recommended.
  11. 3saster

    Doom & Doom 2 on the Switch - 1st Impressions

    Actually, 360 is the best port because it brought us No Rest for the Living :P
  12. 3saster

    top 5 most underrated doom wads?

    Ezekiel is a really awesome set of 9 maps by 40oz, one of the authors of UAC Ultra. Very distinctive play style and a lot of nasty encounters, reminded me of Hell Revealed 2 kinda. I think the only reason this slipped under the radar is because 40oz is banned from DoomWorld for some reason, cause it's a damn good mapset. Hellebarde is a neat little megawad for GZDoom, it's divided into 3 episodes a la Scythe 1: Gothic Earth, Lunar, and Gothic Hell/Medieval. The main gimmick is a miniboss/boss at the end of each level, with some of these appearing later as normal enemies. Some of the bosses can be a little obnoxious, but it's a fun idea. The standard Doom cast is prominent all through-out too. The mod uses 3D floors extensively also, but not really any other GZDoom features IIRC. Overall, a GZDoom megawad that still feels very classic. Violence is a set of 4 maps by AD_79. Basically just 4 solid maps with a purple color scheme, it plays in a style similar to Valiant, from which it burrows some assets from I think. Survive in Hell is a fun Hell Revealed-inspired WAD, although a fair bit easier. The first 2 episodes can be a little rocky though. Not bad, usually, but unpolished. The various knockoff HR and HR2 levels don't help matters. The third episode is where the WAD really hits its stride, easily containing the best maps in the set. If the rest of the mapset were as good as the final third, this would really be something special, but as-is it's still well worth checking it out. I hope they do this WAD for the DW megawad sometime actually. Tangerine Nightmare is an absolutely awesome 9+1 mapset by the French Doom Community. It's gloriously orange all throughout, and it looks and plays excellently the whole way through. I'm not surprised it didn't win a Cacoward (2018's Cacoward winners are REALLY good, so it had some fierce competition), but I am completely amazed it wasn't even a runner-up. Does the review committee hate the color orange? :P
  13. Out of curiosity, are there any other major mapsets that received a lot of attention outside DoomWorld? Plenty of excellent gameplay mods receive outside attention (and a certain "remake"), but it seems mapsets tend to be ignored. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but the only major ones I saw (besides pseudo-official stuff) were Ancient Aliens and Eviternity; the former coincides with DOOM 2016's release, and the latter with Doom's 25th birthday. I wonder if they would have received that exposure if the dates had not lined up nicely. Regardless of quality, it's hard to deny that the Romero-stamp certainly gives a lot of extra attention to it. It reminds me of when Stephen King used the pseudonym Richard Bachman partially to answer if it's his talent or his name that makes his books successful. When Bachman's identity was revealed, the books published under that name skyrocketed in sales, and the experiment ended inconclusively. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if he released Misery under Bachman as intended, since that's widely considered one of King's best works.
  14. E1M8b (haven't played E1M4b) I didn't think very highly of. I didn't really like it much, and only I think it only received the attention it did because Romero-hype. I believe it would have been ignored had it not been made by Romero. It certainly doesn't deserve a Cacoward if you ask me. At the very least, it didn't rob another WAD of a Cacoward, so at least that was nice. SIGIL is alright. I enjoyed it and had my fun with it. IMO a decent mapset, but not Cacoward-worthy. I will say it does a good job of continuing what the style from the Ultimate Doom though, but tbh I don't actually like the Ultimate Doom that much. I'm a much bigger fan of more modern-style WADs like Base Ganymede. I'd be curious how this would have gone down if Romero didn't announce this and just released it out of nowhere. No Rest for the Living, on the other hand, really is outstanding IMO. Traditional perhaps, but as Graf said extremely well-made. I think it would have easily won a Cacoward regardless of who made it or if it was a free WAD, it really is that good I think. The fact that it's official is a neat touch more than anything.
  15. 3saster

    Exploits You Love/Hate?

    I think it's a sourceport thing, but I like using the automap to find secrets, not with "show secrets on automap" though. The automap sometimes shows walk-through walls or hidden linedefs, and sometimes you find the secret itself or get a clue that there is one as a result. I might see a different coloured line on a wall and think "is there a way to open this?" This also encourages usage of more creative secrets than wall-humping, which is always a good thing. As for other exploits, I like stuff like SR50 jumps, archvile jumps, pressing switches through the floor. I generally try to avoid using them where possible on first time runs of maps, but they can give new ways to replay certain maps, which I'm all for. I'm okay with void glides too, but not so big a fan of them in UV-Max. On certain timed teleport ambushes, it can sometimes be pretty funny to stand on the teleport spot and avoid the entire ambush (like Hell Revealed MAP31). The silliest particular trick I know is Scythe 2 MAP04. You can use an archvile jump to launch yourself over the wall in the courtyard to grab a deathmatch only (I think) BFG. Funny and useful, it's great.