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  1. violator83

    Doom High Res Sprites - Kickstarter?

    I like it. I still hope it will be available soon for 3-d printing, I would really like to paint this model.
  2. violator83

    Doom High Res Sprites - Kickstarter?

    I personally like Your will and your results in the project. And I would personally spend some money to support it. But I don't see kickstarter the optimal solution for you as you would specifically receive money to produce models of art covered by copiright. My desire is to see the project finished (and possible to get 3-d models to 3d-print and to paint) but I guess that best choice is patreon, giving access in advance to previews of your models or to mods betas to your patreon supporters. Seems more safe for you.
  3. violator83

    DOOM HD Project

    Your models are stunning. I found them as I was loking for some doom miniatures to paint that look really like they were supposed to look in original games. Do you plan to make them available for 3d printing (or already printed trough some printing shop/service) ? I would really enjoy to paint them.