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  1. http://www.esa.int/SPECIALS/Mars_Express/SEMDOE7JT2G_1.html :)
  2. PainElemental

    I made an iPhone game

    Well from my point of view it's actually too easy (except maybe the last episode, which is kinda hard), but I've also been playing a lot during development so maybe this is not the most objective opinion :) The actual speed of the game is half of what you see in the vid.
  3. PainElemental

    I made an iPhone game

    Thanks for all the feedback dudes! Well, it depends, since this is my first game I'm selling it for $0.99 to see how it goes, but usually they cost between a dollar and ten bucks, haven't really seen anything more expensive than that. I hope you enjoy it :) Updates are coming soon.
  4. PainElemental

    I made an iPhone game

    Yep I'll be honest, this was my inspiration :) But I implemented a couple of new ideas and overall I'm pretty satisfied how it turned out, glad to hear people like it :P
  5. PainElemental

    I made an iPhone game

    Check out the video, tell me what you think :)
  6. PainElemental

    Doom challenge 2

    I was kinda bored, so I decided to try some trick on map07, but ended up "inventing" a challenge instead I guess. Assume this position. Now when dodging the Mancubuses' fireballs always stay inbetween the 2 projectiles, having them completely on your left or right side is not allowed. You'll get the hang out of it pretty fast with only one Mancubus shooting, but try dodging all fireballs without violating the above rule when they both shoot simultaneously. I can dodge the first blast, the second usually hits me but forget about the third. If you think this may be fun and manage to dodge all 3 blasts from both Mancubuses then congratz, you've won :) Don't forget to post a demo.
  7. PainElemental

    Doom Tattoo

    It's not really Doom, but I recently made this Strogg banner out of some Quake 2 texture, and I think it'd be perfetct for a tattoo. I'm pretty sure it's gonna be my next one. I also intend to clean it up a bit and order a big ass poster for my living room :)
  8. PainElemental

    Doom music remakes from MaxWar.

    You might also wanna check out the Classic Doom 3 mod music remakes by Sonic Clang, it's really awesome stuff. It's kind of the style you're looking for, though the sound quality is much much better. EDIT: Link.
  9. PainElemental

    Scariest sound?

    I wonder how no one mentioned the Icon of Sin sounds (yes, the reversed Romero voice and the enemy spawning sound). In-game they're pretty atmospheric and creepy IMO.
  10. PainElemental

    A long forgotten fan fiction

    Ok rereading my initial post it's clear I haven't explained the plot well enough. Well, it begins with Carmack wanting to celebrate the 5th birthday of Doom I think, not knowing there's a chip in his computer especially designed by Romero for improving the Doom graphics. But since it's running on idOS (the OS Carmack wrote for themselves), there's some hardware conflict and he's zapped inside Doom. In the meanwhile Adrian Carmack comes to work, Romero and he wonder what they'd do but then they just have a nice political discussion about US gun laws while Carmack's blasting zombies away. In the meanwhile, the fired Q3 modeller (forgot his name) shows up and begs Adrian to give give him a job at id again, which of course doesn't happen. Later they find a way to communicate with Carmack (by pressing 'T', surprise), and first time they do Carmack shoots himself in the foot because of the sudden voide in his head. Then Trent Raznor shows up, as well as Donna Jeckson, who faints seeing Carmack being hurt by some monster (as always, since she'd saw a dog (I think) under the table and thought it was Romero with an axe). Etc, Etc... The end is just too much fun to tell you. So yeah, it's extremely fun to read, the way I described it may not sound so, but believe me, it IS. I've lost it long ago, and am now looking forward to reading it again, so again, if someone knows what I'm talking about, please give me the link. Thx in advance.
  11. PainElemental

    A long forgotten fan fiction

    Guys I was looking for that fanfic called "Reality Check" I believe, it was about how Carmack had to beat Doom while Romero and the rest of the id crew watched him - if you got it or know where it can be found, please tell me. Thx.
  12. PainElemental

    Sprite vs. Polygon

  13. PainElemental

    Favorite and less favorite Heretic/Hexen chapter

    Well, I played Hexen and Heretic a long time ago. My opinion is that Hexen was *******ely better, but yeah, the puzzles were just too complicated at times. I remember spending half a day trying to finish that level with the main hall with the 7 gates (I think). There were some cool design elements tough - the winter, fire etc themes for example. However, I still think that the level design was way too overloaded compared to Doom. Doom's simplicity is one of its greatest strenghts IMO.
  14. PainElemental

    Creating New Port (JavaScript)

    What are you gonna do then?
  15. PainElemental

    Creating New Port (JavaScript)

    Seeng it from that point of view, it's indeed an interesting challenge. If you succeed it'd be a real proof of concept, since nothing even close to the level of Doom graphics has been released yet using entirely JavaScript (AFAIK); most of the web graphics engines are written in Java or VRML :). However, if I were you, I'd still consider converting the original shareware WAD to a more JS-friendly data structure (in that case, your program could even be considered a source port, so no worries about legal shit) instead of remapping every single Doom level from scratch. Technically the floor/ceiling rendering is the most challenging path. Even if you only light-shade them, you'd still need a perspective divide. You could do it every 16 pixels (or so) only and linearly interpolate inbetween, but then again there's no way to precompute some scaling tables as in the case of the vertical wall lines, since you have varying floor/ceiling heights. However, if you should master it, I'd be glad going to your site to play Doom, no matter where I am and what I'm doing. Hell, you could play it even on those street internet access points :) Good luck!