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  1. cloud4me

    What was Doom 3's biggest flaw?

    mis typo....I rather exclude vagary..yea she was cool monster :D
  2. cloud4me

    What was Doom 3's biggest flaw?

    - Game is easy on Veteran (don not say go play Nightmare) - Weapon sound sucks (pistol, shotgun, chaingun and plazma) - Cyberdemon is invulnerable and too slow. (his rocket attack useless, kind easy to avoid it) - Maggot, wraith and vagary are totally useless enimies ever.(they are very predictable, ultra easy to kill them) - Imp rather do direct attack to doomguy on the ceiling and wall - Where did speed attack of revenant go? In E3 2003 trailer there was scene where revenant run and smash doomguy very fast) - Hellknight can't run? In Xbox trailer there was scene where hellknight rush to doomguy very fast, it was mindblowing)
  3. cloud4me

    What is your favorite D3 creature?

    new lost soul great! I was simply amazed when I saw it first in the game...
  4. if trent reznor involved in the final product... man..all the sound effect would 10 times better.
  5. cloud4me

    Good game, but...

    this is the first time I'm disappointed with weapon sound from ID games. but...I aleardy made weapon sound replacement pack... and its GOOD :)
  6. one thing is sure.. all the sound effects in Alpha are much much better than final, espeically shotgun, pinky and commando. I miss commando grunt sound in Alpha "I smell fear" Trent Reznor should have made sound effect...:(
  7. cloud4me

    All the monsters and Boss list

    http://boards.gamefaqs.com/gfaqs/genmessage.php?board=12608&topic=15426850 I hope this is not true.. I can't believe there is no Baron of Hell. :(
  8. cloud4me

    Female Character in Doom 3?

    I want Doomgirl who is sexual counterpart of Doomguy
  9. cloud4me

    Old news, maybe not?

    it's imp
  10. cloud4me

    PC Gamer Swedish review out

    -ID Software have done something that is very unusual, they have created a game that is superb from the beginning to the end -Classic weapons -Very good story -Good design -A movielike experience -Scary. Very scary. -A game like Doom3 wouldnt work if it wasnt for the great graphic. After playing the game on a 6800Ultra I have to say that the graphics is very important. One reason that the sequences that shocks you works, is that the enviroment is so detail that it feels real. Total score: 90% from futuremark forums * oops, I'm afraid this is wrong forum to this thread.
  11. cloud4me

    Doom 3 theme song [FULL]

    IMO new theme song is cool, but very fit for Quake world not Doom world
  12. cloud4me

    doom3.com live

    agreed. I expect more impressive title song but new theme song in updated Doom3.com is very generic rock music. someone maybe remember Doom3 Legacy interview trialer where you can find very nice music fit for new Doom3 title song in the early part. I expect that kind of music as a title song.
  13. cloud4me

    Melfice's Updating Spoiler

    and looks like he wearing some kind of flamepack on the back like orignail Mancubus.
  14. cloud4me

    Melfice's Updating Spoiler

    as for the pics on the PC Gamer review, you missed one important monsters, it's new Mancubus. If my memory serves me well you can see it left corner of the second page.
  15. cloud4me

    "Face" of a Spider

    new zombie..so called "burnie" he has no eyes, looks terrifying.