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  1. Rocket-Allison

    Is Rocket Jumping right for you?

    I am an avid rocket jumper looking for others like me. I rocket jump almost everyday / stream my accomplishments via twitch. If you're interested in starting to rjump (I can help) or just looking for more people to rjump with... look no further! There are a slough of rjumpers on Zdaemon waiting for you!
  2. Rocket-Allison

    Rocket Jump Downtown2a

    Andyman made a rocket jumping WAD named Rjump Downtown2a... we are hosting it on Zdaemon just fine but theres one problem. There was a mod that went with it that included "easy" buttons once you were stuck on a jump for a long while. I've got a couple people asking about the mod and if we can implement it into the server. Anyone know anything about this mod? I can't find anything online. The mod/wad files I had way back then are long gone (couple computers ago).. Lmk
  3. Looking for a specific Rocket Jump WAD ... can't for the life of me remember what it is called. I'll do my best to explain what it's like. You start off strafe jumping (without rockets) along 3 gaps to a platform where you get rocket launcher. (The strafe jumping has tan fences to make you jump faster along the way)... from there, second jump is 2x rocket strafe jumps (must be executed accurately to hit a tiny platform in middle of gap) then from middle gap, strafe again to other side. This is where you perform a super jump. If you fail to make any jumps, you land in shallow water (teleports you back to last CP). I never got a chance to finish with WAD when I was new to RJumping. Now, I am loads better and could probably beat it. If anyone here can help aid me in finding this WAD, I would very much appreciate it. Been searching google forever.
  4. Rocket-Allison

    Rocket Jumping

    So I have been an avid rocket jumper since 2009. I'm wondering if there are any new rocket jumping WAD files out. I have played all of the classics from - Oldschool, RJSloth, MJ9y, RJUMP Space etc etc. I hosted rjump downtown today and Alteus/Time of Death/Kitty joined in on the fun. I'm also looking for old school rocket jumpers to jump with. Its been a while since ive seen the greats (_death_, Maks, Bake, Earthquake etc...)