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  1. Milkman

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps 2

    @HAK3180 thank you so much for playing through all of these - I'm sorry the WAD ended on such an unsatisfying end for you, but I hope you enjoyed it overall. The idea was definitley to get a mix of styles. Just on the last two levels: Maw: You did in fact miss a super shotgun pickup in the first section (kinda near the Mancubi, the opposite section to the Chaingun) but the feedback still stands - watching you play made me realise how necessary that pickup is and that the map could do with less Shells/more rockets and plasma. as well as a spot where you have to get the super shotgun and can't miss it While I'm not going to make or expect you to replay it, I'd be curious to know how you felt about the map had you picked up the super shotgun. Also, you actually only needed one key to get to the exit - the beams are 40p wide with space around them, you should have tried to squeeze through and your pain could have ended so much sooner! But that lava should definitley be damaging, I have no reason to state why that's not the way it is The Committee/Comittee/Council: There are are a few errors on this map (the name and the teleportal), but not actually the blue teleporter room - the '4' room actually has a puzzle in it that I know works, you should have been just a bit more patient, you went past the start of the sequence a few times :) And the hall of mirrors section is actually on purpose - it's me experimenting with some nodebuilder glitches. The concept being that you actually leave DOOM itself. Not sure how to make it clearer that that is the intention, but i'm happy to keep it, even if it makes it a touch confusing Some other notes on other maps; Arch-Vill (with all the arch vile jumps) Great point about being confusing as to which Arch Vill's need to be kept alive for jumps and which don't. I think I might change the order of scenarios to make it clearer what's going on. Hiding in Hell (map 23) I'm so glad you like this one, it's one of my favourites in the whole WAD. Just sorta came together. The Cacodemon Cave is definitley not meant to be fount in that scenario, i'm expecting the player to just bail and have them drip out as you move on. UAC maps: I do apologize about all the Barons, in particular on these maps. I'll be revisiting the comat in these. But I hope I captured the flaour of E1/kinda E2. As I said I hope you enjoyed the experience overalll, and I'll definitley be making a '2.0 version' that doesn't have the Doom 1 resource issue so I can upload to Doomworld properly. So while this was an 'official' release, there will be a 'more offical' release later this year in the Doomworld archives.
  2. Milkman

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps 2

    Thanks HAK for yet another wonderful playthrough - I'm just catching up on all these since MAP15. The reason for this being a secret level is actually a bit personal - it was one of the first maps I ever 'designed', drawing it out as an 8 year old. I don't think this is something I would have designed as an adult, so it was interesting to tap into what I found interesting as a child and try to make it work This level is, as you discovered, massive and could easily be a standalone map. As it is I cut out a few things just to make it quicker. To follow the original idea from my drawing would have taken close to an hour to complete. But I'm glad you liked the exploration aspect - it's definitley the intention of this map, to get pulled in to a dark, drab maze.
  3. Milkman

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps 2

    Awesome work HAK3180, loving these play throughs, both of my work and other peoples. Great insights and wonderful to watch people approach things in ways I wouldn't expect! This was actually a new map to what you previously played, with some old elements wormed in. Seeing this play though made me realise how cumbersome those teleporting Hell Knights - The challenge is to kill them with times shots with the SSG, but I can totally come up with a way to release them on the player later if they don't by having them teleport somewhere else. Glad you dig the Maze though. It was really fun to make, and yet another reference to halls of the damned (hence the music too...) As for the one shot secret, well... Mr. Petersen used them from time to time, and these are the 'Petersen' levels, so here we are...
  4. Milkman

    Birthday Bash MegaWAD - OFFICAL RELEASE

    Good questions, so Birthday Bash was designed to be as close to the restictions of the original Doom, the only exception being the removal of sector limits. There are no Boom/ZDoom fancy scripts or features, so this should run on any prBoom compatibility. I tested on deafult settings and all seemed fine there, so I assume it's fine for the more specific settings. Testing was primarity done on Zdoom, just because that's what I use to play Doom WADS, with rough testing on Crispy Doom, PrBoom and Retro Doom.
  5. Milkman

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    @HAK3180 if you're up for it, now that it's out of beta :)
  6. Milkman

    Birthday Bash MegaWAD - OFFICAL RELEASE

    @DANZA again thanks for the missing texture report, I just updated the Mediafire link and MAP05 should be fixed now :) @eharper256 Thanks for the kind words! I appreciate the shoutout. I too have had a break after trying to get this out, really took it out of me trying to get this finished. For what it's worth, I'll be looking to fix up the Doom 1/2 resource issue later this year to try and get it on the offical Doomworld in time for DOOM's 26th. I will make this a birthday celebration, one way or another...
  7. Milkman

    Any Doom 2 Megawads that "Begin with Doom 1"

    Thanks @HAK3180 for remembering! I designed a WAD called 'Birthday Bash' where you start in DOOM2 inspired levels, but have to return to UAC in the middle third to find the BFG, fighting only Doom 1 monsters to fit in with the concept. But you do have a super shotgun... If you're interested you can find a download link and more info here:
  8. Milkman

    Birthday Bash MegaWAD - OFFICAL RELEASE

    Thanks Count, just updated the main post with some pretty pics! Glad my tag efforts weren't lost haha. They were a real headache when it came to testing across multiple source ports. I've added some shots to the main post, but if there's key moments people liked I'm happy to grab some snaps of scenes people were 'wooed' by. good to know DANZA, I'll look into that
  9. Milkman

    Birthday Bash MegaWAD - OFFICAL RELEASE

    My goodness. Thanks for playing through, So weird/cool to see! Crazy powerful weapons mod, you really 'extirpated' the monsters in this one :)
  10. Milkman

    Birthday Bash MegaWAD - OFFICAL RELEASE

    good to know! fix that up v. soon
  11. Milkman

    Birthday Bash MegaWAD - OFFICAL RELEASE

    Awesome to hear! Map03 is my attempt at a doom platformer, but trying to avoid the trial and error aspect of usual platformers Yeah I added the songs after testing some source ports that had issues with the dehacked patch replacing the music. I wanted to throw back to both Doom 1 and 2 soundtracks as they're both awesome, and really help establish the E1M1 mood 2/3rds into the WAD. Any other feedback from people so far? I'd love to hear people's thoughts, good and bad!
  12. Milkman

    Birthday Bash MegaWAD - OFFICAL RELEASE

    sweet jeez thank you for this. I know about SLADE's IWAD comparison capability but it was still getting rejected :(. I just downloaded WADcheck and am figuiring it out now Also, I hope you check out Bday Bash, and if you already have that you're enjoying it!
  13. Heyoo! After a beta release in December 2018, and months of fine tuning, source port testing and bashing my head against my computer desk, I'm proud to release the finished (but depressingly late) Birthday Bash megaWAD for DOOM II! DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/h06482hnjugaw/ For those that missed my original post, this MegaWAD contains 25 levels that see DoomGuy return to UAC to rescue his precious BFG, going through a variety of level styles - Base crawlers, Large exploratory maps, abstract puzzle and traps maps, mood pieces - all thing that make DOOM such a great game. SCREENSHOTS: Unfortunatley I just couldn't get this to pass the ID resources test to upload to Idgames, no matter how many DOOM 1 resources I cut out. The link above includes DOOM 1 textures and music, but if anyone cares I'd be happy to share the WAD I was trying to upload (with a disclaimer that you'd need both IWADs) and get some guidance as to where I was going wrong. Otherwise, please enjoy! And celebrate a belated birthday for DOOM with me.
  14. Hey there, I've been a bit hamstrug trying to upload my WAD to Doomworld - in my WAD you make a return to Phobos to 'fix' a few things,, and to keep this section authentic I used d1gfxd2.wad to help solve the missing textures (with full credit in my txt file of course), but my WAD gets rejected for having original ID resources when I try to upload it. Through a bit of digging around the forums I can see why this is a weird legal grey area and probably should remove these textures from my WAD - Is it unreasonable to expect players to use both IWADS as a resource when loading my WAD? Is there a solution to this I am unaware of?
  15. Milkman

    Favorite DOOM level.

    We are kindred spirits, RonLivingston