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  1. Avpol

    A problem with Risen3D under Windows 7

    Very many thanks!
  2. Avpol

    A problem with Risen3D under Windows 7

    Thanks A LOT for your detailed reply! Could you please specify how to set Mouselook to NO (as far as I understand, there, I just press a key and it becomes the key to turn on Mouselook, e.g., I press N and the N key will turn on the Mouselook during the gameplay)? Many many thanks!
  3. Hi there, I have Risen3D (with hi-res models and textures) installed under Windows 7; the problem is, the auto-aiming just doesn't work. That is, if I fire at an enemy that is located higher than me, I can't hit him (my projectiles hit the wall just opposite me and not up where the enemy is). This problem renders the game hardly playable. If somebody knows how to enable auto-aiming, please tell me (I searched for a solution on the Internet and didn't find it). If you know what to do, please tell me it in detail (what menu, what option to use, where it is located, etc). Thanks a lot in advance!