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  1. Veloth99

    Hectic 3.8

    Woah!! I do not know if my GZDoom will resist it
  2. That means it's bad news, right? Well, do you know about a mutator or something?
  3. If I knew how to do it, I would have done it
  4. I would appreciate someone doing this favor , I just wanted the sprite of the assault rifle to be replaced by the assaulted rifle of the brutal doom 20v. more specifically, only the iron sight
  5. thank you very much for the options
  6. hello, I'm looking for a WAD that contains a variety of monsters that make battles against them more varied. for example: I was currently playing Knee-deep in ZDoom and I like the variety of monsters it contains but !, I'm an android player and I really had errors and a lot of lag so I appeal to you to recommend WADs where I find some enemies such as: Satyr, dark Imps, variants of possessed, harvesters, paladins of hell, cyber barons, etc. I would appreciate it.
  7. It tells me that there is an unknown error. I can not download it Any idea why he will not let me download it?
  8. Oh! I actually read it but I thought it referred to something else I feel the inconvenience even so, thank you very much
  9. NOTE: this is not some kind of spam, I'm not related to the creator of the video I would put screenshots, but not how to do it
  10. Veloth99

    Wads for Lone wolf?

    Oh!, great!
  11. Veloth99

    Wads for Lone wolf?

    wait, that someone has not already launched that brutal wolfenstein project?
  12. Veloth99

    Wads for Lone wolf?

    hello !, well, I love DOOM but, Halo is my saga of favorite games, So when I discovered that there was a halo mod I knew I had to download it. The sprites of weapons and enemies are very good, and the soundtrack is great! but, playing it with the DOOM maps is not very satisfactory, so I would like that someone could show a Wad that designs one of the most iconic maps of any of the halo deliveries or at least a wad that is set in this saga
  13. Veloth99

    Favorite DOOM level.

    E1m8. the atmosphere was incredible !, the soundtrack, the battle with the two barons! and of course the shape of the map all this very iconic
  14. Hello everyone, this is my first serious topic in a forum, I have no idea if this issue has already been developed by another user on this or another platform, if that is the case, please let me know. apart from that, this will help me get into this community so great, it should be stressed that I'm not a veteran of doom, I already knew the game for years but it was 3 years ago when I really liked it, and in fact this is the first Once I'm inside a community. Once clarified the above I want to share some questions and curiosities about the enemies of DOOM (If you feel like it, you could leave your own hypothesis and interesting questions about the enemies) This was the question that inspired me to open this topic and it is about that pile of rotten metal and bones: The Revenant my first impression when I saw the revenant was: oh, a skeleton ... human? So begins this question, which was before the revenant? because we are told that it is the eternal resurrection of a dead demon, but which of all we have seen? I would say by stature that he was an archvile, but in fact I doubt it. a baron? his anatomy does not match. the IMP? it would happen the same as with the baron, but, remember something !, if they played "Resistance Fall of men" they will know that the hybrids when they are about to finish their life cycle, become a grayjack. I would say something similar happens to the IMPs, but they will say that the most obvious thing about the revenant is the human skull they have, I already mentioned it, but a human does not think it is a revenant, since the skull of the 2016 doom revenant is not human, apart from that the description of the revenant says it is a demon. I would like to know what you think about this question! Another question a little less important is: what is the military rank of the Zombieman? It's not a marine, evident is not a sargueant, commando or special operations I would say maybe it's something like military police, what do you think about that? and the list goes on! the arachnotron, is it really a demon or is it an alien? because in DOOM 2 when we liberate the human race from the earth we are mentioned something about carnivorous mutants, evil spirits and alien monsters, I know what they say, and the mother? the spider DEMON! It's a good argument but, I do not seem at all "demonic". I can think of more questions but I do not want to do this longer. please if you have something in mind, do not hesitate to comment!