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  1. D31M0S

    GZDoom Severe lag and sound twitching

    It works perfectly! Thank you!
  2. D31M0S

    GZDoom Severe lag and sound twitching

    I want to know how to fix this problem. (i'm sorry that i asked the question incorrectly and you couldn't understand it)
  3. When i start a level, it works properly, but only for 1-10 seconds. Then it starts lagging like HELL. The sound also twitches. Well, you just need to see this. ZDoom works perfectly, but i need GZDoom. P.S. Sorry for the watermark, i am too lazy to crack Bandicam XD P.P.S. Oh crap, the gameplay wasn't recorded. But believe me - it was FREEZING. video.rar