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  1. Doomguy-1993

    PSX Doom themed wads?

    Speaking of PSX Doom, whats the best port/remake for GZDOOM?
  2. That looks amazing. But definitely take your time with individual episodes, and save the concept maps for later so you can finish up what your already working on.
  3. "So, maybe I should just finish and release all of the most finished ones and leave the others to make a sequel or something." I think episode packs are the way to go, that way we can experience it without the long wait, but still have more to look foreword too. And amazing work so far, but are you only doing ancient ruins? Because I was thinking Alcatraz would be perfect for this mod. But obviously take your time on it. Edit:I already see theres a prison map so having two prison levels would be kind of redundant. However I would still love more modern ruins, maybe something Chernobyl inspired?
  4. I hope to see a release soon. Wads with realistic environments are my favorites!
  5. Doomguy-1993

    80's themed wads?

    Aw man, that's absolutely what I want. I hope they keep working on it.
  6. Doomguy-1993

    80's themed wads?

    I'd love to know their names . I'm a fan of anything 80s/90s not just specifically retrowave.
  7. Doomguy-1993

    80's themed wads?

    Thanks, im surprised I never heard of Mutiny before. Its actually pretty close to what I want. Any other wads with similar cyberpunk vibes would be cool too. I just wish the colors were more purple and blue instead of green.
  8. Doomguy-1993

    80's themed wads?

    Are there any Wads with 80's vibes available? You know, with synthwave, neon colors, tron grids, etc. Ancient Aliens sort of fits, but not really what im after.
  9. It looks amazing, i'm always a huge fan of realistic outdoor maps. Any sort of eta for when it will be don?
  10. Doomguy-1993

    Is Doom Marine, Doom Slayer?

    Yes, Quake Champions confirmed it.
  11. Doomguy-1993

    Mixed Reality Doom with Wadloader

    When I read Mixed Reality, I thought this was going to be about a mod to make Doom VR compatible. I have an WMR Acer which kind of confused me. So anyway, this makes me wan't Pokemon go style game but with Doom demons.
  12. Doomguy-1993

    Are there any good Heretic/Hexen weapon mods?

    Yep, I played Karnak, it was pretty good. But I didnt like how it changed some of the wall textures. Though it does makes wish we had proper gzdoom port of Powerslave.
  13. So basically like the Daemons from Warhammer 40K?
  14. I kind of agree. Doom is my favorite game off all time, but some of the levels are a bit of a disappointment. Especially Dis. Now when I picture the name Dis, I envision the City of Dis from Dante's inferno, not a wall shaped as a star. The lack of structures make the demons look like primitive barbarians, not some advanced species with interdimensional travel.
  15. Doomguy-1993

    Doom 1 Doesn't Hold Up Anymore

    Brutal Doom would like to have a word with you.