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  1. Wrong "rail" family function are used for railgun. It should be A_RailAttack not A_CustomRailgun. It have autoaim currently, which is not what you want to have on a weapon that able to pierce multiple enemies like something hot and knify something soft and buttery. Code block on line 33 should looks like RLGG E 8 Bright { A_RailAttack(random(6, 10) * 20, 0, true, "DarkViolet", "GhostWhite", RGF_EXPLICITANGLE | RGF_FULLBRIGHT, 0); A_RemoveLight("RayLight"); }
  2. Kronecker–Capelli

    How many PWADS do you have to complete to not be considered a poser

    Just one actually, which is okuplok.
  3. Kronecker–Capelli

    Necromunda Hired Gun

    What about Dawn of War or Vermintide?
  4. Kronecker–Capelli

    Pepsi or Coke?

    Baikal, my only choice. Wot iz zet?
  5. Kronecker–Capelli

    The Ancient Gods -- review from someone who DIDN'T like it

    Depends from the person. I able to play in slaughterlike wads AND talk on the phone how behavior tree works at the same time. I also use this thing, since I have tablet instead of phone, bit I doubt it makes me superior to the streamers with headphones and other "streamable" stuff. Mostly because headset holds on its own and I should hold it near ear with shoulder.
  6. Kronecker–Capelli

    Has This Game Become A Joke?

    Where? Quotation needed.
  7. Kronecker–Capelli

    Has This Game Become A Joke?

    I misinterpreted context of the post. It was related not to the game but for Joker movie. ???????????????????????? Did I said its not funny? Where? Because I said it simple. Or you was reading what you wanted to read, not what I written? You mind is playing tricks with you?
  8. Kronecker–Capelli

    ACS - player type constant?

    To make sure you understand, any alive (any actor which have more then zero health) thing, not only player. So monsters, barrels, shootable decoration, etc. If it just empty sectors that it wouldnt cause any problems. Otherwise it would lower them too.
  9. Kronecker–Capelli

    ACS - player type constant?

    Careful, this line if(ThingCountSector (T_NONE, 0, dropfloor[a])) would triggers every time it find any alive thing in sector with dropfloor[a] tag.
  10. What version of Decorate (Zardronum compatibility is desired)? ACS solution is suited? Why not use Zscript (made you mod Gzdoom/Lzdoom only compatible)? Not tested example actor missile_thing { monster health 50 radius 20 height 20 states { spawn: sprite frame tics a_chase(); loop; melee: missile: tnt1 a 0 a_changeflag("missile", true) tnt1 a 0 a_changeflag("nogravity", true) tnt1 a 0 a_skullattack()// or how lost soul attack named?? flying_loop: sprite frame tics //it should fly like a missile loop death: sprite frame tics stop } }
  11. Kronecker–Capelli

    Has This Game Become A Joke?

    Ehhh...no, its not. Ask any standup comedian. Good one comedian. Its like saying that bad *something* is not bad, its just subjectively bad. I said NOTHING about DE humor. Im explaining concept of a humor. If you think that I said something about DE humor, quote it. ....... And yes, its very simple. "YoU CaNt JuSt ShOt A hOlE iN tHe SuRfAcE iF mArs" -> *Oh ye????? Watch me!!!!* -> _shoot a hole in the surface of Mars_ -> you may now laugh.
  12. Kronecker–Capelli

    Has This Game Become A Joke?

    Great argumentation. So "two "and "second "are now mean the same thing, I will take it in mind. Please dont answer to my messages on this theme further in this topic. :(
  13. Kronecker–Capelli

    Has This Game Become A Joke?

    Because now more popular "regal battles" with "pay-to-get a chance to win" mechanics. Quake 3 and CS 1.6 is still alive, but have much smaller player base than some Fork-knife No, its not. Please stop be stupid. Things that make you laugh is subjective, but humor is not. And its not the same things!!!!!!!1111 If I fart right here and now would it be funny? Probably. It depends from much of a factors, even from you current mood. This a thing that make you laugh. But is it would be a well made and timed, successful, thoughtful 'joke'? No, because it happened right here and now, without any context. And this is a humor. It possible to tell hilarious joke in a such way that all reaction you get would be "ha??????" or incredible stupid one which will bend everyone in a half in two kilometers radius from Homeric laugh attack. They "mortally challenged", hahahaha. You get get, right?! They "mortally" and they "challenged". Get it, get it, right, right!? Its simply genius. Its simple, and its genius. They demons, and the "mortally challenged", ohohohohoho.... And you Doomslayer, and you not "mortally challenged", since you have an extra lifes. You get it right, right, right, right?!?!?!?!?!??!!? Social commentary which we deserved.....
  14. Kronecker–Capelli

    Has This Game Become A Joke?

    It have same problems as Serious Sam series SS FE/SE - grotesque SS 2 - Saturday-morning cartoon SS 3 - wannabe realism SS 4 - ehhhhh....a thing Only difference is an order Doom 1/2 - grotesque Doom 3 - wanna be realism Doom 4 - ehhhhh....thing Doom Eternal - Saturday-morning cartoon
  15. Kronecker–Capelli

    What do you think of the C-family programming languages?

    Problem with developing new programing languages is that nobody really know how this new language would be used. For example, when Java was created nobody thought that in future it would be used as one of the main enterprise language (other is Python). It was assumed that it would be used as programming language for small household electronic devices.