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  1. DoomSpud

    Which demon in doom is annoying to you?

    Always loved taking off a Hell Knight's head in a single headshot...
  2. DoomSpud

    Doom: Annihilation update

    The fact it's 3 letters off the name of the female lead of another classic 90's FPS to me is just ridiculous. Like, how fucking lazy can you be?
  3. DoomSpud

    Doom: Annihilation update

    Well, when you put it like that... lol yeahhh... Or it could do what the first movie did and make me ashamed to mention to anyone I was a Doom fanatic because I'd cop questions like "that's the shit you play is it?" or "saw that movie they made about that game you never shut up about... it was fucking retarded".
  4. DoomSpud

    Doom: Annihilation update

    A few possible reasons... 1) No one wants association with it... 2) Not being made by a major studio (it's a Universal subsidiary) means it doesn't have megabucks being thrown into it (clearly from what we can see...) so they probably don't have the financial backing to do fullscale advertising for a worldwide theatrical release. 3) Doom being such an esoteric thing (yes, everyone who plays videogames knows about it but the Doom community is relatively small and very tight-knit) it's unlikely to ever be a major drawcard for ANY studio or publishing/distribution service and without massive financial backing, the producers would want to maximize returns so slipping a cheque to Netflix or any other service is going to cut into the already small potential returns a film like this could make. With direct-to-DVD/BD they can maximize full 100% returns after manufacturing costs. It's also common when you're out of ideas... lol
  5. DoomSpud

    Which demon in doom is annoying to you?

    Playing Brutal Doom with the multiple hitboxes on the enemies it can be upto 5 or 6 if your hits aren't clean. I'm usually aiming for the head anyway...
  6. DoomSpud

    whats your favorite doom 1 or 2 enemy?

    Still have to add some teeth and file out the hands properly plus a couple coats of paint and a varnish... i'll get to it eventually... was my first ever clay model and it came out pretty good. Not sure what to try next... open to suggestions though...
  7. DoomSpud

    Doom: Annihilation update

    Not once did I make ANY assumption of anyone applauding me. That in itself is an assumption on your part. Kettle calling the pot black right there. Consider the fact this movie releases to the public on October 1 while Doom: Eternal releases on November 22. Two pieces of Doom franchise with such close release dates. One is a quality game made by the actual creators and owners of the trademark, and one is a B-grade (at best) movie being released by a bunch of unknowns trying to cash in on the same trademark within a month of the other. I support iD Software's response. Seriously, the main character's name is Joan Dark... like really? Is this a Doom movie or a Perfect Dark movie? They practically stole the main protagonist's name from another FPS game!!!... wow... just... wow...
  8. DoomSpud

    Doom: Annihilation update

    Thankfully music copyright doesn't work the same way...
  9. DoomSpud

    Doom: Annihilation update

    100%. I'm surprised that after the Doom HD Remake debacle earlier this year that Bethesda and/or iD Software haven't issued a cease & desist order on whoever's producing this. If I was copyright holder on the trademark I would NOT be letting this see daylight. All too many franchises (not just games) have been destroyed by someone taking "creative freedom" with a trademark that's dearly beloved by millions and completely ruining it and tarnishing the name by not staying true to the core principles of the brand... which is why Doom 16' was so universally lauded and loved... it stayed true, it was done with finesse and presented as something the developers and fans could be proud to say "I'm a Doom fan!". The fact this isn't even getting a theatrical release is immediate cause for concern.
  10. Metal guitarist/bassist of 20 years with a home recording studio here...
  11. DoomSpud

    The Art Of Doom Eternal (Book)

    I have the book from the last game. What an incredible tome it is.
  12. Funny how iD Software still haven't patched the BFG9000/Weaponwheel exploit in the 3+ years since the game came out... You'd think they would've fixed it at some point.
  13. DoomSpud

    Pinkie case regarding other demons from the game.

    I love the new Pinkies. They're actually challenging and slightly scary to come up agaist. Original Pinkies don't feel like a threat at all unless in large groups. A single new Pinky can give you absolute hell.
  14. DoomSpud

    Returning to Doom after six year break

    Welcome back. I couldn't imagine going 6 months not playing Doom, let alone 6 years...
  15. DoomSpud

    Doom: Annihilation update

    Ha... Received a warning from the mods for "rudeness" even though I was the one set upon by Quasar for having a differing opinion. Does Quasar get a warning for his rudeness and inability to accept another person's opinion, or his inability to just scroll past something he didn't agree with quietly without starting shit? Where the hell does HE get off acting like that but I'm the one to cop the moderator warning? Pffffft. What's the point of a forum if you can't post your opinions and thoughts on a subject? I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO sorry I think this movie looks fucking bad. I'm SOOOOOOOOO sorry to everyone I offended by that. This isn't the first time I've been singled out and attacked on this forum by someone who couldn't accept an opinion that differed from theirs. But I guess that's just how this place works isn't it?