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  1. I posted this in the zdoom forums, but not having much luck there. Anyway, I added a custom weapon to replace the SSG, but for whatever reason, after I pick it up and use it for a bit (sometimes it takes a few mins) the game locks up entirely and I have to force quit. I can't figure this issue out at all. Here's the code, and I'll also link a file for download if anyone wants to test it out themselves. https://drive.google.com/file/d/10Ykaoksv1-aio4jCAPZcwOYx5kpmCjPo/view?usp=sharing
  2. Alexagon

    SMOOTH DOOM [UPDATE 9/25/19]

    I'm unfortunately having some compatibility issues. I'm using a weapons mod that edits the player class name which gives me "no player class defined"; and I don't use the rifle in it, so I had to remove all the item and powerup stuff from my mod with // and disable the zombieman smooth txt from your mod.
  3. Alexagon

    SMOOTH DOOM [UPDATE 9/25/19]

    Would it be possible to get a version of this that only adds smooth animations for monsters?
  4. It's not that he has troubles with it, he just finds it tedious and a bit stressful at times.
  5. My friend has interest in trying Doom but he doesn't care much for the traditional style of maps, what with getting lost and backtracking etc. He hates the idea of going through a convoluted level and running around all over the place and sometimes getting lost. He also doesn't like the idea of 20-30 minute maps. He didn't play through much of Doom 2016 for thi8s reason, even though that was more linear than usual. Anything he can try that might fit his preferences? Doesn't necessarily have the be a megawad, a shorter mapset would suffice.
  6. Alexagon

    Are there any WADs that just add some powerups?

    This isn't the type of thing I'm looking for. I want something that adds powerup pick up items.
  7. I'm not seeing anything when I google this. Essentially I'm just interested in a mod that adds only extra custom powerups (from 667 or wherever) and adds them to the game, compatible with any mapset. Anyone know of any?
  8. So first off I have no previous modding experience so most of the code lingo i'm not super familiar with. I'm learning some but it's slow. Anyway I'm using Led's Generic weapons mod and I wanted to change it so that the BFG uses its own ammo (which it gains more from the bulk cell packs), and I seemed to have done what I set out to do. The BFG has the right max clip size, reload amount, and firing amount, which is great. The problem is, I want to make it so the max amount of ammo this new type (i named it BFGcharge) can hold with a backpack is 10. The game for some reason thinks the max is 300 and so when I use IDKFA it gives me 10 ammo for it, but I can keep using the cheat until it puts me at 300, at which point it gives me no more. The mod also uses a different ammo type for the minigun, so I figured i'd just reference its code and copy paste it for the BFG then make the appropriate changes. That seemed to work, but I don't know why it's thinking I want to hold 300 max ammo for the BFG. Like I said the cheat gives me 10 so I figure it knows that 10 is the number I'm looking for, yet 300 is the perceived max. Could someone help me out please? EDIT: For the first time since editing the code, I picked up a BFG ingame. It gave me 10 ammo into my inventory and the mag size of the BFG had 160, which I was set to before the changes I made. So there's another issue. EDIT 2: Having another issue. Bulk cellpacks now use the ammobox sprite and give me 100 cells, as apposed to giving ammo for the BFG.
  9. Alexagon

    Most visually creative/beautiful megawads?

    Alright so I tried Winter's Fury and I got stuck in the first level so that's cool. The part in the very beginning where the floor collapses was too small to let me through the hole so I had to noclip. Then in the next room with the broken door, there was literally nothing I could do. I watched a video and some cinematic is suppose to play but nothing happened at all. If someone could help me with this I'd appreciate it.
  10. So I just finished Japanese Community Project and holy hell was it gorgeous. It has some of the most creative level design I've seen in Doom, ever. Especially My fav and Hazama and the emerald level. I'm looking for another megawad to go through that can also be considered along these lines of creativity. Of course I'd like it to have good gameplay too. JPCP set a pretty high bar tbh. Also, nothing too too monster heavy.
  11. Man, I am just mixing up wads left and right. I cant keep track of which ones are which anymore.
  12. I guess what I'm trying to get at with this thread is that I just don't want to play mapsets that have tons and tons of monsters. I don't mind difficulty, as long as it's not crap tons of dudes to kill. The problem with that I have is that it just becomes way too tedious and frankly not fun for me. So maybe I didn't mean slaughterfest exactly, but rather just mapsets with lots of enemies. And again I do not mind about actual difficulty as much. I like difficult. To give an example, I played a lot of Back to Saturn X episode 1 on HMP, and I found that having every map be 500 or so monsters was just not fun to me. I enjoyed it otherwise but it became too tedious and save scummy to me. Sorry for the confusion. I was really tired when I made this thread and I didn't express myself properly.
  13. I love using revolvers and I would like to use them but I can't seem to easily find a weapon mod that has one. I did see on YouTube a mod pack (I think it was immoral conduct) but I'm not too interested in the other weapons in it. So I was hoping you guys could lend me a hand in finding a weapon mod that has one. One that is compatible with Gzdoom preferably. Thanks!
  14. I appreciate the lengthy reply. I actually meant to say Scythe instead of MM, I got the two mixed up since it's been so long since I played them. I don't think I've tried MM yet but it's on my list now.
  15. Okie doke. If you think of any more please let me know.