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  1. I saw a thread from a Google search the other day about mapping tips and someone mentioned you can rotate floor/ceiling textures. I can't for the life of me find that thread nor any info about if this is possible, figured I'd ask the question myself.
  2. Alexagon

    ZDL not opening all of a sudden?

    Deleting the config file in AppData seems to have done the trick! Thank you!!
  3. Alexagon

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Okay, so there's one map I've been trying to remember a couple of years now. I played it probably around 6 or 7 years ago, and I'm fairly sure it was in a slaughterwad or otherwise difficult wad. I only remember one specific portion of it, and I recreated what I can remember. I'll have the zip with the map I made in it attached here. testmap.zip
  4. So as of today I'm unable to get ZDL to open. It was working perfectly fine last night, but no windows will pop up when I open the exe today. I'm running the latest version, I think 3.2.2. I even tried 3.1.1 and that won't open either. Has anyone else had this issue? I'd rather not have to use a different launcher, since this one is my favorite to use.
  5. I'm not sure if this would even be possible in a single WAD or if it would have to be multiple. I'd love to be able to play through all the maps but I don't want to go through every WAD the maps are from. Is there a solution to my conundrum?
  6. I really am struggling to see how this wad works. All the maps I looked at look like they have tens or hundreds of sectors. Take MAP02 for example; there are loads of boxes that are enclosed shapes, do those not somehow count as sectors? I'm so very lost on this, someone please explain this to me.
  7. Does anyone else think the audio mixing for Unity is kinda off? Some sounds are way louder than others, like enemy hitstun sounds vs pickup sounds. I can barely ever hear the pickup sound, and when there's two or more enemies in a room I can't hear anything else beside them and my weapon. Also sometimes I can barely hear the music, but when I raise the volume of the music it overpowers the sounds. It's really odd.
  8. How do I go about submitting my map?
  9. Can I submit a map I've already made? I have only made a single map but I'd totally like for it to be a part of this wad.
  10. Alexagon

    Any weapon packs that aren't overpowered?

    By Gothic Doom do you mean the map wads?
  11. Alexagon

    Did you have a favorite monster ( all Doom games )

    Baron of Hell, far and away. I so badly want a plushie of an OG Baron.
  12. Alexagon

    Most visually impressive wads that are completed?

    I highly recommend Japanese Community Project. It has some stunningly gorgeous maps. Then there's Sunder and Ancient Aliens. There's many more but those come first to mind.
  13. Alexagon

    You draw it, I map it (now on idgames)

    Hey, there's ladies with dicks, too. Not many but I'm sure at least one is lurking these forums.
  14. Alexagon

    Delta Touch on Android

    Hey, I just downloaded Delta Touch to play GZDoom, but when I run the hardware accelerator setting with anything above the lowest resolution I get crappy framerates. I'm on a Galaxy Note 10+ so I should have a strong enough phone. Could anyone help me with this?