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    This is a little project that I always wanted to make when I was a little dumbass kid. Yes.. its very fucking stupid, but it was a fun little project to work on. Now that im done with it, you guys can have a bit of a chuckle. And if you guys are wondering what it is, its basically Ed from Ed Edd, n, Eddy as a mugshot for the player. This shit took me about two days straight to make, with no sleep mind you. So im hoping you guys can enjoy the gag and have a blast with Ed. Feel free to add some animations or mod the sprite however you want homies! Let me know if it needs to be fixed in anyway, I would defiantly appreciate the feedback on what you guys think. Have a blast with Ed, and rip n tear boys! DoomED.rar (edit): Ah shit, i forgot to mention this part. So far.. from what I know, it works perfectly well with GZDoom and Zandronum for the most part. But im not too sure on the other doom ports, for example: Prboom, ChocolateDoom, Boom, ect. ect. and shit. Just a little reminder for you guys and for my dumbass to remember. So thats all I got for now.
  2. Dr. M.A.D. 4

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    God damn! Ive been waiting since last month! This shit is gonna be so worth it!