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  1. Vile1011

    Has anyone made a Doom rail shooter?

    I had plans for doing something like this but lost interest before finishing (or even adding any monsters). Maps 1-3, ZDoom. Most things aren't working and you may need to clip/warp to get around. When you get into the "tunnel" press the back wall and you will start to move. https://mega.nz/#!TUpnVZpD!gIwXffKrk5Jpb4h38FTtzpZjnLREvIVFm9E_lxUGT44
  2. Vile1011

    New wad by me

    Not bad gameplay wise. Map32 is pretty fun and suprisingly fair for the number of monsters it has. There's some HOM here and there (I remember seeing some in map1's mancubus pool and in one of the corners of the courtyard in map32), and a few doortrak textures that need to be unpegged.
  3. Vile1011

    Occult Library (updated)

    I think I fixed most of these problems. Thanks everyone for playtesting! http://www.mediafire.com/download/qm183b9aobp40od/vile_lib2.zip
  4. Vile1011

    Occult Library (updated)

    Good advice, the snagging borders will definitely be fixed, among other things.
  5. Vile1011

    Occult Library (updated)

    Yeah, that's it. It's just a matter of finding all these misalignments. Btw in honor of getting stuck by getting onto a ledge looking for secrets, I will put a secret there. And also make it so you can't get stuck.
  6. Vile1011

    Occult Library (updated)

    Were you able to actually land on the platforms? I tried to prevent that from being possible. (edit, yes it is possible. I'll fix that in the release, but you're not supposed to be able to get to the platforms by jumping off the elevator) Yeah I keep on finding more unalignments, I'll get those all lined up before this hits /newstuff. I'm using DoomBuilder, has the community moved on to a better editor? It only just dawned on me that my map has no secrets. I'll add a few in. Not to mention a little extra health at the start. And for your spoiler question: because why not?
  7. Edit: I've made a new version that fixes the things that the people in this thread found. If nothing's terribly broken I'll submit this IDGames soon. http://www.mediafire.com/download/qm183b9aobp40od/vile_lib2.zip ------------ After not mapping for several years I've suddenly developed the urge to get back into it. I had a bad habit of going overboard with the complexity of my levels before, so I kept this map fairly small and gave myself only a month to finish it. I wanted to post the wad here to get some feedback before I send it to /newstuff. A limit removing port is all that's required. The map itself is non-linear but should be fairly easy to navigate, and it should provide a decent challenge. How do you guys pick out music for your wads? I'm having a hard time thinking of a song that fits the atmosphere. http://www.mediafire.com/download/ineav3kbbchb86m/vile_lib.zip
  8. Really nice! Pretty well balanced throughout and good use of traps.
  9. I think you're just an extra ammo pack or two away from a winner here. I spent most of the map down to just a few bullets and shells and only made it out by running into a safe corner as soon as I got the berzerker and then just punching whatever came by.
  10. I probably went overboard on the detail, but I haven't mapped in years and just had to get it all out of my system. http://www.mediafire.com/download/x7ga7k7vpsg2ztg Tested under zdoom but it should work under any limit removing source port.
  11. Seconding the question about the due date. I've been out of mapping for a good six or seven years and this would be a great way to get back into it!
  12. Vile1011

    The /newstuff Chronicles #285

    So after all this time I find out that I uploaded the wrong file for the apartments wad. Well, the level is supposed to end after the courtyard anyway and I think all I did was just fill in some missing textures.
  13. Vile1011

    Need testers

    Oh well, I'm in no hurry to release this anyway. The whole thing turned out to be a huge disaster, so I may just put the fixed version for download here and skip newstuff altogether.
  14. Vile1011

    Need testers

    There is an auto-save directly before the hell knight battle you know, so its not that big a deal to get killed and try again. What I will do is make the shells more visible, instead of being at the ends of the T-hallway, they'll be along the middle, so you'll pick them up automatically as you're running away from the knights.
  15. Vile1011

    Need testers

    A power-up sound for starting up the generators, and maybe a sound for the two pumps that lead to the plasma gun. Various machinery noises wouldn't hurt either. Thanks.