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  1. jetflock

    The worst wads

    waaaaahhahahahahahahah! all i wanted was some snazzy screenshots.oh i shall be nice. i don't care anymore.it was an experiment-which nobody seemed to get(the only way i could texture the 3d floors properly was by doing that). you don't have to be an asshole though, then again, it is doomworld.why be an asshole? really? i don't understand the mentality here, and i never did. i think i am too old for this particular forum.
  2. jetflock

    The worst wads

    uh, NO. I released it WAY after Christmas, and you idiots reviewed it in software mode in gzdoom. none of the textures showed up(it was a legacy gl only wad-then scuba didn't read the readme and said he can't use legacy gl-which is a lie, because he used it for atmosphere-and everyone defended him saying"he can't use legacy"-DON'T review a legacy wad in GZDOOM-thanks for reading the readme). thats why i was angry. then the reviewer here posted those terrible non-textured screenshots. there was a story too, the kids were zombies. THATS why i was pissed, it ended up taking too much time, so i released what i had, then i had to deal with a buncha .... who weren't very nice. thanks for your great understanding."very satanic"...its doom you rube.
  3. jetflock

    Best weapon replacement WAD ever

    Atmosphere demo has some painstakingly created doom guns rendered "to the side" like duke nukem. add-ons only please. edit: aside form the pokemon stuff, and i don't know why, i really like anything lizard commando does.
  4. jetflock

    Moving platforms

    meh nevermind, i can't describe this in words. delete post.
  5. jetflock

    Batman vs Joker vs Alien vs Predator (video)

    60's, not a parady, but camp (which WAS Batman at that point) and thats alex ross, not adam west.
  6. jetflock

    Wolfendoom - Discontinued?! Where's Laz Rojas!?

    I remember that thread. Meh, Transexual people are cool. If you piss them off they will cut your break line. Hardcore. The only people they fear are pimps. Hmm...then again, I suppose the battle ready ones are the prostitute variety, not the "executive".
  7. jetflock

    The /newstuff Chronicles #290

    I'm glad you are reviewing wads ONLY in the intended port.
  8. jetflock

    1024x1024 Competition

    well,, my map has been in the idgames archive for a bit. its jet01.wad
  9. jetflock

    The /newstuff Chronicles #284

    Because it was a concept wad. If legacy doesn't run for you, it's not my problem. ( I have a wirless modem.. regarding editing posts...I can't always do that...)
  10. jetflock

    The /newstuff Chronicles #284

    I juste want to say Thank you to scuba steve for the PM. Atleast he is willing to be civil with me. I know everyone else won't care so whatever. I'll never get a fair deal here, so I'll do you a favor and seldomly post here for the masses. Heh, fuck me. Fuck jetflock. Thats all you will need to know.
  11. jetflock

    The /newstuff Chronicles #284

    Go waah yourself.I did not insult the reviewer at all, he didn't read the readme and he played the map in GZDOOM, that is compatible with legacy, but not my wad. The wad IS the little stoopid graphical things that can only be enjoyed in doom legacy. Do you not understand why I'm upset???? I mean no disrespect. Do I have to be stuck in one of these child-like "insult/defend" deals???? I created the wad for Legacy GL only. It should not be played on GZdoom becasue it cannot be played in its entire form using anything but Legacy Gl. Thats it, nothing more. If he played it and disliked it in legacy GL, thats fine. I don't really like the gameplay myself becasue I was trying to do something specific. Don't be ignorant with me Mancubus. I asked nicely for the screenshots to be taken off because they look like shit, and the wad looks like shit in GZdoom. I don't believe I am out of line. Please do not disrespect me, becasue I feel I have not been given some sort of general respect, or atleast my wad wasn't given that. If the README says play it this way, atleast in one of my wads, then play it that way. I'm not going to let people have this false impression of it. I am not meaning to be rude. Just take those shitty screenshots off, I don't care if the review stays. I asked nicely. Edit: You know what, you guys have the power to ban me off this forum. All I wanted was some kind of understanding, I worked hard on the graphics and thats all I care about. I posted screenshots for poeple to see kinda what it really looks like. If your just going to be shitty with me just ban me then. I really give up. I am trying to be nice about it, its just annoying to get a review done on the wrong port. I'm sorry I use and like legacy. So, if I'm that irritating or you think, and I mean YOU THINK I am annoying then I give up, ban me. Just do it now so I don't reply to another negative comment heading my direction. Edit: I wouldn't open Action Doom in Legacy....would you?
  12. jetflock

    The /newstuff Chronicles #284

    ????Did you play better late than never in software mode???? You can't play it in software mode. Half the textures won't show. Everything is made for GL, sprites/textures included. It was a one shot Christmas wad not intended to be anything grand, and the graphics are certainly not as terrible as the review puts it. I understand the gameplay being considered terrible(once you understand the "path" its easy), but this is a concept wad, nothing more. I would ask you please take the screenshots down because that is not the way the wad looks, all of the automobiles were painstakingly textured and modeled(Optimus Prime Big Rig), these screenshots show blank blocks. I re-created my first apartment in the safehouse. It looks exactly like the real thing, textures/items/etc.... If you are going to review my wad, review it right. Here are some real screenshots. http://www.geocities.com/rasputin1980/bltn.html I don't wish to be rude, but this isn't exactly a fair review. Don't review my wads if your not going to read the readme file. I know you dislike my wads anyways Scuba, thats fine. Just since you spoke about laughs in your review, I must say not everyone around here thinks your that funny. I wasn't trying to create a "joke" wad. I would appreciate a non-sarcastic response from you if you have a problem with this, otherwise, if its your turn at newstuff and my wad is in it, I ask you nicely to stay away from it. I would have made this a PM but I feel my wad has been unjustly reviewed, even though I feel its one of my more bleh releases. I would say I'm leaving Doomworld or something, but thats stupid, and I don't post here much anyway.Just be more objective, I don't give a shit about your personal taste, and this ISN'T a 1996 wad. EDIT: Seriously, did you play this the way the screenshots look? thats not what this wad looks like. Edit: There is also a transparent hud.
  13. jetflock

    How would you make a Doom Movie?

    I would make it dark and gritty.Not too much talking. I would have a slightly thinner Jack Black play the Doom Guy, but be serious the whole time. The UAC shit would look like the Aliens movie. I would start with Jack being led out of his cell in shackles for refusing to fire upon civilians. He has a small conversation with his superiors, as they smile-immediatly followed by some sort of electronic notebook being slapped on a desk in front of Jack, the camera zooms onto the information reading his transfer. then the camera sees his eyes. I would basically follow the original doom story, he won't talk to much the whole time, would just have shooting, shouting and crazy firefights. would have him recieveing delayed transmissions from headquarters or something. after he got to the end, you have him blast off cryogenically frozen heading towards earth. for an epilogue, the ship wakes him up with scans of the earth (months later), infested with hellspawn having him say some kind of "oh no" before the film cuts to black.
  14. jetflock

    1024x1024 Competition

    lol, i wasn't trying to be mean....heh....he did post it first(i believe)on newdoom i think, and if my wad is still entered, thats great. i just never really got any response till now...so...my wad can be downloaded off newstuff (jet01.wad/zip) if it can still be entered. neat.
  15. jetflock

    1024x1024 Competition

    meh, whatever. i posted about my map and nobody would answer. i just assumed i wasn't in it anymore. i was one of the first to sign up, and when it became a doomworld only thing nobody cared to write back to me.
  16. jetflock

    light levels

    hmm....i always have lighting issues, i don't really think it can be simply answered. depends on map and port.
  17. jetflock

    Making Pain Elementals resurrectable

    swap the frames in dehacked. you can switch with say the hellknight. you could play around enough for it to look respectable.
  18. jetflock

    What makes a cult a cult?

    drink this juice and i'll tell you....
  19. jetflock

    Map Rework Competition #01

    i would join this if it wasn't chocolate doom....
  20. jetflock

    Wacky Weapons

    i love all of your artwork. i am not being sarcastic. simple things like this are great.
  21. jetflock

    quest for youtube worst music video

    heh, Germans love Mike Knight becaause they dubbed Night Rider like "Whats Up Tiger Lilly". They took the show, threw out the script, and made him look like an idiot. funny as hell, very camp.
  22. jetflock

    Israel invades Lebanon

    heh, another one of those topics where hardly anyone knows what they are talking about.
  23. jetflock

    1024x1024 Competition

    hey man, just upload 'em to newstuff.I uploaded mine a while ago.
  24. jetflock

    World Trade Center

    I am going to go to this movie and laugh like it was a comedy, hope I get better results from that crowd than in Saving Private Ryan and Titanic. The worse thing in today's world are people like us, we shove everything down our throats, and never ask questions....