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  1. sleepiii

    New Screenshot (Carcass)

    very much off topic but here's one of the archi running around with other demons
  2. sleepiii

    Sentinel Vista

    always wondered where these mountains were from http://prntscr.com/oeszgx thought maybe it was earth but u definitely confirmed that its from senitinel prime
  3. sleepiii

    Doom Eternal E3 - Sunday 5:30 PDT

    I think the HUD has to change, either that or allow us the ability to change it to something that looks simpler. The hue on your screen when u pick up health/takedmg also has to go. Just look at the difference between the story trailer and the actual gameplay. story trailer looks so much better w/o HUD + hues.
  4. sleepiii

    Doom Eternal mural spotted in LA

    hope we see that VEGA SD card get used
  5. sleepiii

    Doom Eternal Modern Icons Statue

    I know a lot of ppl do this and generally its dumb (IE: amazon says releasing dec 31, 2019 OMG it must be -- without realizing its a placeholder) BUT could 9/2/19 be a realistic date for the game too consider this is being released same day.
  6. sleepiii

    Doom Eternal mural spotted in LA

    if doomguys facing them, why are bottom half of enemies looking at him and the top half looking away. that part kinda bothered me once I noticed it
  7. sleepiii

    Doom Eternal mural spotted in LA

    definitely gettin cover art vibes from this
  8. sleepiii

    Doom Eternal mural spotted in LA

    It looks kinda to me like this picture could be the cover art.