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  1. sleepiii

    The Ancient Gods - Trailer and Release Date

    now this is some type ofshit that I hate "Once you expose the Spirit by killing its host, you need to kill it quickly with the Microwave Beam." they knew this mod was barely used and was dogshit mostly anyway cuz it forced u to stand still, and now they're forcing it on players, fuck that
  2. sleepiii

    thoughts on the Kahn Maykr?

    Yeah I didn't get the whole floor is lava shit. Think that civvie on YouTube said the same thing. Didn't feel very compelling. Also the last 3-4 levels felt really short. Like the development was crammed. Maybe it was because I was completely buffed out with all the weapons and runes and suit upgrades (but I still felt the difficulty drop off significantly) around the last 3 levels --much more than doom 2016. I've gone back and replayed some of the levels and something the about the campaign didn't seem to give it good replay able value.
  3. sleepiii

    Loved the BFG 10,000 Scene

    Been meaning to replay that level. Seriously super gore nest and Mars core are visually amazing
  4. The story all but suggests a sequel to DE and a final piece in the trilogy. Not sure what comes after that. Maybe an in-house quake? Theyve been outsourcing that for a while now and it sucks
  5. sleepiii

    aggrivating bugs

    only one I had was Icon of Sin fight my game crashed a couple times, during the 2nd stage so I'd have to start all over again
  6. sleepiii

    A tactic I wanted to share

    Fast switching between these three guns for most heavies: ssg balista rocket Late game when there's a lot going on I didn't even really bother with weak points -- just those 3 guns combod up worked like a charm Then if it's just 1 heavy left I can chaingun if I feel comfortable enough. Chainguns got a lot more utility this time around but ur still not moving fast enough with all it's turrets out
  7. sleepiii

    Doom Eternal Confession Session

    I considered doing the same from NM to UV but I knew it'd get easier once I'd have all the weapons and runes I wanted. First levels are notoriously difficult in doom 2016 too where imps just rek your shit
  8. sleepiii

    Elimination of "Hey, Not Too Rough"

  9. sleepiii

    This does not feel like a Doom game

    Ok boomer
  10. Yup not looking. Can wait a day =) I got spoiled by the main menu and just that bit pissed me off lolllll
  11. sleepiii

    Joe Rogan Experience #1441 - Hugo Martin

    neither the carmack podcast nor this one were very good or informative. Carmack maybe a little bit but this was more of just a convo. We didnt learn anything new about eternal
  12. sleepiii

    So Megatextures are NO MORE in id Tech 7

    Key thing he says is this was running on a 2080ti so we'll see how well it runs on xb1, PS4 and even more importantly the switch
  13. sleepiii

    IGN First Look stuff

    No1 noticed the subtle E1M1 playing in the back at the start of the first level?
  14. sleepiii

    IGN First Look stuff

    I'm not really a fan of how much early game stuff they're showing. They should have definitely kept hell a secret like they're keeping heaven a secret. Imagine going into a doom release not knowing what either look like. The thrill of anticipation would be through the roof (altho it's possible we may still not know the extent of variety of the levels that are there in game). I'm gonna try as hard as possible not to watch this. They should have left it at the last trailer and that's it. But it's still cool to see. Would have been much better to see it when I get to play it for the first time
  15. What happens? A)Playable mars core demo? B)A new gameplay trailer? C)Nothing?