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  1. SoKatH

    medicated deadie

    it's funny how you used to hate being called deady(ie)... (did I start that, I think I did)... and now you're using it yourself... oh the irony... and like that.. *poof* he's gone... for another couple o' months.. ;) S./
  2. SoKatH


    I think we're safe Tetzlaff. The Flynn name came from the books, which the iDguys thouroughly disown. Sleep easy friend. ;) S./
  3. SoKatH


    got that right kiddies.... woo! S./
  4. SoKatH


    So you mean like Rise of the Triad? Yeah, I can see it all working. Provided for the love of God that their names are Doom, Crash, Phobos... etc... I personally think it'd be good if they didn't have names at all. And why the hell does my registration date keep changing? I registered it June of 1999 goddammit! S./
  5. I dunno, it all sounds a little /too/ convinient for me. No one's 100% sure that bin Laden was actually behind it. And then this shady videotape surfaces (and is initially reported by the U.S.) and unequivically codemns bin Laden. So now they have a reason to go after him. I just think that this video is a little too well-timed.... S./
  6. SoKatH

    Happy fuckin B-day Doom

    Hey Buddy, how you doing? Yeah, I just got back about a month ago.. (Got back.. ha! Where did I go?) Good to see you again ;-) S./
  7. SoKatH

    Women and Doom...

    Yeah, I'll back you up on that one too there deady... However, I will say that Soul Calibur is possibly the best one out there right now, I just can't seem to get enough of it... S./
  8. SoKatH

    Women and Doom...

    Really? She only had her own column at planetquake for three or four years. S./
  9. SoKatH

    Happy fuckin B-day Doom

    Oh my, I feel old.... Ah well! Happy Doomsday all! S./
  10. SoKatH

    To make DOOM 3 suck...

    I disagree, Build was quite possibly the EASIEST level editor ever. S./
  11. SoKatH

    ...And thus sayeth the lord Prime...

    Well it is mentioned in the readme that the military's doing shizat with them. But that's about it, (and that's already been mentioned). However, I don't think there's much else that needs to be said about them. And why is it that everybody seems to forget about the readme? I am also a proud member of the "Thank God I haven't read the Doom books" club S./
  12. SoKatH

    doom3/x-box/halo: combat evolved

    oh Zaldron... what would we do without you.. probably bicker on endlessly until Jer tried to "h4x0r" me with his "l33t" skillz... *cough* I'm done... lock 'er down. S./
  13. SoKatH

    doom3/x-box/halo: combat evolved

    Listen to me you little punk ass bitch. I'm usually a lot more on topic and I usually make a lot more sense than you. Not only that, but you haven't been around longer, if you check, interestingly enough, we registered on the same day. Thirdly I'm older than you greasy little cuntblister, so "little boy" what the fuck... Besides, I'm just saying 'hi' in my own perverse little way, so eat a dick... And as for your post count, I can guarantee that despite the fact you have more, the sense, intelligence, and content of my fewer posts are on a much higher scale. Besides, do you honestly think that I care how many posts I have? S./
  14. SoKatH

    doom3/x-box/halo: combat evolved

    Oh Fuck, you're still here... Dammit and just when I was thinking that there wasn't any reason to kill myself... S./
  15. SoKatH

    rtcw, doom3, halflifeĀ“s narrative standard

    Bah, KMFDM's not that obscure. What do you take us for? S./