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  1. jeroa

    dinosaur games?

    what are yout favorite dinosaur related games?
  2. jeroa

    What do you think about Doom 3?

    good for a couple a runs, no replay value
  3. jeroa

    doom shareware content

    take that people who say the 90's were the best decade!
  4. jeroa

    doom shareware content

    Does the doom shareware wad only include the sprites and textures you see in kditd?
  5. jeroa

    Camels and llamas unite!

    so how does it feel looking back to posts you made so long ago? some of you dont even have the same user name anymore
  6. jeroa

    Share Your Sprites!

    those spider bots were my favorite part of doom 3. i still feel guilty that i let it die in my first playtrough
  7. jeroa

    Camels and llamas unite!

    how did they even do it? i thought the software would't let you no?
  8. jeroa

    wads for potatos?

    thanks for the replies they definitely help. i didn't realize that doom retro can play eviternity, i probably did something wrong when i tried to load it
  9. jeroa

    Camels and llamas unite!

    did you ever get too?
  10. jeroa

    wads for potatos?

    What are some wad reccomendations that can run on crap hardware?
  11. jeroa

    Sonic Movie.

    he's shoulders are still to wide
  12. jeroa

    Any paranormal experiences?

    i'm an atheist but i really hope religious people turn out to be right and there is an afterlife :)
  13. jeroa

    Any paranormal experiences?

    i have never seen a ghost but if i saw one wouldn't that be a good thing? dying sucks but if you get to have an afterlife suddenly it's not so scary
  14. jeroa

    Finishing unfinished monsters

    the red lizard looks a lot better with that new head in my opinion but i suspect the brown lizard would be easier to see in game
  15. jeroa

    Ani-Toonspiracy Doom (revisited)

    masonicon are you going to make a wad or doom mod?