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  1. jeroa

    Hell-Forged version 1.00 Released.

    my pc can't handle gzdoom, but this looks amazing and i look forward to watching a playtrough
  2. jeroa

    looking for advice on wad

    now the glitch is back https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gO7cLVOxKx8ot2WMthXGmPg_bst-Nz1O
  3. jeroa

    Unpopular Modern Opinions

    i disliike when dragon and other flying creatures are portraed with thin membranous wings, i which they would instead be given thick wings like pterosaurs are theorized to have had i also dislike when fantasy cratures cant fold their wings
  4. jeroa

    Total Sound Modification for "FreeDoom"

    i think that is CC-BY-NC not CC-BY
  5. jeroa

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    i remember there was this wad that was very easy and relax too play. it had a level with a train track and another one with a basketball course and a pool anyone know which wad that could be? i think it got played in the megawads club but i cant find it
  6. elephant are good animal cause they have tities in the same place (in the chest)humans do


                            .  .


  7. jeroa

    ion fury is out

    parents not letting their transgender children openly express their gender is a common form of not giving children the freedom and chance of figuring things out on their own and it's one of the things that contributes to the high suicide rate BTW why is everyone here acting like buying and not buying are the only options?
  8. jeroa

    looking for advice on wad

    thanks peter, i edited a bit, do you know how can i make the switches in the fridge and sink shootable? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1u59xCZA5pHLYRNqouTtH1IvQ8fAvmdqx
  9. my name wqas supposed o be jerboa like the animal but i typoe

  10. jeroa

    Chocolate Doom

    how does doom chocolate doom run on slow computerr?
  11. jeroa

    ion fury is out

    by that logic isnt voidpoint also normalizing pedophilia? mike12 has worked on husband hunter after all
  12. jeroa

    Have you ever gotten malware?

    it does run slowly often the ISP contacting you is for when they catch you pirating no?
  13. jeroa

    whats your favorite doom 1 or 2 enemy?

    i like how the pain elemental can go from fairly easy to very hard to deal with depending on how long you let it live
  14. jeroa

    Have you ever gotten malware?

    if i have rather unhealthy browsing habits like going to illegal streaming sites and downloading random torrents how can i know if i have gotten infected?
  15. jeroa

    ion fury is out

    yikes, looks like i'll be pirating the game then